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I AM the Emissary of Self Love

What does that mean, I hear you asking? Human Beings are complex and interesting. We can talk our self into any situation and then try to blame others for the consequences. Self preservation is a natural instinct but common sense is what can keep us from complete self destruction.

We need to give and receive love to truly grow into who we are meant to be. If we had all had that nurturing loving mother that held us to her breast and feed us while pouring unconditional love into us the human race would be filled with peaceful loving individuals. If we all had a father that taught us how to be strong of mind and body we would be content with who we are and be fulfilled and satisfied at the end of every day.

To truly be in a state of self awareness we also need to be in a state of Self Love. This is difficult for the majority of humans because we do not know what it feels like to be loved unconditionally. From the time of our birth we have been programmed that we have to earn love, respect, compassion, empathy, money, compliments, hugs, and the list goes on.

To be successful we have to work hard and give until we drop from exhaustion. We are programmed that we are not a success until we have specific material things in our life. Our life is a cycle of work, consume, sleep.

We are programmed to believe that if we work hard we can then rest and enjoy our life when we retire. We have been taught that to enjoy your life in the moment is lazy or not practical.

Not having enough money is not the real issue in our world today. It is the lack of self love and a sense of being unworthy, or jealousy and needing to keep up with what the advertisers tell us our life needs to look like that keeps us from feeling complete or satisfied with the world around us.

When our life has no boundaries. When we are always making excuses. When we are unable to follow through with our goals, and dreams. When we can not be alone or sit in silence to contemplate what we are FEELING. When we do not know how to ask for what we need. When we can not make a simple decision without asking for advice. When we reach for the anxiety and depression medication just to be able to get out of bed. This is because we do not know how to love our self unconditionally.

The world runs 25/7 and keeps us from feeling our FEELINGS. If we are always working towards that next fix and adrenal rush we exhaust our bodies and conscious mind to the point of shutting down physically, mentally, emotionally, and most importantly spiritually.

Our bodies are exhausted to the point of serious illnesses. We are medicating ourselves with prescriptions, alcohol, marihuana, sex, and we are shutting down our feelings by binge watching TV, YouTube, Netflix etc...

How can you make the time and space in your life for self reflection, self awareness, and self love if all you are doing is running from one fix to the next? My life will get better when I have.... Do you say this to yourself? When I find that life will have meaning and I will be happy.

When you discover how to achieve self love and feel worthy to receive, then you will create clear boundaries with the people in your life. You will be focused on the end goal of what you want to achieve on any particular day. You will know how to give and receive love, respect, empathy, kindness and feel joy in your heart. You will learn how to let go of expectations and just enjoy what comes to you in every given moment. You will learn how to discover what is in your best interest and how you can still be present for those in your life and support them in learning what self love looks like for them.

You will be confident as you walk your soul path and have no problem adjusting in mid stride if you change your mind or feel the need to head in another direction for a while. You will no longer second guess your decisions, your feelings, your intuition. You will be Present in your heart, mind, body, and Soul so much so that you will respond without needing to analyze.

My six month mentoring program will teach you the tools you need to achieve clarity in your life. To trust your intuition. To love who you are. To clear the programs of unworthiness and so much more that has been programmed into your subconsciousness since the day you were born. You will become Self Empowered to begin to create the life you want. You will recognize patterns and know how to change them. You will create healthy habits of self love through meditation, self care, exercise, healthy eating, and choosing healthy partnerships in all areas of your life.

We start with learning how to communicate with your body and higher self/Soul. The choices you make will determine how quickly you see results. Show up for the one on one sessions. Work with the Pathway's to the Soul charts. Have a list of things you want to release and clear. Do the weekly alignment tasks.

Be present in your life and instead of reacting: stop, think, ask and then choose the appropriate response which could simply be not to respond at all. Some times just listening and observing what is going on around us is the simplest solution to a perceived irritation.

Want to learn more about Self Love, Self Awareness, changing your life one day at a time. Book a free coffee chat and lets discover if we are a good fit to work together.

Robynn Sheridan - The Self Love Emissary


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