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2022 A New Beginning

Every morning when we wake up it is a New Beginning. We can chose to do things differently.

The last two months of 2021 were ones of conscious, subconscious, and heightened spiritual awareness for me. I had memories come up in dreams that made me wonder what the purpose was of holding on to them in my cellular memory. They did not seem to be significant but then I realized that what I was seeing was the old version of myself. I no longer recognized the energy of the person in those cellular memories. What an amazing gift for my Soul to reveal to me these memories in my dreams.

Today the first day of 2022 is a new chapter in my life. One that I will be creating. I will be the author of my life from this day forward. I get to set my own hours, I get to decide what I want to do every moment of every day. I am free to build my business in an authentic way that matches my personality, gifts, skills, knowledge and wisdom.

For the past two years I have been learning, teaching, processing, cleansing, harmonizing, meditating, and rebuilding everything about myself. I have released limiting beliefs, patterns, people, clients, friends while also healing, repairing, reinventing, and retrieving Soul knowledge, so that I could show up today as me. Just ME!

I finally realized that avoiding looking in that mirror and seeing the physical me which includes the 200LBs of emotional toxic fat, was not serving me to my highest and greatest good.

I set out this summer to lose the belly fat by walking it off. I lost a couple of inches but not one pound. Why was that???? I would tell myself and others that: "I did not feel my fat body. I felt like I was 125lbs. My body did not respond like it was fat. My fat did not prevent me from doing the things I wanted to do." So to me, to my conscious and unconscious mind this body fat did not exist. So if it did not exist how could I walk it off my physical body?

"The day I verbally, spiritually, emotionally, and subconsciously, acknowledged that I was too fat for my body frame, I was too fat for what I wanted to do in my future, I was too fat to wear my closet full of beautiful clothes, is the day that I finally felt my body fat. I feel my fat when I sit down, I feel it when I stand up, I feel it when I do my exercises."

When we choose to ignore the patterns and subconscious belief systems we have about ourselves, our bodies, our careers, our family, our life, our friends, and our inability to create the life we dream about, WE CAN NOT CHANGE IT!

I have been able to clear many of my patterns and beliefs around my life, business, money, family, friends, but because I was still holding onto my pattern of ignoring my body weight, I was not able to walk of one single pound all summer long.

"What is the one thing that you have been trying to accomplish and no matter how much money, resources, people, courses, podcast, You tube videos you have watched has alluded your ability to change it?"

The final thing I wanted to heal in 2021 was my relationship with my daughter. I was able to accomplish this. I finally asked the Angels to show me our relationship from her eyes, from her experience and how it affected her on an emotional level.

My eyes still feel with tears as I write this, my heart still aches for the pain she felt, for the choices I made and how they resulted in so many missed opportunities. I was able to write her an apology, to give it to her in person, and have a heart felt conversation that has started the healing process for us.

The tools I have achieved as a teacher, healer, and mentor have helped me achieve a level of communication, knowledge, and shared wisdom that is invaluable to my personal growth and benefits my clients.

As we learn, let go, change, and acknowledge our achievements, we pass these things on to others. Those around us recognize the changes which creates desire within themselves to change their lives. We were never ment to do it alone, that is why we were born into family units. However sometimes our family unit is too toxic and we need to go out into the world to discover and create our own support system.

On this journey we will discover many different, books, teachers, healers, mentors, friends, and relationships, that help us along the way.

Eventually we find our Soul path, our desire to help others the way we were helped. We may decide to help the world in many different ways. No one person is more important than another, no one job is more important than another. We each create connection just by being a part of the earth. Our Energy Signature is just as important as water, plants, animals, and oxygen to the human experience.

Never dim your light, never stop moving forward, and remember to wake up every morning knowing that it is a New Day and you get to design how you want to experience it.

If you want to learn about your Soul path, experience the benefits of releasing limiting beliefs and patterns, while changing what is no longer working for you, book a free coffee chat and lets explore the possibilities together.

Sending you all a three minute hug. May 2022 fill your home with love, joy, happiness, new adventures and the ability to see the miracles in the world around you.

Robynn Sheridan - Personal Mentor, Akashic Soul Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner and so much more...


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