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Akashic records How your future unfolds

We are taught that God has a plan and that we just need to have faith in his plan.

My parents use to tell me that I could not question the bible and what it said: I just had to have faith.

Well, mankind is flawed so the bible is flawed as it was transcribed by men. With every translation of the words through every culture, scripture was changed, and entire chapters from the bible were removed, just so the church could have control over the masses using this holy book, claiming only they could speak and understand the words of God.

God would never say that men were superior to women, he would never condone slavery, he would never suffer his children to the evils of mankind.

However, he gave us free will. We choose how we want to participate on this planet. We choose our life path; we choose to be kind or hateful the choice has always and will always be ours.

He also gives us spiritual leaders, writers, artists, healers, psychics, and shamans who are given amazing information to share with all of us, which can bring us back onto our original Soul path.

We need to decide what type of life we want to create for ourselves. I realize that we have family, spouses, children that also need to be taken into consideration but if you are not happy neither are, they.

If you are not living your dream what are you telling others by your actions? Our emotional response to the world around us is what determines how we live our life. The words: I can’t, I failed, they won’t let me, I need the money, I need the security, and the list goes on and on and on, create a lack in all aspects of our life.

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I have been there and so has’ everyone else. One day I just got tired of looking in the mirror at the loser I saw staring back at me and decided I was so much better than this. I was not this tired overweight aging woman. I was really the beautiful intelligent sexy twenty seven year old who lives inside my body.

It seems like we all need to hit that brick wall where we realize that there is no way to move forward on the path we are standing on right at this moment in time. We need to turn around and create a new path. One that sees us happy and fulfilled and living a life of joy, happiness, prosperity: mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

I started reading self-help books, books about relationships, spirituality, financial abundance, affirmations. I took every course I resonated with, I changed many aspects of my life and found success in different areas but not in everything.

I was still lacking a fundamental truth about myself. I asked my Spirit Guides for guidance and that is when the Akashic Records course showed up in my mailbox. I knew in that instance that my negative patterns and karma needed to be explored and cleared.

I spent the next few months working through the online course, and then I was required to work with other people and go into their Akashic records to find out what was preventing them from moving forward in all areas of their lives.

I gave each of these individuals their readings and received confirmation that the information I had gathered and was giving to them was correct and rang true with them. I was truly happy and excited that I could help others recognize what they needed to change in their lives and then give them the tools to do just that.

I then did my own reading and began the journey of changing the patterns in my life and clearing the karma. I was awakened on a different level of consciousness than I was familiar with. I now saw things through different eyes and interpreted things in a different comprehensive level.

Where I had seen negativity, I now saw sadness and pain, where I had seen jealousy, I now saw insecurity, where I had seen financial lack, I now saw new creative ways to create abundance.

Where I would have once said: I can’t, I now started saying I can. I am still on this personal journey.

Sixty years of negative patterns and God knows how many past lifetimes of karma do not go away in a blink of an eye.

But what does happen is that you start to recognize the patterns and you change them with the creative ability that is now flowing through your mind and heart. You see possibilities, you feel hope, you understand who you are at a Soul level.

You now understand how your skills and talents can be brought into all aspects of your life and used to create a positive experience for yourself and others. You are led to open doors and you understand which doors need to be closed.

Your priorities change and you see yourself as capable of creating the life you have always wanted.

Where would I be if I had not taken the Akashic Records course? Not here that is for sure. I would still be working the 9-5 job that was destroying me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The investment I made was worth every penny. Are you ready to invest in yourself and book a free 15 min chat with me? Are you ready to change your life and order an Akashic Records Soul reading?

Let's chat!

Sending you Light & Love Robynn-Spirit Whisperer


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