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Are you receiving mixed messages?

2020 has been a confusing frustrating year so far. I felt like I was creating the content and an on line media-following that would allow me to build a business to recently being told that I am not reaching my audience.

It is like I was invisible for the longest time and then all of sudden I am being found.

What do I mean by being found? I am finally being acknowledge for my post comments on other feeds where in the past I have not been acknowledged.

I have people telling me that I need to speak up and be seen and heard. That I have amazing gifts and talents and I need to create an on-line presence, be seen and heard, and share myself with the world.

What the fuck have I been doing wrong for the past six months I think to myself? I post content. I have my blog and my podcast. I was pretty much posting daily for the longest time and then I took a break. A two month break of only doing my FB live Oracle reading. No podcast, no weekly blog, very few posts on FB, Instagram or twitter!

During these two months I decided to dive deep into my own inner work by taking Personal Mastery in Oracle school, Spiritual Wisdom starts in February. I took a number of free classes in many of the FB groups and just recently in the Wealth Vibe Acceleration FB group with Brenda Baily. This was a 5 day Money challenge and a Theta Healing introduction.

I really resonated with the Theta Healing format so I enrolled in the Theta Healing Basic DNA course. Wow, this healing format will enhance everything else I do as a healer, and in my personal and business relationships.

I am enrolled in the Advanced Theta Healing course and am looking forward to learning so much more about this healing format and how it can enhance my life as well as my clients lives.

My question to you is If you do not read peoples blogs, listen to their podcasts, or check out their posts how do entrepreneurs get your attention?

Initially I invested money on courses. I could not follow their modules as the information did not match the new websites they were taking about such as mail chimp etc. I could not comprehend what they were saying about funnels, branding, and email promotions. I payed for leads and received only a few and then they did not result in even a return email.

So I hired people. Trying to explain to the people I hired what I wanted without knowing the lingo ended up with me compromising or just giving up on the vision I wanted to see for my website and my business.

If I had to put a dollar amount on what I have spent while in 'self distancing' it would be close to three thousand dollars on marketing strategies and website creation and how did that help me financially? Well my income would have been a thousand dollars except I paid for a course that I did not receive so the amount is zero right now.

Lesson learned never pay for anything until you receive a contract, a list of what you will be receiving, and a money back guarantee of some kind.

Free content they tell us over an over again - I do that daily with a morning oracle reading. I have done free healing sessions numerous times with people who have touched my heart especially when I am learning new techniques.

I have spent hours on impromptu counseling sessions and never asked for a dime because I considered them friends. All I have asked for in return is a simple testimonial of recommendation or a simple email that I can post on my website or in my FB feed. I have received a few which I am truly grateful for.

I have meet some amazing women who have stepped up and helped me by doing interviews, posting on you tube and in their FB feeds, being guests on my podcast and me on theirs, and I have shared their content as well on my FB feed and you tube channel. I even got my new website recreated through a trade. Now those are gifts that just keep giving.

So when someone tells me they have never seen any of this content it makes me wonder - What have I been doing for the past six months?

Am I so out of alignment with my spiritual vibration that I am not attracting my tribe?

Lets back up to the beginning of this article "Mixed Messages". I started my Theta healing process with a free 5 day challenge in October, I took the Theta Basic DNA course the first weekend in November and became a certified Theta healer and now I am being acknowledged by people and within groups I had felt invisible in previously. I have repeat clients now and I have the ability to acknowledge what needs to be changed in me and around me. Why?

Because I am clearing all of those deep down pesky emotional blocks that have been programmed into me from the moment I was born. I am turning inwards and asking the right questions. Why do I feel guilty about things I have no control over? Why do I feel obligated to make someone else a priority and put my happiness on hold? Why do I panic about money? Why do I always date the same personality? Why do I always seem to have the same argument?

Guess what! I now have a way to clear these emotional patterns quickly and painlessly. I do not need to revisit the past to create a new present. I do not need to beat myself up about something I had no control over in the first place. I do not have to rebirth myself to become free of old stories.

I love all of my healing modalities and find them empowering on so many levels but I have to say having the ability to pick a negative pattern and be able to draw out all of the emotions that are tied to that single pattern and then clearing them is a kick ass tool! Theta Healing Rocks!

I would love to share this amazing healing format with you so if you feel this is something you would be interested in experiencing. Message me on FB or email me at and lets set up a session for you.


Robynn Sheridan - Sprit Whisperer - Theta Healing Practitioner - Akashic Realignment Practitioner - Reiki Master - Intuitive Healer and Reader


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