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personal MentorshipS

During the first thirty years of life, we are learning how to survive and navigate what it means to be human. Life can get in the way of us discovering who we are, what our gifts are, and what would make us happy.  

Working with a Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Healer helps you discover your limiting belief patterns created from childhood that are no longer serving you, and how to tap into your talents through connection with your spirit guides and the angels. We integrate knowledge and wisdom you have achieved in this lifetime and past lives.

One session can clear up an immediate problem or issue, however there are many different issues that lead up to the circumstances you find yourself in now. When we continue to work with each other over time, we uncover things that you may have had no conscious awareness of.

This includes clearing programs, beliefs, and patterns from your body’s cellular memories, Akashic records, traumas, and past lives, while releasing fears, anxiety, and emotional triggers.

You can find yourself discovering new ideas, skills, conscious awareness, as well as your intuition and listening skills can improve. You may discover that what you thought you wanted and needed no longer makes sense to you.

You will have access to:
- 2 x one-on-one sessions per month (60 mins each)
- Ask anything via text messaging or email for the duration of your mentorship (3 or 6 months)
- Choose your own modality for each session: Theta session, Reiki Energy Healing, Spiritual Mentoring/Restructuring, Emotional Coaching, can even include an Intuitive reading.

You will learn to:
- connect with your Higher Self through meditation
- open your chakra system
- discover Spirit guides – angels, animals, or even ancestors

Taking alignment actions between sessions will keep you on track with integrating unfolding revelations.


3 months or 6 months

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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