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Are you allowed an Opinion?

We never know how what we think, feel, and express will be received by others. Are certain individuals held to a higher standard just because they have a title to their name?

Have you ever spent time with someone and you have had a conversation that goes from A to Z and the only thing they remembered was "J" because they did not agree or felt offended by how you expressed your feelings about "J"?

You shake your head and try to go back through your whole conversation and wonder how they could have fixated on your opinion of "J".

The whole purpose of being open minded is to allow others their own belief system, their own interpretation of what is right for them. You can agree to disagree and also agree that specific subjects can be off limits in the future, especially if you or they are passionate about it and can not talk about it open-mindedly.

We are not all going to agree on any one thing at any one time. That is the whole premise behind Free Will. That is the reason we have a variety of foods, medical options, healing modalities, cars, houses, natural products and massed produced products.

We have choice - because we all have different tastes, likes and dislikes. No two people are identical.

We get the option to choose what is right for us based on how we feel, and the research we have done, while also understanding that when we choose to let others make our decisions for us the consequences are ours and ours alone to deal with.

We can say "crap" maybe I should have listened to so and so, maybe I should have done more research, maybe I should have stood my ground and not been swayed to make a decision based on other peoples opinion. We grow from our mistakes.

Just because two people do not agree does not make them less than each other, nor does it mean that they are incompatible with each other. I can hang out with my friends at a sports bar even though I have no interest in sports. I do not stop spending time with them because we have a different opinion when it comes to sports.

When someone sends me information they feel I should see, I am allowed to read it and still stay firm in what I believe is right for me. That person is just wanting me to see things from their perspective and I am good with that.

I love the opportunity to see more than one side in life. I respect all religions, all spirituality modalities, I honor what makes them unique, and what this information and belief system brings into the lives of their followers.

My personality attracts things that yours would not and that is okay too. Life would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things, had the same opinion, wanted the same career, so believe me that when we have a conversation and you are talking about something that I have an opinion on I am going to share it.

When you enter into a conversation you are agreeing to communicate, it is give and take, I respect your opinion, I allow you to express what your beliefs are and now it is expected that you will allow me the same courtesy to express my opinion, and express what my beliefs are. If you become uncomfortable with the fact that my opinion is different then yours then that is on you.

It is a reflection of the fact that you are 'comfortable expressing your opinion' but not comfortable in engaging in the idea that others may feel differently. You are not comfortable with having someone question your opinion and offer you a different perspective. This means you might be wrong and you do not want to be wrong.

So take it from me, you are not wrong - your opinion is based on the information you have right now in this moment. With more information from someone else you just might decided that you may want to look at your opinion in a different light, do some more research and open yourself up to new possibilities.

How do we grow in knowledge and wisdom? By asking the questions, research, education, being open to other peoples opinion without feeling invested that your opinion is the only one that is right.

When you decide to dismiss someone because their opinion differs from you, you are losing an opportunity to open yourself up to new ideas and possibilities. If the only thing that you remember in an hour long conversation is the one comment that you had a differing opinion on then you have lost the ability to be open minded.

When that one differing opinion or comment makes you so uncomfortable that you have to express your displeasure to others and you see that person only in the light of your differences then you have lost the ability to grow, spiritually, and emotionally.

If we all choose to spend time with only the people who think exactly like us our world would be very small and extremely boring.

So here is my advice if you feel strongly about something and you are not open to other peoples opinions then do not talk about it. Do not bring it up in a conversation if you know that it is going to lead you down the road of I do not like this person because their opinion is not the same as mine, and certainly do not talk negatively about that person to others just because you disagreed on certain subjects or beliefs.

It is simple - if a person sends you something and you are not comfortable with receiving then just say "Hey, thank you for sending me this information but I would prefer not receiving any information from you in the future" then perfect. That person now knows that you are not open to receiving anything from them that conflicts with your personal beliefs. You have not ruined a friendship or a social media friend relationship just because you are not on the same page about certain things, and you have gracefully allowed that person to continue to interact with you.

I had strong political views in 2020 but from January to December many of these views changed. Because, I chose to do the research I chose to see thing differently, I chose to decide what truly mattered to me, and I looked beneath the censorship and connected with what made sense to me, and I shared those things with others, always with the intention that if you do not agree, it is okay to disagree, and still be friends. Because I feel that we need to see all sides of a story to be able to make an informed decision.

We have a lot of hot topics in the world today, I have my opinion and you have yours and if it comes up in conversation then I feel that I have the right to express my opinion, and I have the right to express my concern, and encourage you to consider that more research needs to be done, before you make a life changing decision.

The consequences of making a decision based on what other people think, what the media wants you to know, and the silencing of those that are trying to get all the facts out into the world, is a perfect reflection of what communism and dictatorship creates around the world.

We have governments that do not want you to think for yourself. People are still being killed and jailed for their religious beliefs. When you live in a country where you actually get to choose the who, what, where, and when of your day to day life, then you need to also remember that you also need to allow others that same freedom.

We do not have to always agree with each other but we do need to respect each others right to have an opinion, to express it, and to be open minded when listening. Instead of speaking negatively about a person for their beliefs, because you became uncomfortable in the conversation, do more research. Take the time to see their side of their belief and say "okay I did not think about it in this way", or "yes I will dig into the research and see what I find". Thank you for caring about me and expressing your opinion.

I have had many different beliefs and opinions during my life and they have all changed many times because as I get older and wiser I realize that I need all the facts. I use my common sense, I do the research, I find a middle ground with others and because I allow others their beliefs without judgment I have come to the expectation of receiving this same type of respect from others in my life.

You may not agree with others and their opinion but please show them the respect that you would like to be shown to you when you open yourself up in a conversion.

Think of it like a trust circle. You reached out to them, you talked about what was important to you, now it is time to let the other person, talk about them-self and what is important to them. If you have an agenda before you even start a conversation you are showing a disservice to everyone you come in contact with.

If you judge others based on a piece of information they sent you because choice is important to them. Then you lose out on being open minded, compassionate, and a little better informed at the end of the day.

You however have the right to ask the person to not send you any more information and if they respect you as much as they respect themselves they will honor your request because they respect you and your privacy.

Life is too short to be doing the "he said - she said" by not allowing others their right to express their opinions especially if you want to have the right to express your opinion too.

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a wonderful day.

Sincerely, Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer


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