How to Create Protective Energy

Is it necessary? What are the benefits? Why would I want to do this?

These are questions that get asked quite frequently on social media sites. For me it came down to getting tired of the stupid little accidents that happen to me. Slipping in the bathroom and cracking ribs. Falling down the stairs, falling up the stairs my specialty. I bought a house with no stairs LOL!

However two summers ago I fell stepping onto the step that lead up to my back door. It has exactly two steps and I slipped off the first one and fell. Lucky my door was open or I could have hurt my head or even broken my neck with the way I landed on the two steps and slightly inside the house.

These little accidents seem like nothing but when you start adding them all up they can become significant. How about what goes on when you are in your car, in a parking lot, on a cross walk, or even stepping off a curb.

I use to think that my daily prayer or mediation was enough to get me centered and grounded however I forgot about the part where we need to "ASK TO RECEIVE." this is the law of the universe. If we are not asking for what we want we can not receive it.

It sounds simple but so many of us do not know how to word the question/request in a manner that is an 'ask' and not an expectation, a demand, or worse yet we just assume that if we love God and do our best to be the best person we can be we are covered.

I also love the quotes that tell us our Angels are always with us and looking out for us. Yes, there is some truth to this but they can not intervene on our behalf without us requesting it. Yes, we get the intuitive hits to go right instead of left. Sometimes we are held up at home and leave late preventing us from being involved in an accident not far from home.

This is your Soul helping you to stay safe, wanting you to be able to accomplish what you want day in and day out. Call it your Higher Self if that resonates better with you.

Here is the kicker: You need to ask to receive. Dreaming without asking, writing without asking, praying without asking, meditation without asking is just a waste of energy.

Here is what I do: I open my meditation with calling upon AA Michael, I ask him to remove all energies that are not serving myself, home, vehicle etc. to my highest and greatest good and I ask him to replace that energy with LOVE. I then ask him to surround myself, home, car etc. in strong gold protective energies. I ask him to make that protective energy reflective and replace the energies with unconditional love.

Love is the highest vibration you could work with and receive. It is the number one thing I ask for each and everyday from I AM, my Spirit Guides, my Angels, and the world around me. I also send love out into the world each and every day.

We have freewill here on Earth as human beings and that means that no one can step in and help us unless we ask. We have all experienced stepping in without being asked and having it back fire on us. We choose to come to earth to learn how to ask for help, to learn to behave in relationships, with other humans and our spiritual teams. We are learning to love our selves unconditionally and this allow us to love others unconditionally.

Love is the one gift we can give to others without being asked and receive from others. When we allow our self to just enjoy the energy of love it raises our vibration and the vibration of those around us.

Sending all of you love and a 3 minute hug.

Robynn Sheridan - Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Energy Healer.