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2021 What's UP ?

Creativity slump! I have not felt creative in such a long time?

Learning to laugh at myself is becoming a habit. Which is good because I use to beat myself up in my head all the time. My negative mind chatter was out of this world right up until mid 2020! I finally got the ego chatter under control now I needed to get the giving and receiving energy under control.

Welcome 2021 and the NEW ME!

I am loving the new me. The one that allows myself not to feel pressured to produce the next best blog, the perfect podcast, comment on hundreds of posts a day. I am stepping back from self imposed obligation and taking back my personal time.

It was no fun being in a position where I felt I had to be present on social media while forgetting to be present in my personal life. I would either get caught up on social media or spend a day Netflix binging because I did not know how to mange my time effectively. When I was on overload I could not think, I felt exhausted, and I stuffed myself with junk food.

What does my day look like now? I meditate, go for a walk where I do my inner reflection, positive affirmations, or just gaze up at the stars and revel in the beauty of the universe. I go for my walk at 5 am and it is still dark outside and somewhat peaceful. I come home and journal, pull oracle cards, post of social media, drive my school bus run, come home have a coffee and relax into the rest of my day.

I have seen some pretty amazing things in those dark sky on my early morning walks. I wish I had a camera that could capture those images. My iPhone does not have the capability to capture the dark star filled sky and the beauty and mystery I have witnessed.

I use to spend my morning rushing around after my meditation to go live on FB and do free Oracle readings before I had to leave on my school bus run. I got so caught up in the giving of my time that I forgot to leave room to receive.

What I mean by that is that I had expectations of what I thought the free oracle morning reading would bring into my life. I even deluded myself into believing that what I was doing was giving ten percent back into the universe. But who judges that ten percent?

However it was pointed out to me by my Spiritual Guides that my ten percent giving back to the universe was actually the value of fifty percent giving and ten percent receiving. In the universal exchange of giving and receiving we require an equal exchange of energy one hundred percent of the time.

We have a biblical reference requiring us to paying ten percent tithing to the church for what the church perceives as saying our Souls, this is not the universes' take on things, this ten percent did not go to God/Universal Source Energy, but to the church. The ten percent was instigated by religious leaders to pay for their religious institutions and their expenses.

God has no expenses! His only request of us is to love ourselves and

others unconditionally which then allows us to receive love from others.

In the beginning of human relationships we created a barter system where two individuals decided what the value of what they had created was worth. Ben carves all manner of things out of wood and he needs to takes into consideration the time it took for him to find the wood, clean up the wood, carve the item from wood, and the creative details he puts into each piece of wood and then place a value on each item.

April makes vests. She hunts the deer, she skins the deer, she cures the hide, she cuts out the shape of the vest, she sews the vest, she beads the vest and she takes all of this into consideration when others come to barter for her vests.

Ben wants a vest, April wants a whole set of dishes and cutlery for the vest enough for a family of four. Ben then needs to compare his time and effort to Aprils time and effort and they then barter and come to an agreement they are both satisfied with.

This is what the universe is asking from us: to receive from the universe we need to put in the time and effort in equal exchange for what we wish to receive. However the universe does not barter on the same energetic wave length as humans.

The Universe take into consideration our level of self confidence, our level of knowledge, wisdom, our skills and talents and how we put them to use each and every day for others as well as our willingness to put them into use in our own daily lives.

When we put our request out into the universe we also need to be able to wait for divine timing to bring the things we requested into our lives, because the universe knows what we do not know.

It understands the balance of giving and receiving of energy. Everything is made up of energy. It may look and feel solid but it is actually energy vibrating at a certain frequency creating different states of form.

Most importantly, if you do not value your time, your talents, your skills, your wisdom, and your knowledge, then the universe can not value them either. When we give and do not allow ourselves to receive the universe takes this as a sign that we do not need anything from it.

I am learning to value the universal law of giving and receiving and in doing so I have chosen to change how I share my messages from Spirit in the mornings through my oracle cards.

I no longer offer free readings. I post the oracle cards and message on social media instead of the live readings.

I honor my time, and gifts by allowing others to purchase private readings and healing sessions from me.

Energy giving and receiving exchanges can be represented by: money/gratitude for receiving the message from the Oracle card/spiritual message - specific to you.

My healing modalities work in the same manner: money/gratitude=information/energy-healing, etc.;

It is an equal exchange of giving and receiving for both individuals. We are both telling the universe that we honor our gifts - we honor the gifts of others.

I share my daily oracle cards from spirit (as that is my intention when I pull them) this is me Giving, and the messages of gratitude and 'aha' moments from those who read them and share them on the post is me Receiving gratitude from others. Universal energy respects this exchange as equal.

Learning how to create a healthy balance takes time, but when we find it, the universe rewards us ten fold. Step into your personal power and find the giving/receiving ratio that Universal energy can respect and you will receive more than you ever thought possible.

If you feel exhausted at the end of every day you are giving more than you are receiving.

Free content does not mean giving without the expectation of receiving. If you value the free content then tell the person. Gratitude goes a long way especially to the person who supplied the free content.

If the free content created any kind of abundance in your live then send that person a thank you note or something of equal value.

Posting on yours and their Social Media page about how much value you received from this person and how it changed your life is giving back.

Send a monetary gift through PayPal if you are so inclined.

But do something because the Universe is all about balance through the equal exchange of giving and receiving.

Sending you gratitude and a three minute hug, thank you for reading my blog.


Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer Mentoring, Theta & Akashic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Oracle Reading and Mediumship.


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