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EGO Jealousy and Spirituality

They are supposed to be your support group. The women and men who are also walking their spiritual path. They take courses with you. They share podcasts with you. They engage in the same social media rooms with you and yet their ego jealousy monster can pop up in seconds and blow up your carefully crafted collaboration.

I have tended to shy away from group events or becoming a guest speaker during some of these event because I have witnessed and/or been a victim to ego jealousy.

The first time I experienced it was when I was taking an essential oil group training. The Instructor asked me to come up and work with her by picking out the oils intuitively for the woman who had volunteered to be worked on.

I was hesitant at first but I eventually tuned into the vibrational link of the two women and proceeded to intuitively pick the oils out of the container they were in. I discovered I was also connecting to the essential oils healing vibrations. It was a moment in which I learned I could be confident in my intuitive feelings.

I was in a bathroom stall during our lunch break when two women came into the bathroom and started talking trash about me. I did not know these two women other than participating in this all day essential oil training session with them, and a hundred other women. I was shocked by what they were saying about me.

I came out of that bathroom stall and stood up for myself and made it very clear that I would never talk about them in the manner they were trash talking me. I also reminded them that the energy they were sending to me with their gossip would be the same energy that they would be putting into the women they would be working on energetically, after lunch.

Our energetic vibration matches our emotions. You can not work on other people if you are holding anger, jealousy, insecurity, frustration, hate, etc., in your own heart or energy field. I know that there are teachers out there that teach you that when you work on others, you are tapping into universal energy which then protects you and your client during that session. That belief in its simplicity is incorrect.

To make sure you are in a positive state of mind and have a vibration of compassion and love you need to take the time to clear out your own stuff. You do not have to be perfect 24/7. You just need to meditate, sage yourself and your work environment. Call in the Angels, and Universal unconditional love into you, and your work space, before your client shows up. I also ask for all disruptive and negative energies to be removed and replaced with love. If you can not get into a heartfelt space then you should cancel your appointment with your client. Plain and Simple.

When I am concerned about the energy level I have on the day I am seeing a client, I do the work I need to do to raise my vibration. I also ask my guides to do what is best for the client. If the client cancels and rebook's their appointment then I know that there was no way that I could have held the "Sacred Space" required for the healing to take place that day.

Do I feel embarrassed or ashamed. NO! I am a human being with human emotions, with daily interactions that can either been beneficial to me or can create emotions that I need to look at so that I can clear programs and belief systems that may have been triggered.

We all have different levels of knowledge, wisdom, certifications, work experience, and life experience that comes into play as a healer, friend, co-host, teacher, etc. When another healer is expressing themselves, their knowledge, what has worked for them, and is asked for advice and is giving an answer based on their interpretation of the question - it is important to respect that. When another healer immediately disagrees and goes on a five minute tirade of why they do not agree and how they think the question should have been answered differently I recognize that as EGO.

If you spend your time thinking about your response instead of listening to the speaker with complete attention then you are doing everyone a disservice. Being rude, telling someone that their answer is incorrect shows a lack of maturity that lowers the vibrational value of who you are, and what you offer as a healer/teacher.

I will give you an example here. I was asked about how one stops feeling like they are being judged in every situation. I asked if this had been a pattern for them and they said: yes for a very long time. I responded with: this emotion of feeling judged has become a subconscious programmed response and one way you can change this programed response is to change the emotion immediately from 'everyone judges me to everyone loves me.' Say it to yourself as soon as the emotion of judgement comes up. ***I feel that this is an easy affirmation to start changing the feeling of being judged into feeling loved.

One of the co-hosts in the room stated quite emphatically - that I was wrong. That if we did not dive into the emotions around why we were feeling judged then we would never learn the value of being judged etc. etc. etc.

What was equally upsetting to me is that the Host allowed this to happen and then to top it off, I was not given an opportunity to respond.

The Host, chose to not including me in the conversation for the rest of the room until the very end when she asked if I wanted to say something. I stated simply, that we all have a different approach to how we receive what we need but we always get there in the end and that we need to respect ourselves and other peoples processes.

Here is what I felt happened. Instead of the co-host listening to the person who asked the question, and the follow up questions I asked that person, the co-host was instead thinking about how they would respond to the initial question. Was my advice incorrect based on the questions asked? Nope. In the setting we were in I felt it was helpful advice that the person could do without a therapy session.

The next day this co-host/healer (her words) told her audience that she does not like to talk during her healing sessions with clients. Her modality allows her to work on the person's immediate problems without having to go into great detail. So now I understand that this co-host might not been taught how to listen or talk through the emotions. Her modality does not require her to do those things. Nor has she as yet understood the importance of showing respect to others whose opinions may differ. Ethics around what I do and how I treat others has always been a part of every course I have taken.

So here is what the problem is when it comes to having a room full of specialists/healer/teachers, or experts in any field: some of them think that what they do, know, have experienced etc. is better, more profound, etc. than others.

If they do not come into a group setting to participate, listen, learn, share, and honor the gifts and skills of others with an open mind and heart, then they can get caught up in the EGO aspect of their personality. They can feel like they have to justify what they do, how they do it, and why they are better than another person.

We all have an ego personality, we just need to learn how to make our EGO work for our highest and greatest good.

Those of us who love what we do eventually come to understand that our clients choose us because of who we are energetically.

Our clients soul vibration resonate with our soul vibration and our form of healing services. People who like to talk will be drawn to healers who talk. People who do not want to talk will be drawn to healers who do not need them to talk during a session.

It is straightforward and quite simple when you think about it. Those who like Starbucks coffee go to Starbucks. Those who like Tim Hortons coffee go to Tim Hortons. We all have different preferences and that is what makes the world such a wonderful fun place to live in.

However, if you do not learn how to listen with a silent mind you will miss so much. What I mean by a silent mind, is that you hear what the person is saying, you see and feel how it affects them, you do not judge, you do not think about how you are going to respond. YOU JUST LISTEN. You then take what has been said, you analyze it based on your level of skills, knowledge, wisdom, and life experience, and then give them the best advice you have right there in that moment.

Sometimes a simple affirmation is all a person needs to start changing how they feel about themselves. Other times it takes a full on healing session to release their blocks, and patterns which then allows them to start changing how they perceive themselves.

There are no absolute answers, there is just the ability to hear, feel, understand, and comprehend what is being said to you, and trusting that the intuitive response you feel and verbal response you give is the right one, right now, in this moment.

Getting on your high horse when you disagree with someone else's response only makes you look immature to those who are present. Life is too short to think that you are always 100% in the right. We learn and grow through making mistakes and missteps as I like to call them. If you can not respect those around you then you will not receive respect in return. You get back what you give out 100% of the time -eventually.

Be open to change, be open to new experiences, be open to another person's wisdom and knowledge. You may surprise yourself by what you learn.

Sending you all a three minute hug.

Sincerely, Robynn Sheridan - Personal Spiritual Awakening Facilitator and so much more...


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