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Accountability - Where do we go from here?

It has been a while since I have written a new blog. I am one of those individuals who needs to be inspired into my creativity. Some of my favorite fellow spiritualists have also been needing down time due to the shift in the collective consciousness and the earths vibration field.

Solar flares and earthquakes. Unusual weather patterns around the world. Spring trying to happen in February here in southern Alberta, Canada. The world has been turned upside down and we have all felt it in our bones.

It is April 1st. Happy April Fools day! March came in like a lamb and has left like a lamb. Is this the first time this has happened? I do not remember. How different has your environment been? 2022 has definitely been a year of surprises. Good and Bad.

Our government leaders seem to be on a power trip trying to mold the world into their image thinking that the masses are tame enough to put us in a cage and tell us we will like it there. WOW! Were they ever wrong!

So, here is what I have been experiencing. In 2020 I knew that the world was in for a rocky time and that if people did not step fully into their belief of God, or a higher Being then they were going to go down the rabbit hole so far they may never find their way out.

In 2021, the rabbit hole is overflowing, however those of us who never went down it were left to try to keep the world safe, sane, and paid the consequences of not doing as we were told by all levels of government. We lost our jobs, we lost our families, we lost some friends, but we held true to our beliefs and took the hits one by one.

It demonstrated how little faith humanity had in them self, their intuition, and in God, who we supposedly trusted to protect us from the evil that showed itself to the whole world. The medical profession and Scientific community shut down their logic minds and let the Government take over. The banks, social media, and employers all fell inline to the Goose Step of the New World Orders evil design for humanity.

2022, it all falls apart. The truth can not be stopped. It showed up one way or the other. Brave people stayed the course, they fought back with the understanding that being David facing Goliath was actually the safest place to be. Trusting in their intuition, God, Universe, and the TRUTH they held stead fast. Jericho, blew his horn and the walls came tumbling down.

Now that the whole world has been turned upside down and those of us who have been holding the space for truth and enlightenment to flow once again into the world have been put on sick leave. We are all taking turns, getting sick and needing to take time off. Some of us are ill for a lot longer than others depending on the extra demands of our life. Especially if you had children and spouses to take care of. I was lucky. I would be sick for 24 hours. Cold to the bone, exhausted, and some days so tired it was hard to put one foot in front of the other. But I recovered. Sleep was so important when it was my turn for my Soul to rest.

It takes a toll on our physical energy to stand in our Sovereignty for two full years or more. Some of us lost everyone around us and found ourselves alone looking for like minded individuals to help keep us safe mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and in some cases to bring food supplies.

I was lucky. I had the ability to stand in my Sovereignty and not lose my family and discovered new friends. They choose to respect my decision and I choose to respect theirs. This really was a test about how much we love our fellow man. It showed us how easily it was to divide the world in half. It showed us how even one employer can decide the fate of his employees by forcing his will onto those who work for him. Does this not remind you of the Dark Ages, the Egyptian Pharos, The Dictators and Fanatic's who murder millions of people everyday just because they are different? Our world has not changed it has just learned to hide the evidence better. Or at least it thought it had.

With every eye that is opened, every heart that is softened, every ear that hears the truth and every mind that takes the time to evaluate the truth for itself the world will change.

It is important to stop screaming at the top of our lungs about what is wrong with the world. It is time to take action and change what no longer works. It is time to change the corrupt systems that have kept us enslaved and shackled to: "We do all the giving and they do all the taking."

It is time to turn off the TV, stop watching one side news media, violence, corruption, because evil begets evil. When we allow our belief in society to come from a box that decides what we will be told - is to be our truth, then we can not change our reality. You change your reality by finding, joy, laughter, and dreaming your life while awake and aware of who you are and where you want to be.

I am so grateful for those of you who were out every weekend with your signs, who joined the Truckers protest, who drove your cars around your city and honked your horns for freedom of choice. Those like me shared what we could on social media, we chose to leave our jobs instead of being subjected to unknown toxins that could damage our body beyond repair. No will know the full extend for some time yet but when the whole world opens their mind, eyes, ears, and accepts the reality of what was created they will grieve so deeply the whole world will be brought to its knees.

Then the rage, the demand for accountability and if we are not careful we will forget to change the system that created this worlds reality and it will slowly build itself again in secret once again.

We must change our world by changing our perception of what is and always has been to, "how are we going to heal the world. We begin by stepping into our hearts, seeing our fellow human beings as long lost friends and welcoming them into our neighborhood and most importantly, by making sure that everyone has enough food, clean water, housing, and employment while creating a new path for humanity.

There is and always has been enough resources on our Sentient Mother Earth to support us all. It is about creating balance. We need it all and when we choose one resource and deplete it - that is when we create imbalance, destruction, and disharmony for all. We have a responsibility to look at what works and create change with what does not work. It starts by not giving governments and corporations free rein to rule over the masses. It is about not filling our lives up with the next shinny thing instead it is about filling our daily life up with love, compassion, kindness, and respect for each other and the earth.

Mother Gia is sick, humans are sick, the water is sick, our food is sick, it is time to start moving in the direction of healing and going back to natural products, remedies, and farming practices.

Natural immunity is a real thing. We do not need artificial injections to protect us. We need to eat healthy food and use medicine that is created from Nature naturally. We need the wise women back in our villages, and mother earth deserves our love and respect.

Want to keep bugs off your vegetables and fruits then plant marigold flowers. Nature has everything we need and by combining certain plants together we create healthy abundant harvests. Pesticides have killed the birds, bees, and butterflies. It has never been about increasing our food supply it has been about making farmers believe they are dependent on chemicals, making the Elite richer.

Do your research, follow the money. Toxic land creates toxic food, GMO food is toxic to the human body and when they took the natural food supply like hemp out of our livestock feed, we become a society of illness, dis-ease, and obesity.

Choose to change it. It takes one voice to create change be that for good or evil. What voice are you going to send out into the world?


Robynn Sheridan - Spiritual Awakening facilitator


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