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Are you the Captain of your Ship?

I really had to think about this when I first heard it. What type of ship am I on? What type of ship if I created it in my minds eye would it be?

Luxurious yacht, having all my wants catered to me while allowing someone else to steer my direction in life?

Speed boat, where I am going fast and furious, weaving around other boats on the water? GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Am I a sail boat where I need extra people to help me? I can lean the boat in the direction I want to go while also allowing fate and inspiration to lead me.

Row boat where every movement is a physical and mental effort. Where I am in total control and I need no one else in my life?

I love the thought of being a sail boat. I need extra help as it is too big to handle on my own and yet I get to participate in how and where I want the boat to go.

I can allow the universe to lead me when there is no wind for my sails.

I can take advantage of that down time with self care, meditation, communicate with my spirit guides, asking questions and waiting for the universe to reveal to me the answers.

When I get totally blown off my path and find myself in unknown waters I know I am not alone. I have people I can ask for direction, guidance, and they can help alleviate my fears because they remind me - I know how to read the stars - so in reality I am never really lost.

It is important to surround ourselves with like minded individuals. We want to create a safe environment for our self and our families without having to worry about the depths of the ocean. We can open our arms to strangers and different ideas, philosophies, and belief systems because the ocean is filled with a myriad of differences and yet it functions in perfect harmony.

The coral does not tell the fish it can not hide within it for protection. The predators only eat when they are hungry. They do not go after others just for fun or the thrill of the kill (some exceptions). In the ocean the eco system works in cooperation where all forms of life share the space allowing each species to live their life as they see fit.

There is no judgment, no lines drawn in the ocean floor saying this is my territory stay out. When they are not needing to eat to survive they go about their business as if they are the best of neighbours just allowing the others to live their life in harmony.

When you think about the perfect eco system that nature creates all over the world, human kind is the worst offender, for destroying its own habitat. Jealousy, fear, anxiety, competitions of the fittest, strongest, fastest, smartest, prettiest are all ego based behaviours that destroyed the once harmonious eco system that humans had in the Garden of Eden.

We have been given the opportunity to raise all of our vibrations to that of creating Heaven on Earth once again. A second Garden of Eden if you like.

So what will your Garden of Eden look like for you?

Have you even allowed yourself to think about the perfect lifestyle you would want to create for yourself, for your family, for generations to come? Do we need government? Nature does not have a 'Leader' that rules over all. They have a conscious agreement that they respect each other. They also realize that part of that respect is the balance of life and death.

When left alone nature is perfectly able to create harmony and balance in any setting here on earth. There is a natural order and agreement that needs no government to tell them how to treat each other with love and respect. Nature instinctively know what is right and wrong. What I mean by this is that respect of all within a harmonious eco system does not need to be taught or enforced. It is instinctual knowledge.

Could you imagine a world where we all contribute respectfully?

Where we all get to use our gifts and skills to create harmony and balance around the world.

Where we all support the economy in a way that revers the earth and its bounty and does not deplete it.

Where we all have unique gifts and talents that are respected and valued as a vital part of our economy.

When we had smaller communities we had a barter system where we traded our skills, healing gifts, and food with each other.

Our world runs on money now and in what ever form it will take in the future it is still considered a barter system in its simplicity.

When we pay someone for their services it a way of showing your gratitude for the skills and talents they have. It is gratitude for the many types of farmers who supply the food chain, it is gratitude for the spiritual healers, mentors, teachers and coaches who provide us with the education, knowledge, and wisdom encouraging us to follow our life path to its fullest. It is gratitude for those who stepped into roles as peace keepers many of whom have forgotten why they wanted to be peace keepers in the first place. Which brings us to forgiveness.

The first person we need to forgive is our self for our naivety, for trusting others instead of trusting our intuition. For not taking full responsibility for our choices when we did not do the research and for trusted others who lead us down the garden path. For allowing others to decide our spiritual path, or our life path, instead of doing the inner work of communicating with our Soul and our Deity. For allowing others to poison our bodies with un-natural products under the guise of "for your best good."

We need to forgive ourselves for allowing fear to be our motivating factor in making decisions not only for our self but our family. Especially when they have caused heartache, illness and death.

We have been sheep for far to long letting the modern comforts of this life and our need of buying and attaining more stuff to show the world that we have value and worth.

We have lost the value in just being happy, finding joy in the little things in life. Enjoying nature as a visitor instead of a destroyer. Growing and eating healthy organic product, supporting the artisans in our area, reading and watching shows that lift us up, make us laugh, and give us insight into what it means to be a Soul experiencing life in a human body.

We have a world filled with knowledge and wisdom so why do we choose to watch fake news, base our decisions on what the government and big pharma tell us.

Why do we have to be right and everyone else is wrong even when we discover the deception and miss information that lead us to the misconceptions of reality?

Why can we not take the higher road, choose to see the bigger picture, take our power back and find the truth for our self instead of relying on others to do our homework for us?

I chose to create my sailboat, I chose to hire my crew based on facts and hard evidence and the knowing of my inner wisdom and intuition.

I chose to navigate the ocean of my life with God/Soul/Universal Wisdom as my co-pilot knowing that when I ask the question, I will be given the answer.

It may not always be in the manner I would chose, it may not always been when I want it, but it will always be there when I need it.

I chose to treat my body as a temple knowing that only I know what is best for ME.

I know that when I address my inner insecurities and emotional blocks, social programming, negative family patterns, and heal the DNA of seven generations past, my body and Soul become ONE creating the perfectly balance ECO system that allows me to walk my Soul path creating Heaven on Earth!

When I start the healing process, remove the blinders allowing me to see the world in its entirety - warts and all. I discover my personal truth and walk the path my Soul intended.

Sending all of you unconditional love and a three minute hug.


Robynn Sheridan- Spirit Whisperer - Theta Healing Practitioner - Akashic Realignment Practitioner - Intuitive Medium, Healer and Reader


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