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I have forgotten how to breathe!

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There is a flood of posts about yoga, and breathing exercises, even my healer Kate, and my FB friend and healer LiShayla are talking about breathing as part of healing.

So I started paying attention to how I breathe. I was doing it backward. I was extending my abdomen when I was breathing out instead of when I breathed in. When did I start doing that?

Our body requires oxygen to be healthy. When I do my body scan in my Limbic Arc Quantum Healing app I see that my oxygen levels are scary. It seems impossible that I could survive with the oxygen deprivation I am going through.

I find I am holding my breathe a lot during the day. I am forgetting to breathe. Why am I forgetting to breathe? What has taken me so out of the natural rhythm that I am interfering with my body's ability to breathe on its own with no conscious awareness from me?

Graffiti of a question mark on a brick wall

Am I running a negative pattern of self-sabotage? Does it have to do with a past life that is creating this inability to breathe properly? What cellular memory has been triggered that is interfering with my ability to take deep strong breaths?

I am working on clearing my heart chakra with LiShayla. I have a wall 17 feet thick surrounding my heart. We have discovered that 95% of this blockage came from my last marriage. The trauma of being married to a covert narcissist is devastating on so many levels.

It was like walking on eggshells and trying not to crush them. The periods of him loving me and treating me like a gift from heaven, then the extremes of not touching me or speaking to me for months on end created a weight gain of eighty pounds, which I still struggle to lose today.

My breath-holding started in that marriage. His silence was deafening on so many levels. I am a person who needs touch, positive feedback, laughter, and joy in my life. I was denied these things for so long that I lost my ability to create them for myself. I lost the ability to trust kind words, a hug, or even someone being interested in me.

I shut myself off behind a bubble of 17 feet of energetic concrete just so I could survive and have the courage to take a breath at the start of each new day. I am working on melting this energetic concrete with self-love.

Group of ffriends

Spirit has gifted me with amazing women and men who are coming into my life. They allow me to share who I am at a Soul level. They allow me to reach out to them through love and compassion and I am no longer afraid of rejection. I am feeling gratitude on so many levels that some days I just cry for no reason.

Spirit has led me to the courses and healing formats that not only helped me start the healing process for myself it also allows me to share these with others and help them heal too.

Join my private membership group an experience deep healing at a soul-level

I started out I believe in November 2019 doing my live FB Tarot and Oracle readings while also sharing the messages I received, from the Angels and my Spirit Guides, on a daily basis with others. It was months of just me doing that live post with no one coming to watch. Somedays I wondered if I should stop the FB lives?

I persevered and now I have amazing people who join me on a regular basis while also asking for a card to start their day. I have a coffee chat podcast where I get to interview other amazing women who are willing to share their stories of trauma, insecurities, illness, and their personal journeys to success, and how they too were given the help they needed when they remembered to reach out to the universe and ask for help. And in asking for that help, they learned how to listening to the guidance given.

Listen to my podcast HERE

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So many of us are just awakening to our Spiritual sides, we have had crazy things happen to us that we can not explain. We are afraid of sharing our stories for the fear our families will reject us and send us to a psychiatrist.

Please know that nothing you say to me or share with me will seem too outlandish or impossible. I have been through so many spiritual awakenings over the past 25 years that nothing surprises me anymore. It is when I stopped listening to my higher self, my spirit guides, and God that I got into relationships and jobs that were toxic for me.

I have also come to understand that I am here cleaning up my Karma from past lives. Every relationship I have had has been to bring awareness to what I could not or would not deal with or take responsibility for in a past life. So many of us are here and awakening up, because our Soul chooses to be a Lightworker during this transformation into a New Earth!

Learn about Quantum health, click here for more information about Quantum Nomads and the Limbic arc

Thank God and the Angels for the Akashic Soul reading process, the Limbic Arc quantum healing process, the personal gifts and talents I have discovered and that have been revealed to me throughout this life: Oracle reading, mediumship, MAP - The White Brotherhood, learning how to connect to my spirit guides, the Angels, and so much more.

Hand holding a sparkle sticking out of a lake

If you are looking for a specific type of knowledge, wisdom, or even healing we have been gifted with the internet. With a simple search and click of a button, you can find books, articles, practitioner, and healers who are there to help you on your path to healing, health, and spiritual awakening.

So my next challenge is to remember how to breathe. I have several books on this subject on my bookshelf. Spirit made sure I had them in my possession for when I came to the conscious awareness that I had forgotten how to breathe.

You are never alone. The angels and your spirit guides are standing beside you just waiting for you to ask for their help and guidance. Ask and you shall receive!

Sending all of you Love and a three-minute hug.

Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer, helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul and in my case one baby step at a time. LOL


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