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Canadian Government Still Corrupt

I have been trying not to include as much political stuff however here in Canada we are in big trouble. Our government is still trying to enforce the jab. They want to stop us from receiving our pensions, CCP, and all other forms of income.

They have doubled the cost in some cases, of our bills, food, gas, carbon tax etc. to make it more difficult for us to keep our heads above water.

If you have not written to your Political representative or those voting on these new Bills that will strip away the freedoms of all Canadians then you need too. Email addresses at bottom of post.

This is What I wrote feel free to copy it:

Canada is a country that was built on the freedoms of rights over mind, body, and spirit. Freedom of Religion is what the constitution was built on.

When the government decides to dictate what a person can do when it comes to their jobs, medical status, receiving their pensions that they have paid into by forcing them to go against their Sovereignty of Mind, Body and Spiritual Beliefs, you are no longer a government protecting the rights and freedoms of Canadians.

You have become dictators who are enslaving those who you were voted in to PROTECT!

You do not have the right to force individuals to follow a policy that would give the government complete control

over the lives of Canada’s Citizens.

Many have tried to do this Hitler, the Pharos’s, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, ect. I want you to review your history and remember what happened to these dictatorship attitudes and how the people always fight back. Do you want to be known as the Politician who was voted in to protect the rights of Canada as the one who voted to take all Canadian Citizen’s freedoms away from them?

When the people rise-up and you are sitting in a court of law being charged with treason against the Canadian People what is going to be your defense?

When you lose your children and family members to the side affects of this dangerous jab what are you going to say at their funeral?

When you are standing in front of God what is your excuse going to be when you are responsible for the death of millions of people from starvation, suicide, and medical complications from the jab, because you took away their right to earn a living, feed their families, support themselves, and choosing to keep their bodies healthy and treat their body as a TEMPLE for their Soul.

You are treading on dangerous ground when you think that you know what is best for everyone. Will the money in your bank account take away your guilt when you are forced to see what happens to Canada when you vote yes on any of these bills?

It is time for you to save your Self from the consequences of your actions that will harm every single person who lives in Canada if you vote yes on any of these bills and all the others that are suppressing and taking our freedoms of choice, speech, and our lively hoods away from us.


Robynn Sheridan – Sovereign Being

here are the email links to the Canadian Politicians voting on these bills

The bill is S-233 Write and tell them you are not okay with this;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Subject: Bill S-233 C233 C273


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