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2022 Life Review

Is a review of 2022 necessary to move on to 2023? It seems like it is a popular post on social media. 2022 is a year that I am not going to forget due to the six inch scar I am going to have from my sternum to my belly button.

I am going to remember that I asked GOD, to remove all negative energies that I has stored in my body so that I could become a happier person. I was so done with the negative hype from the media and social posts that I felt like I was living in darkness instead of lightness. I needed to cleanse my mind, body, and consciousness.

Shortly after my request to GOD, I became ill. I could not eat and I was exhausted all the time. I was living on water and apple juice. I had a stomach hernia that I went to the doctor about and was told to watch out for pain and heat in the area. I went to emergency when the pain and the heat got so bad that I could not take it anymore.

This started a five month, 4 surgeries journey that took every ounce of faith I had in GOD, the Angels, my MAP teams, my spirit guides etc. etc. etc. learning how to surrender to the process and not fall into the mindset of victimization.

When I had an external stint put into my body to drain the gallbladder as it was blocked by a polyp growing very quickly, black bile came out of my body for 8 hours. The nurses had never seen anything like it. This was all the toxic emotions I had store in my body for the past 63 years. I got what I asked for, but that was just the beginning of the journey my Soul had mapped out for me.

The pancreas decided to enflame and I was in the hospital once more, high on pain pills. My specialist did not know what to do about the polyp, I finally insisted he reach out to a specialist in the field after the second scope down the throat that totally messed with all my organs as he was getting pictures of the gall bladder, pancreas etc. The pain was crazy and I slept most of my hospital recovery time.

Was home for a few days when I started throwing up everything I put in my system after 3 days called my family doctor and he told me to go to emergency. Discovered I was diagnosed with diabetes my last hospital stay but no hospital personal told me. My kidneys were shutting down so this time a 7 day stay in the hospital monitoring my sugars and teaching me how to give myself insulin shots.

Specialist calls me three days after I left the hospital and tells me that I am very sick. I need a Whipple Surgery to fix my pancreas and gallbladder. Very long surgery, lots of possible side affects from the surgery, but I could do this or wait for cancer to grow in my pancreas and treat the cancer. I chose the surgery.

I had stayed strong emotionally and in total faith of this process so far, so what would one more surgery accomplish? I said yes, and in less than a month I was in the hospital again. The surgery went well, I had no side affects and left 8 days later. The recovery went better than expected because I had asked for lots of help from GOD, the Angels, my MAP teams, Spirit guides and on Social media. Lots of people had been praying for me throughout the past 5 months and my body, that has been through so much, is recovering quickly and efficiently.

Did I have emotional meltdowns, did I cry and feel helpless? Yes, on occasion I did. But My heart and Body knew I would be okay and I quickly picked myself back up emotionally and reached out to my Spiritual Support, friends and family. I have received everything I needed during my six week recovery from this finally surgery. A friend moved in with me to make sure I would be taken care of and not have to do anything that could hurt my body. She cooked, cleaned, and kept me company. She drove me to my doctors appointments and to visit family when I was up to it.

My recover would not have been possible if she had not been here. So thank you Tina. My friend Peggy and her husband made sure I got to Calgary for my Surgery during a blizzard. So grateful for both of them. My sister Samantha changed her whole schedule at work to come and get me in Calgary with her husband, and take me home with only a few hours notice.

When we have faith and surrender to the process that our Soul chooses for us then things work out even when it appears there are obstacles in our way. You will hear people criticize spiritual healers for not being able to heal themselves and avoid the medical situations that I found myself in. We do not know our Soul path nor what our Soul has chosen to experience during its life here on earth or even on other planets. I was so grateful to the other healers who reached out and said they too had experienced a complete shutdown of their spiritual gifts during their physical medical crisis and how much stronger they were after recovery. They too had to exercise complete faith and surrender to the process and allow their body to heal on its own time and in its own way.

Relearning how my body responds to food and fluids now is an education and a half. How much to eat is also an issue. Somedays I am hungrier than others but I need to remember to keep my portions small and eat more often. So far I can not eat raw food other than cucumber, and avocado. Most vegetables need to be cooked. No salads, my body craves dairy now so I mix plain yogurt with my cereal in the morning for fiber. I can eat meat, eggs, but no tomato's in any form. Potato's are fine, carrots have too much sugar for the diabetic diet, that I have to consider daily as well. Sea food is good too.

It is relearning how to work with my body and finding the right amount of food and exercise.

By the time I had my last surgery I had very little muscle left. I had lost around 50lbs and it was exhausting just getting up from the couch going to the bathroom and back.

I went back to my part time job working only 4 hrs. a day, 5 days a week to build up my muscles and endurance. This week I go back to my full 8 hr. day - 3 day a week schedule.

I am looking forward to once again building up my home based business and working with clients again. I really missed helping people discover their limiting beliefs, and patterns that were holding them back from creating the life they desire.

It was great to catch up on my mentoring clients and see how much their life has changed for the better after their 3 and 6 month sessions with me. It is so affirming when you work with people and then witness the changes they create in their life.

So 2023 for me is trusting in the process and knowing that by surrendering and following the guidance and accepting the help I am given I will continue to create the life I desire.

Sending you all hugs and lots of love,

The Self Love Emissary

Robynn Sheridan

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