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End of the World?

Do you all just not feel like you are in a movie theater in the fifties sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next?

Alfred Hitchcock was a master of suspense and horror. He was able to keep people glued to the screen and coming back for more. It was because he knew how to bring to life the truths of human nature that we did not want to look at in ourselves, and in the world around us.

I have grown up listening to the end of the world scenarios, from religious predictions, to science predictions, as well as from movies and reading the books as most of you have.

The spiritual world prophets had originally thought that when the world ended as we knew it, that we would all be taken up in space ships as refuges going to new worlds because mankind had completely destroyed this one.

The earth and humankind was given another option and that included Souls volunteering to come down to earth and try to change the direction our planet was heading.

We have all seen this come about with amazing people in our communities who bring awareness to the corruption and greed of big pharm, corporation owned by generations of the same family, deforestation hidden from the public view, burning the Amazon, slavery, child sex rings, government corruption so deep that those naive individuals we vote into office are given a choice, fall in line or quit. How many of those were blackmailed into silence? We have lost an amazing amount of people due to murder labeled as suicide or accidental death.

Some of our politicians stay because they believe they can better serve by trying to fix the broken system from the inside.

Some eventually leave or are simply pushed out of office, while others simply fall in line because they realize they can line their own pockets or push through agenda's with 'you scratch my back, I will scratch your back'.

When the lock down started my first reaction was 'this is such a joke'. No one is going to be stupid enough to buy into this make believe world crisis. Boy was I wrong, the world went crazy just like in all the end of the world movies I have seen.

Humanity at its worst, dialed down a bit, but not by much. How in the world did a simple rumour about toilet paper lead to empty shelves for months and then when a few rolls did show up the price for 8 rolls was $15?

I watched as products I usually bought tripled in price. And this was stock that was already in the store. It reminded me of the stories I had heard and read about and the black and white photographs I had seen about the first and second world war. How you had to take a wheel barrow full of money just to buy one loaf of bread.

The world has truly gone mad. We have warehouses full of food, produce, toilet paper. We have no shortage of what the world needs it is just horded by those in power to keep the people on their knees and dependent upon them.

Now to see how long they have kept us in fear without an actual third world war boggles my mine. This so called crisis was created by science. Some one some where came up with the idea: "Lets create a virus that instills such fear that we can convince people that if they do not stay home, wear masks, and let the new world government dictate every aspect of their life, they will die and die horrible painful deaths".

We can go back a hundred years and see that those in government, the honest men and women have been telling us that this is exactly what was going to happen to us. This plan has been in the works for so long that there is a documented history of which every country and their government has been aware of.

Why? Because it is the mastermind of the Elite of this world.

The families that created the pharmaceuticals, the modes of transportation that would bring them the most money by buying up the patents of all other designs that did not deplete the world of resources, dictated how infrastructure should work in governments, corporations, the person at the top had the power, the money, and the connections with other people at the top of their industry.

We have all seen the movies, read the books, heard the words of prophets warning us that if we choose to blindly trust in the government we vote into power that we would no longer have our right of freedom and choice.

These governments and corporations have changed the laws to protect themselves. We can not sue them, charge them with crimes, they have created policy and laws without our input. In their eyes we are commodities to be used and discarded when we are no longer of any use to them.

How did Prime Minister Trudeau get voted in? He did it by saying he would legalize marijuana. Which he did. Now he is breaking faith with Canadians and trying to turn Canada into a Communist state. He is a traitor to all that our ancestors fought to create.

We lost the hemp plant at at a time when it was a main ingredient in food many medications. Grass feed animals ate hemp due too its nutritional properties. It was the main crop of most farmers in the United States and Canada. When it was forced out of our food chain it created undue hardship to the farmers who had grown this crop for generations. Its nutritious properties is what kept our animals healthy, and us healthy. When it left our food chain illness and disease started showing up. Heart diseases, Diabetes, Cancer, MS, Fibromyalgia and so many more. All because one plant HEMP was taken out of our food chain.

All of this began in 1906 with the labeling of hemp as loco weed because the politicians were racist and angry that black people and minorities where being given the same rights as whites. The FDA vilified the hemp plant and its marijuana medicinal properties, using it in their platforms to get elected exasperating the deep racism the united states still suffers from today.

Canada and the rest of the world got on board and followed what the American FDA and the American Racist Government had deemed poisonous. Hemp left our food chain and that is when our health started to decline and the illnesses that are so prevalent today became main stream. The pharmaceutical companies created medication not to make us better but to become their consumer.

Big Pharma's power and money control our governments today and they also created this virus. And of course the vaccine with Bill Gates - which is nothing more than a population control device that will kill more people than the virus ever will. All of this sanctioned by the Elite who control the American Government, the FDA and Big Pharma. Who have crept into every government around the world like and insidious disease.

The world governments are all falling in line once again with the Elite. We see this over and over again as we are fed lies and misinformation, witnessing corruption, and censorship in all media platforms, creating fear in our hearts and confusion in our minds.

We have become sheep and the governments of the world are the dogs that keep the sheep in line and the Elite are the Shepherds that control and own the dogs and the sheep. They control our food distribution, our medical system, our government, our education, our media.

It is time to get off that seat in the theater of life open your eyes, awaken you mind, and truly look at what you are allowing to happen to yourself and your families. The government does not own your mind, it does not own your body, it does not dictate to you how you will live, what you will wear, what you will eat, how you will think, and most importantly what poisonous vaccine you will inject into your body.

Wake up, Wake up, Wake up. This is not a movie, it is not a dream, it is your reality and the sooner you take control of your freedoms just like your ancestors did, the sooner you can begin to live the life of freedom that your ancestor fought for.

The matrix you create or the matrix someone else creates for you. Choose!

I am awake are you?

Robynn Sheridan, Spirit Whisperer, Akashic Realignment Practitioner, Theta Heling Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Reader


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