I am Robynn, Spirit Whisperer


What brings you here today? I am grateful that you have discovered my webpage, and I am looking forward to connecting with you.

As a Healer, holding sacred space allows us to interact and communicate on a Soul level.

Years of my life have been spent soul-searching, researching, and studying with exceptional teachers and healers. First, discovering that I was an empath, then how that could develop my intuitive healing skills, and then further tapping into my intuition has continued to bring amazing people and opportunities into my life.

The training I have taken and the experience working with clients using Oracle cards, Reiki energy healing, Reading the Akashic Records, and using the Theta Healing techniques has created amazing results not only in my personal and business life but for my clients as well.

Clients learn how to manifest healing and prosperity into their lives, to connect to their personal spiritual guides, the Angels or even the Devas of Nature.

Looking forward to connecting with you and discovering how we can bring positive change into your life!



Robynn Sheridan – Spirit Whisperer







For anyone who integrates their spirituality in their career and family. Engage in fun conversations through live, unrecorded audio chat. 


Share any experiences, ask questions, and get live answers from Robynn and the group.



Curious about my life story? Watch my Oracle card readings to find out how I can help you on your path.

Daily Live

guided meditationS

Just relax and listen. 

Channeled messages and  guided chakra meditations. Learn to be aware of the energies in your body and protect yourself.




You are welcome to schedule a time to discover.

Let's get acquainted and determine which of my services best fits your needs.

Let your heart, mind, body, and soul connect

  • Discover your limiting beliefs

  • Find your sense of purpose in life

  • Discover talents and skills

  • Discover you Soul purpose and inner Spiritually

  • Find a solution to every situation

  • See hope were there once was fear

  • Find forgiveness were once there was guilt
  • Find balance where once there was resentment

  • Find focus were once there was anger

  • Feel free to create the life you desire

  • Release past life beliefs, contracts, and discover your Soul purpose


Tammy Fishers

 I was extremely pleased with the Akashic reading Robynn did for me.  I was very impressed that she spent so much time with me on understanding the whole reading and answered my questions with complete professionalism. 


  I am truly grateful for the clarity I have moving forward.  I would definitely encourage anyone who has an interest in this to have their records read. 

Procy Bautista

Thank you for spending your time with me online today.

Your reading is so accurate, plus your “tips” inspire me to go in the right direction.

I will definitely speak to you again.


Mardi Carlson

I lived with angry negative thoughts all the time. Mostly about me. I also was so overprotective of my kids. I just had to be there to make sure they were safe.

This reading with Robynn was life-changing. The angry negative thoughts are gone. I literally only see good. I’ll always worry about my kids because I’m their mom, but the need to know where they are and the panic is gone. Life is so much brighter now.