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How can I help?

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During COVID self-distancing and now the protesting and marches all over the world, over racism and other discriminatory practices by our legal systems, we are all asking ourselves. How can I help? Do I even understand this crisis on an emotional level? Do I understand from an ethical level? Why after all of the changes to laws and government changes do we still have these same issues following us from generation to generation to generation?

It is ingrained in our DNA, it is part of our Soul patterns, our family histories, when we do not dig deep into the core of our own DNA infused being how can we purge what no longer serves us.

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If the world continues to tell itself the same stories then we continue to repeat the negative patterns of self-destruction. If you say I hate cancer then that cancer cell is created from hatred, if you say no one can love me, then you continue to attract individuals into your life who are incapable of love. If you look in the mirror and say I am fat and ugly, then people are going to tell you, you are fat and ugly.

What story do you want to tell about your self, your life, your career, your relationships?

Our very existence in life will always be exactly what we tell ourselves it is.

I am not talking about the innocent children in our world, those who are incapable of speaking up for themselves due to mental and physical disabilities.

I am talking about each one of us who turns 18 years old and is given the opportunity to choose: Who do I want to become? What kind of life do I want to create for myself? What kind of energy do I want to create around me? What kind of energy do I want to attract into my life?

Black woman with a head scarf looking up
Beautiful black woman

Think about it? Did you wake up happy or grouchy? How did that affect the rest of your day? Did you choose to stay happy or grouchy? Did you allow others to determine your mood that day?

I sit here today at my computer after procrastinating for most of the day. I chose to do that. No one interrupted my day or told me I could not work at my computer, or add content to my on-line media.

I decided to play hooky today. I decided I was too tired to make the effort to change how I felt physically today. Fresh air would have perked me up. A walk would have been really good for me as I am overweight.

It is windy and cool outside, it was overcast and I was up at 3 am to catch a webinar I paid to attend. When my brain became foggy I took a nap, and then decided to play hooky until 3:30 p.m.

My lawn needs to be mowed, I am tempted to call my nephew and ask him to do it for me even though I know that I need to do it. I need exercise and fresh air. The longer I allow myself to procrastinate the easier it becomes for me to stop being productive.

Fountain pen and paper
Re-writing the story

This is my story, this is the story I wrote for myself today. I could have had the nap felt refreshed got up went outside, mowed my lawn, got that much needed fresh air. Then I could have had some really inspiring ideas flow into my brain which I then used to create new content for my online presence.

The only person holding me back from creating an amazing life, career, relationship, is me. It is the story I tell myself every time I get out of bed in the morning. Because I create what I think, my mind believes what I tell it. It is just a computer after all, incapable of thinking for itself.

Your brain keeps your body alive, it is you Soul and your ego that work towards creating the life you want. Your ego likes to be in control, it likes to keep you in a state of what is comfortable, what you have been taught, what you have been programmed into believing about yourself and the world around you. It reminds you of all the times you tried and failed so why not just give up and now, and stay mediocre.

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Who needs to be a millionaire, or famous, or loved, or creative, just think about all the headaches you will avoid by staying small and in your comfort zone.

No one can hurt you if you do not reach out, however, the ego forgets to tell you that by choosing to stay in procrastination mode, in self-sabotage mode, you can never move out of where you are right now in this moment. You will continue to repeat this pattern day in and day out with no hope in sight.

Crowd protesting blaxk and white photo
People marching

The same story is what the world is telling itself, nothing will change, it is what it is, why continue to protest, and march, or try to change unjust laws? Cancer kills, our world is polluted, racism exists, governments are corrupt, and there is no hope. If I stand on this spot and hold up my sign, the world will not change but at least I feel like I have done something.

Today start changing the world by changing your story. By taking ownership of who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to create a life of amazing wins. You begin by shifting the energy of thought. You speak a new truth. You write a new story.

Man looking at the sunrise
Brand new day

I am smart, talented, great at my job and I love being a part of the world. I love who I am, I love my job, career, retirement, volunteering. I love that I get up every morning and it is a brand new opportunity to create my amazing life story.

You are the author of your life. You choose: are you the hero of your own story, or the protagonist?

Since the beginning of time, we have been told in every story, every book ever written that the only person who can make you happy is yourself.

The only person who can love you is you. The only person who can tell you that you are a success or a failure is you.

I chose to create my day based on my mood. I also chose to recognize that I could change that mood and get off my lazy ass, write my blog, go outside and mow my lawn, and then create some kick-ass content for my on-line media and podcast series.

It is never too late to change your state of mind or rewrite your own story. Enough said, time to mow my lawn.

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Love you guys, thank you for reading my blogs and listening to my podcasts. See you tomorrow. Robynn-Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness helping people (and myself) connect to their heart, mind, body, and soul.


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