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Bitter Sweet Moments in ones life.

Tonight I am feeling a bit sad. I just finished teaching my first virtual "Pathways to the Soul" course with Reiki I, II, III. I will miss the twice weekly teaching sessions.

I have always combined my personally designed course with Reiki because I want to ensure the student has tools to continue expanding their connection to source, their Soul, and Spirit Guides.

I have taken many courses where there is no follow up, no one to answer your questions or help you tap into the knowledge you have just learned. I designed the "Pathways' to the Soul" course with the help of my Spirit Guides when I was in my thirties.

My office was covered in books and course material and I threw my hands up in the air and stated: "I want all of this material at my fingertips. I am tired of trying to find something". So my spirit guides listened and we spent three months taking everything I had learned and all of the tools I used and put them into a binder.

I used it originally with my clients to discover what was going on with them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. After I became a Reiki teacher, I realized that combining the two would give my Reiki students an amazing resource to use on themselves and with their clients too.

It is a fun and easy resource to use. It strengthens your intuition and allows you to get out of your head and trust in the process. I had forgotten how empowering the course was. We tend to start taking our skills for granteed, they become a habit, and we forget how much fun we had learning and growing into the person we are today.

Working with a client twice a week getting reacquainted with the course and Reiki symbology was quite refreshing. I realized that every time I learn a new healing technique I seem to shelf the old ones and concentrate on the new one.

What a mistake that is. We need to continue to tap into to all of the knowledge and wisdom we have so that it is fresh in our memory. When one process does not click with the client then we try another approach. If you have allowed things to get rusty then it takes a while to think about doing something different.

It is like sitting at a red light and honking to get it to turn green. You need to stop, think, be patient and allow the system to work for itself. Your heart has this amazing brain that will guide you to what you need to know if you learn how to listen. However if you stop learning, stop using all your skills, knowledge, and wisdom it takes a very long time for that red light to turn green.

I had forgotten how much I love teaching. I had been resistant to teaching the process through zoom but it worked. The energy exchange was strong, the thought process was quick and sharp, and we laughed a lot. I was so proud of my student and myself, especially when I mailed out the course certificate.

So now I am excited to teach in a group zoom. I am thinking four to six students. This way they all get the same amount of attention that they would get if it was in person.

They would need a computer and printer so that they could download and print out the course material. They will need to purchase a few supplies but all of that is considered in the cost.

It is scary to step out of our comfort zones. To try something in a different way. I had thought something would be lost through zoom. But nothing was. The material, the course format, the way I teach it was all the same. Actually it was easier. I did not have to supply snacks or drinks. It was less formal. I was more relaxed and was not looking at the clock thinking I had to get through the material in a specific timeline. It flowed organically. I let the student set the pace and it was fun.

Sometimes we just need to get out of our head, stop looking at why we can or should not do something and instead ask the questions with how and why. Last year I had said I was going to do this and I chickened out. This year the student approached me and asked me to teach them. I said yes, jumped in not knowing how it was going to work out, but trusted that it would.

Have a wonderful day and step out of your comfort zone. You may just like it.

"I help spiritual seekers step out of their old programming and step into their unique gifts and talents so they can learn to heal themselves and master their spiritual journey".

Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer Mentoring, Reiki Teacher/Healer, Akashic Soul Reader, Theta Healing Practitioner, Mediumship/Channeling, Oracle Reader


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