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Do you know what your Soul gifts are?

Monday 02.03.2020

“I take delight in life – particularly the life that is unexpected, where new life springs from old, and that which seems to have ended is resurrected into a new form. I am bringing you a resurrection now. That which may seem to have ended will yet yield something of value, something of benefit for your life journey and divine success. Keep your heart open and remain in the present moment, so you can enjoy the gifts that will soon be resting in the palms of your hands.”

Wild Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild

I have two of Alana Fairchild’s oracle decks.

I use one in my daily live FB tarot readings and the Wild Kuan Yin deck is for deep contemplation about a question or situation going on in my life or a client’s life.

I had a conversation yesterday with someone who is very dear to my heart. She felt lost and lonely. Frustration was becoming a daily reality for her. She was so unhappy with her life and yet she knew that if she ran away and tried to start new somewhere else, she would still be unhappy.

In her heart, she knew that her unhappiness and frustration would just follow her. I listened, I felt her pain and sadness. I wished that I could be in her presence instead of on the other end of the phone. To be in so much pain and not being able to see a way out is heartbreaking.

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I had last year in fact given her the tools to help her break free of her patterns and negative self-talk. I had gifted her with an Akashic Soul reading as that was part of my course requirements. To be certified I needed to perform 5 free readings and have the feedback sent to the instructor. She had been delighted by the information and could not believe how accurate it was. But here is the thing about receiving something for free. One does not truly appreciate something if they have not worked for it, earned it, or purchased it.

I once again explained to her how important it was to follow through on the information she was given: to watch the video of sacred geometry for 7 days in a row, and to repeat the clearing statements for 21 days in a row.

To start recognizing her patterns and change them up with little things. Taking a different road to work, purchasing her coffee at a different vendor, stopping her negative self-talk by telling herself about her skills and talents. Reminding herself that she was valued at her job and her co-workers loved her.

When we change small patterns, we start to notice our negative self-defeating patterns. We start to realize that we truly are in control of our choices. I choose to be happy; I choose to be frustrated, I choose to find joy, I choose to be sad.

If we tell ourselves the same story, if we write the same story, if we share the same story day in and day out, our life will never change. If we reach for our quick fix each day, then nothing gets fixed in a manner that will bring us happiness and prosperity, joy and love, excitement, and laughter.

Stop saying I have no relationship with my children, family, husband, friend, instead say: “I have a loving relationship with my husband, my children love me and think about me often, my friend misses our long conversations over the phone. I am smart, intelligent, beautiful, sexy, and respected by my co-workers, my children, my husband, etc. etc. etc.

When we have patterns of self-sabotage, talking about them just makes them worse. Making positive changes in small ways each day makes it doable. Baby steps are all you need to do to begin transforming your limiting self-talk into positive self-talk.

I did all of this over the past 11 years. I was able to heal many things about myself by following a positive self-talk process. The thing is that I could not get past the past life and childhood programming and negative karmic patterns on my own.

Taking the Akashic Records course allowed me to identify the programs I was bringing with me every-time I chose to reincarnate. It also allowed me to comprehend that I needed to take a Feng Shui Mastery course and change my home from bad for money to good for the money.

It helped me find a way to remortgage my house to get my debt under control. It helped me comprehend that I could retire and become an entrepreneur.

When we take the blinders off our eyes by choosing to take that deep dive into the unknown, Spirit rewards us by putting the right course, teacher, individual, healer in our path so that we can clear up our Karma, childhood traumas and limiting beliefs and start creating our Soul Path here on Earth.

Now for those of you who have made a career out of your negative belief system then hear this: Wouldn’t it be more sensible to help your clients clean up their Karma, patterns, and limiting beliefs issues, by recommending an Akashic Soul reading, while you continuing to give them the business skills to create the life they truly want?

Believe that if you clean up your patterns and karma by getting an Akashic Soul reading, your success will be noticed by your clients and they are going to flock to you for advice and help to do the same thing.

The Akashic Soul reading gets everyone started on a healthy path, and then the skills and talents you are offering help them to create that dream life. Will you lose a client by sending them to someone else for a specific healing format? No, because that person does not offer what your client came to you for in the first place.

I am a Spirit Whisperer, Reiki Master, a Holistic Healer that works with people in their physical and spiritual body. I am not a web designer, I am not a media guru, I am not a business expert, etc. etc. etc. I help people clear up their spiritual and physical bodies so that they can find “you” the right mentor to help them create the business, marriage, etc. of their dreams. I help them speak to their spirit guides through meditation, and tarot/oracle readings.

I help people connect to their heart, mind, body & Soul, remind them or help them find what they are passionate about and once they have that information, they come seeking “you”.

When we have a clear vision of what our Soul Path is and our skills and talents and how to take that out into the world to create our personal abundance, we attract to us mentors, teachers, courses, or individuals that want to learn the skills we have to offer.

Sending you Light & Love, Robynn – Spirit Whisperer –

helping people connect to their heart, mind, body & Soul.

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