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My daily oracle cards have been repeating the message about forgiveness! Forgiveness for myself and others. It is important for us to look at forgiveness as a way to release ourselves of guilt for the times we have been triggered and reacted badly to situations.

We need to allow forgiveness for cruelty, selfishness, unreasonable expectations, towards ourselves and others.

Being judgmental of ourselves and others is also something we need to think about as being something that needs to be forgiven.

The last three months have been one where the planetary alignments have been about seeing ourselves for who we are, forgiving ourselves, being reminded of the things we have buried deep, and now need to look at and release from our emotional body. The beginning of 2021 is all about "Shadow Work', on ourselves.

I know that most of us have not gone out much due to respecting the self isolating requests of our governments. Many of us are being triggered by what is on our social media, the news, and other media outlets. These triggers are brought on by strong emotional reactions that question our knowledge, wisdom, common sense and our sense of self preservation.

I have shared my personal views on social media and asked people to take the time to research and come to their own conclusions. I am okay with people not agreeing with my thoughts and belief system - just like I am okay with allowing others their right to choose what they want to believe.

"I have had my feeling hurt, been triggered by others who choose to attack, gossip, or misrepresent conversations, and then I beat myself up for even letting myself go there. But I have come to realize that we need to honor all of our feelings".

We need to acknowledge how we feel every moment of everyday. We need to honor who we are and we need to look at why our emotions were triggered in the first place because this how we start to heal the deeply hidden emotions that were too traumatic for us to deal with when they first occurred.

"There are many ways in which we can choose to forgive without having to actually seek acknowledgement of that forgiveness. We may never have the opportunity to apologize to those whom we have hurt or been hurt by".

"Prayer, Ho'oponoono script, Theta Healing technique, Akashic Soul Reading, Reiki Healing, Touch for Health and so many more formats are available to us. When we call upon the Universe, Angels, Healers, and Mentors and others to bare witness to our process of forgiveness and healing - it creates a powerful process of release in our physical and spiritual bodies".

"I was triggered twice in one week in which my emotional reaction completely overtook my logic. I was not able to easily get back to that place of acceptance and grounded-ness that is usually my state of grace".

I totally overreacted not because I was in a negative state to mind but because I needed to release buried emotions that were triggered by the comments and the situation I found myself in.

Did the other person receive the brunt of my emotional reaction? NOPE!

Thankfully they were mostly played out in my mind. I stopped myself from venting at the other person however I allowed my monkey mind to overreact.

Both times it took me about an hour to get my reaction under control and look at the energy behind the reason for the explosion of emotion. I was able to talk through the whole situation with my Higher Self and then I also talked to "I AM" (GOD) about what it was all about.

"It is important for me as I move into the next phase of my life as a Holistic Healer building my Spiritual Mentoring and Healing business while cleaning out all of the dust bunnies that are hiding in my emotional body of denial".

My strong reaction was because I had 'fifty' dust bunnies that were all triggered by a specific event. This is how our Soul steps in and says: "Okay Robynn, it is time to clean up all of these neglected emotional memories once and for all - so I am going to create a situation where you have to deal with them once and for all!"

Was I happy in the moment when this was revealed to me? Not really, but it did help me feel better about the whole situation and why I needed to work through the emotional responses.

I recently read a post the other day about a healer needing to be healed before they can create abundance in their life.

My first reaction was "What the Fuck!" and then I thought about it. 2020 for me was about pulling out all of the buried traumas out of the deep hole they were hidden in and dealing with them.

It was also about learning discernment about who I invited into my life, who I listened too, who to include in my select circle of friends and mentors.

How to discern who my avatar is and who I want to show up in my life each and every day. It was also about honoring: Robynn, my skills, talents, creating the balance of give and take through understanding the concept of compassionate prosperity.

We need to create compassionate prosperity towards ourselves first by allowing ourselves to forgive our indiscretions, sticking our foot in our mouths, judging ourselves and comparing ourselves to others.

How do you do that? Simple - you ask for guidance and then you listen to the spirit whisperings in your head. In 2020, I was lead to some amazing courses, mentors, and business professionals who created the environment that allowed me to see what my strengths and weaknesses were because: I finally remembered to asked for guidance!

The first six months of 2020 were making mistakes, not trusting my instincts while forgetting to ask for guidance - jumping in feet first because I allowed fear of failure to push me in the wrong direction.

I allowed myself to feel less than, making me easy prey to the less honorable among us. My EGO was having the time of its life until I realized I was telling myself: "I was not smart enough, my brain could not comprehend technology, I made excuses - allowing the universe to bring me more of what I did not want because of what I believed about myself".

I was in a money lack mindset so I spent money and received little or nothing in return. We attract exactly what we think! Let me say that again: "We attract exactly what we think".

I had forgiven myself and others for the fuck ups in 2020 for the most part. However my Oracle cards were telling me I still had dust bunnies under my bed that I need to pull out and forgive. So how to I identify them? Do I need to identify them all individually?

I believe that my Soul knows what they are so I am going to trust my Soul to energetically release the specific buried memories. So here I go!

"Visualize gathering up all of the emotional dust bunnies from under your bed. Put them on a white cloth and gather up the four corners and tie them together with a white string. Now say the statement using your own name. If you have specific people you need to include then use their name".

"I love you Robynn - I AM sorry Robynn - Please forgive me Robynn - Thank you Robynn."

Say this as many times as you need too and then attach a helium balloon to your white cloth and allow it rise up into the sky and release it into the care of your Guardian Angels.

When you forgive yourself then the Universe can bring positive things into your life once again.

"Forgiveness is the most powerful tool next to 'Love' you have access to in your Human Tool Box of Emotions".

Thank you for reading my blog. Have a wonderful day. Sending all of you love and a three minute hug.

Sincerely, Robynn - Spirit Whisperer - Spiritual Mentor, Theta & Akashic Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Oracle Reader, Medium.


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