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Creating prosperity through gratitude

I am truly grateful for all of the amazing friends, family, and creative individuals who are sharing their gifts on free platforms during this self-distancing process.

When we ask universal energy, I AM, our spirit guides, and even our soul to help us in our lives, they move heaven and earth to send it to us.

Many of us have lost our source of income during this time. We are checking our bank accounts with a sense of insecurity, fear, or even helplessness.

The governments in some cases, have been slow to step up to the plate, and offer help, and yet other, amazing talented individuals, have jumped onto social media to send us inspirational messages, healing meditations, stress-reducing processes like EFT tapping. The gifts just keep on coming.

I have received unexpected gifts, through email, to join free webinars, short courses, and inspiring personal development videos, and Facebook lives. It turned out that I required this information in order for me to create my vision of helping other women learn how to heal themselves through meditation, energy healing, the Akashic records, connection with their soul, spirit guides, and the Angels.

All of this guidance led me to create a private subscription membership Facebook group. Within this format, I will be sharing the wisdom, knowledge, and process through course material, that I use to travel on my Spiritual Awakening journey.

Join the private membership group HERE

Through this private membership Facebook group, I will be including my "Pathways to the Soul" course material as well as updating and adding, new information, knowledge and wisdom, I have to glean through the connection to universal energies, my spirit guides, the Angels and so much more.

When we reach out through prayer or even just the statement: "Please help me", we will start noticing, that the universe is shifting our perception, and we are seeing opportunities that we may not have recognized, were available to us.

Life is filled with magical opportunities, amazing leaders and teachers, inspirational books, and videos. Open your mind, and your heart to the gifts the universe is sending to you. Open your eyes and recognize the miracles around you. For every fear, there is an opportunity, for every tear, there is laughter, for every lost opportunity another one appears.

It was so important for all of us here on Mother Earth, to slow down, take inventory of our needs and wants, analyze what we truly need to be happy, healthy and abundant in our daily lives.

We have been given the opportunity to reconnect with a loved one, lost friends and family, mend relationships, connect with our children in a more present way, reach out to neighbors, de-cluttering our homes, and lives, by removing one unnecessary thing or emotional thought at a time.

Get my free healing meditation HERE

We have also been given the gift to know what we need to change in our lives, leave jobs that do not fulfill us. Leave relationships and jobs that are toxic. While discovering a better way of communicating our needs and desires.

We got to read the book that was collecting dust, we got to watch a T.V. series we recorded and never found time to watch. We binged watched Netflix until our eyes hurt, we pulled out the board games creating laughter and excitement in our homes.

We discovered how hard it is to home school our children, and found a new sense of awe and respect for the teachers and our school system. We felt immense gratitude for those individuals who continued to go to work to make sure, we were healthy, safe, and well feed.

The world did not stop turning, but Mother Earth, Gaia, was given a chance to breathe. Pollution dissipated in the air and waterways, the animals and sea creatures were given space to breed in peace to ensure their survival. We became consciously aware of how toxic zoo and marine parks can be. We have experienced living in captivity, through this self-distancing, giving us the opportunity to relate on a physical and emotional level with the animal kingdom.

Through new technologies we can place video equipment in natural forests and waterways, we can watch an animal in their natural habitat. We truly have no need to continue capturing wild animals for profit and pleasure.

We all need to rethink the truth about our day to day needs. How can we reduce our carbon footprint on this earth? How can we promote better practices when it comes to our future and the future of all the other beings living on this earth?

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We can take out our lawns and plant vegetables and flowers to feed the bees and ourselves. We can buy locally and support our artisan and small businesses. We can celebrate those businesses that stayed open by continuing to purchase from them.

We have been given the time to take a deep breath of clean fresh air into our lungs, clearing our mind, detoxing our bodies, while connecting to our heart chakra.

What are you going to change in your life when your part of the world stops the self-distancing process?

I am so grateful for the amazing new people I had the opportunity to meet through the online community, for the courses I was able to take because I was home and had the time to do so. For the talented individuals who shared their gifts in so many ways during this worldwide crisis, that crumbled our selfish ways, while leading us into spiritual awareness, and deepened our gratitude for our life.

Sending all of you Light and Love, Robynn Spirit Whisperer helping people connect to their heart, mind, body & soul one step at a time.


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