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Full Moon Vibrational Energy

Does the moon energy effect you? Have you wondered why and how it relates to you on a physical and emotional level?

I was thinking about this as I lay in bed this morning trying to talk myself into getting up, after all it is Sunday. I am so use to getting up at four am weekdays so that I can get my meditation into my day that I take advantage of my Saturday's and Sunday's to allow my body to sleep as long as it needs too.

So how would I explain the power of the full moon to someone? My brain activated and started with this explanation: Think of what the word 'full' represents. I ate so much that my belly feels full. I am so full of joy today. I am full of inspiration.

As the moon comes into full activation, on November 30th at 4:32 AM Eastern time, Acknowledge all of the things you have created in your life. Look at the abundance you have achieved. I have an amazing home and property, I have wonderful daughters, son-in-laws, and grandchildren. My home is filled with the things that represent my personal growth, and my career as a Healer. Everything around me reflects where I started, and what I have become. Today I celebrate my wholeness!

I have a number of guided meditations on my You Tube channel if you want to try something new.

The Full Moon represents what I have created in my life and how I want to celebrate who I am. So this morning I decided to listen to some amazing healing music for twenty minutes and then I listened to a guided mediation about finding my voice - the note of my voice to be exact by Mei-lan Maurits.

Lets go off topic for a moment: I had never really thought about my voice as having a specific note attached to it. A note that resonates at a frequency that lets the universe know that it is me, a note as individual as my fingerprint.

When we speak our truth this note vibrates at a level that the person we are communicating with can hear or feel the vibration of our truth. When we choose to lie or tell a person what we think they want to hear and not what we truly want to say then that person can also hear or feel that vibration as being off like when a piano player hits the wrong key in a melody. Now, not everyone is deeply tuned into the vibrations around them, so they may not pick up on why they feel uncomfortable during a specific conversation, but they just know something is off.

Everything around us has a distinct vibration so that we and everything is recognized in the universe, then the moon would have a distinct vibration as well. As the moon moves around in its phases, as the planets, the sun and so much more, move around in their phases then their vibrations would resonate off each other, just like our vibration resonates off of everything around us. So I feel the vibration of the moon in the phase it is in tonight.

"I have a physical vibration, an emotional vibration, and a voice vibration that creates my presence, not only here on earth but also out into the universe. Everything is energy according to science, everything is spirit according to religion, so I am thinking about how I want to resonate throughout universal energy today?"

Lets get back to the Full Moon conversation in this blog.

We also have a Lunar Eclipse during this Gemini Full moon. Here is Michael Lennox's definition of the moon phases with the eclipse:

"If you could witness the Sun, Earth and the Moon from enough of a vantage point to see how they are constantly interacting with one another, you would see that the light of the Sun shining on the Earth is always casting a shadow that spreads out into the darkness of space beyond the earth.

Every six months, the alignment of the earth and the sun are such that we pass through this shadow. During the full moon of that moment, the shadow of the earth blocks out the light of the moon. The new moon of this same time period puts the moon between us and the sun, temporarily blocking it from our view.

This happens like clockwork, every six months. There are always two eclipses every six months, but sometime, depending on the angular relationship between the various orbits that are in play, there are three, and rarely, there can even be four in a row.

A solar eclipse is always a New Moon and Lunar Eclipse is always a full moon.

In the New Moons, we set powerful intentions that align us with our hearts desires. In Full Moons, we celebrate what we have already created, and recognise what needs to be left behind in order to grown. Eclipses create more energy, and so the time between the eclipses can feature lots of bumps in the road, as consciousness is expanding particularly fast during eclipse season."

Everything in our universe has a vibrational energy - how we allow it to affect us and how we choose to send out our vibrational energy is up to us.

So for today why not think about the unique vibrational frequencies that you resonate physically, emotionally and verbally.

"I choose to send love, so from my heart to yours know that you are deeply loved for who you are!"

"I have a wonderful life, I will speak in a positive loving manner to all those around me. I will feel joy in my heart for all that I have accomplished in my life at this time while looking forward to creating more each and every day."

I hope you enjoyed this topic today. Wishing the best during this full moon phase!


Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer - Theta Healing Practitioner - Akashic Realignment Practitioner, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer & Reader.


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