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Do you need a Brand?

I was so exhausted, I had fibromyalgia, I no longer wanted to go to work. I was afraid to take the leap into entrepreneurship. I had so many reasons in my head on why I could not do it. However, my body made the decision for me.

I had to get four to six nerve blocking shots twice a year just to get out of bed in the morning. My pain was so distracting that trying to drive was no longer safe for me. I prayed about it, I pulled dozens of oracle cards, I talked to my spirit guides, my soul, the Angels.

Outline of a group of people in the sunset
Cheering you up!

They all said the same thing: "You can do this." When I finally listened and put in my retirement paperwork everything fell into place.

I got a new mortgage and was able to roll all my debt into that. I was able to take a bigger monthly pension check, but only for four years.

My nephew, an amazing handy-man, helped me fix up my home and put in a new bathroom.

My last day of work was January 17, 2020, I was home for 3 weeks when my neighbor asked me to put in my name as a spare school bus driver in our town. I got a job and was working two weeks later. I had just been given a full bus run when COVID hit.

What the "F***k".

Now what? Well, guess what! I needed these past few months to find my rhythm, heal myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I still had a lot of emotional blocks around my heart chakra, finances, and worthiness. Not to mention when it comes to technology I feel like a cave-woman.

I jumped into a few things that cost me money and got me nowhere. However, I did meet some amazingly talented individuals that taught me new skills with their free webinars. I was able to do some work around my relationship issues.

Woman pointing at a computer screen
Learning new skills

She was instrumental in my ability to offer my Facebook subscription group. She is my biggest cheerleader and sends people my way. Encouraging them to avail themself of my services, by booking Akashic Soul readings, oracle readings, spiritual mentoring session or even a Reiki healing sessions.

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We all need those kinds of friends in our life.

So why have I come to realize that I need to create a brand for myself? It is about name recognition? When someone hears my name they will go "Oh I know who she is, "she does this and this and that?"

It is about consistency with colors, format, posts, and so much more? It is about owning my identity and stepping into my personal power? I think it is about knowing what my skills, gifts, and talents are and knowing how to promote that in a way that people will get right away.

I struggle with how to explain what I do, how I do it, and why a person should avail themselves of my programs, and healing processes. This is the gypsy in me.

Coming to the realization that I needed to do this! Spend money on me, was hard. I now get how important this next step is for me and my business.

This is the funny part. Once I made that first step it was easier to take the next one. On the weekend I also signed up for a "Personal Development" course. This one is double what I am paying for my Personal Branding mentor and coach. I will need to make monthly payments and trust the universe to supply a steady income stream.

I realized that I spent money on the house, on the Feng shui Mastery course to change my home from bad for money to good for the money. I pay my nephew money to keep my house and yard maintained. So why not money on me?

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Friends cheering over drinks

I know who I am but, I do not always know how to express that. I know what I want in relationships and friendships. But past experiences can keep me from reaching out. I am getting better. I am creating an amazing tribe of people around me. I am stepping into the woman I want to become. I just realized I need a support group as I move into unchartered waters.

I need friendship and emotional support from other people who are going through something similar. I need the teachers and mentors to keep me on track and accountable for growing my business while creating the personal life I have always envisioned for myself.

Spirit said, Jump and I Jumped!

I am so excited to take all of you on this journey with me.

Robynn - Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul one baby step at a time.

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