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Dark side of the Soul

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Do we all have a dark side to our soul? In reality, our Soul is affected by every incarnation it chooses to participate in. Some of our lives are filled with love, joy, happiness and yet other lives are filled with misery.

It is like this because our Soul wants to experience what it means to be human. When we are with our Soul family on our Soul planet we are in tune with the Universe in all its vastness and glory. We really do not have a concept of right or wrong, happiness or sadness, unconditional love, or narcissism.

My journey since January 2020 has been rather weird even for me. I chose to retire, and concentrate on building my healing business. I got sucked into believing I needed a $12,000 (American), master mentor class so that I could build my business in a very short amount of time and that if it was meant to be the money would magically appear.

So I paid the deposit $250(American), which was non-refundable. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and jump into the manifestation of money coming to me. I purchased lottery tickets because that truly was the only way I would receive such a large sum of money. I did my visualization every day of receiving the money and then paying for the course as well as paying off all my other debts and expenses.

I won a few free tickets and a little bit of money and then nothing. The date to pay the full amount was coming close. I was listening to Abraham-Hicks every day on how to get into my vortex and create the abundance I so wanted and felt I needed.

Then one morning Abraham-Hicks recording said, I was doing it all wrong. Everything I was visualizing was being done in a manner that was actually slowing down my abundance. I was coming from a place of Hope - hope means you do not really believe you will receive it. I was devastated. I cried and was so angry at Abraham-Hicks for crushing me and my dream. I talked to my Soul, the Angels, Spirit Guides, and "God". Clearly distraught, that not only had I paid a deposit with my credit card, money I did not have, for a course I was now never going to be able to take. I had fooled myself into believing I would be able to manifest this money into my life.

I booked an appointment with Kate my healer and was crying on the way into town, talking to God wanting an explanation when the Spiritual Group that goes by the name Abraham-Hicks, came into my head and heart and apologized for the pain of self-doubt and destroying my hopes of taking this course and the opportunity to become successful in building my business in a year or less. They were deeply apologetic about how much my EGO & Soul had been crushed by the realization that I had been doing the manifestation process all wrong.

I was truly grateful that they came to me energetically and helped heal the pain, anger, and disappointment that my ego & soul were feeling. We had at least a 5 min conversation about how manifestation works and the need to be in my vortex during the meditation, and that I needed to visualize my life in the future with joy in my heart (short version of the conversation).

It is not about money or other material energetic things. It is about living a life filled with joy and happiness. We need to visualize our future in abundance yes, but also in happiness, fun, excitement, a life filled with positive images.

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When I got to Kate's house she asked what was going on. I explained all of what had been going on and how I had been so stoked about this course and manifesting the money only to have my hopes squashed like a tomato. Kate said," You know Robynn, you really do not need this course you just think you do"? I was startled into the realization that I had convinced myself that I needed it. Now how did I do that?

Well, it was really quite easy. I was sent numerous emails, videos, positive messages, all about how much this course would help me, and if I was watching this then it was meant to be, etc. etc. etc.

I allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone because that is what I am trying to do. I can be really stuck in my ways and I can be a real couch potato when I am at home. I truly wanted to try something different, I wanted to push myself beyond my comfort levels. My Soul and I took a walk on the dark side and we decided to believe the hype we were receiving because we wanted to change the pattern of being overly cautious and suspicious when things appear to be too good to be true.

I am sure that many of the women who spent their money on this Mentor Master Class, felt like they received their money's worth and I am sure there is the same amount of women who would say they did not. It is all in how we perceive our personal worth. How much we honor ourselves, our skills, and talents, and of course not jumping into debt just because someone tells us we can dig ourselves out again within a year of taking the course.

I had promised myself when I retired I would not go into debt for anything for myself or my business and there I was looking for a way around that promise by trying to win $20,000 in a lottery.

So here is what has happened since:

I have received numerous free courses, some from women who yes did take this Mentor Master Class at one point in their career. I have been invited to free online Facebook courses to clear out negative belief systems around money, abundance while healing our personal belief systems around our skills and talents. I have participated in free tapping with numerous professionals, as well as a free Soul Fest filled with inspiration from leaders from around the world.

All of the things I was offered in the $12,000 course I have now or am now receiving for free. My manifestations are working for me, they are coming from amazing women and men, all over the world who have reached out to each other to offer their skill, talents, knowledge, and wisdom, for FREE.

So stop setting a specific goal in your manifestations. See instead, yourself living the life you want to live, experiencing happiness, joy, abundance, personal and business success, and let the universe send you what you need when you need it.

Sending you love and light.

Robynn, spirit whisperer


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