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Beam me Up, Scotty

USS enterprise  satellite

If you grew up in the sixties then you were a fan of 'Star Trek', a science fiction T.V. series that had mankind traveling the stars. They had the technology to change any physical form into particles of matter, transport it to the desired destination, and then change the particles of matter back into its original form.

Well, guess what! The process to take physical matter and change it into its energetic form is available, to you, at the click of a button.

We have 3D printer technology, my granddaughters got one for Christmas years ago. This ability got scientists thinking about how to take the physical form of an apple, record and upload all of the properties of that apple, beam it up Scott, take the energetic properties of that apple and then beam it to the physical body so it could receive the whole apple in its energetic form.

Sounds like science fiction has become a reality. We have now the technology to pretty much do anything these days if the 'price is right.'

Most of you understand the ability of Energy healers to work with the physical form to help it release negative emotional blockages. Jesus did this all the time, and it has been a form of healing written about for thousands of years.


Shamans, prophets, energy healers, understand that all physical illness is connected to emotional issues left to fester and rot in the human energetic field, know as your physical body.

Science has now caught up to the understanding and the ability of how to take psychical form and change it into its energetic form, then transport it to the receiver to be absorbed as energy into the receiver's energetic field.

This process is called 'Limbic Arc' the quantum healing process that allows a person to record their energetic fingerprint into a database, that has the energetic properties of hundreds of products, that can be used to improve your overall health and well-being.

Learn about the Limbic Arc HERE

As a 'Reiki Master Healer' the skills of running my hands just above the human body allows me to assess where a person or animal is holding negative emotional energy, as a medium I receive images of stories that lead up to the emotional trauma, being held energetically in the physical body, as a spiritual healer and mentor I then work with the person or animal, to release these emotions helping to bring the physical body back into balance. Allowing the recipient to relieve on an emotional and physical level.

vintage camera
Vintage camera

I love that technology has caught up to the science fiction of my childhood. The Star Trek - Tricorder from 1966 is now a cellular phone we all use today.

I know that each of us has trauma not only being held in our body from this lifetime but also from the many past lifetimes our Soul has chosen to live.

We can all get to the heart of the problem if we choose to dive deep and do the 'Shadow Work', through Akashic readings, using release techniques from professional therapists, Reiki energy healing sessions, and with organic high-quality essentials oils, to name a few.

How cool is it now that you can go to a web site record your voice, which then identifies your energetic fingerprint. This amazing technology can then determine how out of energetic balance your physical body is, and what necessary energetic properties it requires to help it balance itself energetically once again.

Learn about akashic readings here

As an Intuitive healer and reader, this just made sense to me. Here is another tool that I can use to help my body heal on a deeper level, and when our body is healing and repairing itself then our body is also releasing all of the negative energetic gunk that is stuck in the cells as well.

Memory cells

Our cells are mini-computers, they hold all of the information that has ever happened to the body, mind, and spirit - your Soul, in every lifetime.

Your cellular memories are like your own personal warning system. Lets for a moment think about our phobias, do you have a fear of heights? If you go to regression therapy you may discover that in your early childhood hood you fell off of something high and got hurt. Or better yet you will access a past life memory where you fell off a cliff and died.

I loved water as a child, I swam all the time to the point I believed I was a mermaid in a past life. Then in my late thirties, I could no longer put my head underwater, I had no desire to swim or go near water.

This also coincided with my interest in finding a spiritual path. I was beginning the Wicca rituals and tarot readings. I was reading everything that I could find and was also taking a Spiritual Reconstructing course. It was all about discovering the negative karma you had and how to change it into positive energies.

While moving on my path using all of the tools available to me at the time I started having dreams about being drowned as a witch. During my meditations I would also receive memories from childhood, falling into a ditch full of fast running irrigation water at the age of 2, to the numerous times I had been killed for being a holistic healer, and intuitive seer/medium in past lives. So, in one of these past lives on that specific date, I had died drowning. That is why I could no longer put my head underwater and lost all interest in being around any body of water. I finally resolved the issue when I did my own Akashic Soul reading in 2019; almost 25 years later.

Read my other blog "What is the soul"

So think about it! Our bodies are energy, our thoughts are energy, our memories are energy. Energy never dies but it can be changed to enhance our lives, when we release what no longer serves us, we can then attract all of the amazing things into our lives to help us create the life we always dreamed of having.

Now to get back to the whole point of my blog today. I am letting you know that you now have the ability to receive energy healing on a quantum level. This means the energetic information of specific physical items that our bodies need to maintain its health and wellness, has been converted into energetic properties that can be sent directly to you through a simple voice activation process.

We know sound and light waves can create healing in the physical body, music is uplifting to all of those living upon this planet. Telling a plant you love it results in amazing foliage. Now we can do this energetically as well.

If you want to learn how to access the 'Limbic Arc' Quantum healing process and receive access to a 5 day trial at no cost to you: email me at

I need your first and last name and if you are on FB you can also connect with me through messenger at

Here is my testimonial:

Sending all of you Love and Light, Robynn - Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul


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