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I was brought to my Knees!

I have not written a blog for a while because I have been going through spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical upheavals on a daily basis. I also came to the realization that many of you are as well.

When I listen to my clients, spiritual friends, as well as my favorite you tube Spiritual Guides I see that they too are going through similar awakenings.

Just when I thought I had it all figured out Spirit brought me to a financial lack so deep that I was forced to rethink my choice of being a full time entrepreneur.

I have had to look at the possibility of selling my home and how that would make me feel. I started applying for jobs on-line so that I could pay the bills and buy food.

My main question was "WHY" what had I done or not done to find myself in this place, at this time of my life. I was being triggered on so many levels especially around things I thought I had overcome. A part of me wanted to cry and another part of me was seriously looking for answers and solutions. I reached out to others and those who had had a thriving businesses were in a state of lack and those who had been in lack were now thriving. I started remembering the beginning of journey when I was in my mid thirties. What tools did I use, what courses I had taken, how did I create back then. I dusted off those tools and became re-acquainted with them. I realized that I had become complacent in asking for guidance and direction outside of my mediation and prayers.

As I reached out to others, I was given some great advice around what I could do if I sold my house. I was hired to work a part time job in our local hardware store. My body is adjusting to being on my feet 8 hours a day. The physical pain has taught me gratitude for those in the service industries. The ones we take for granted and forget to smile at or say thank you too. I received my first paycheck and it covered the mortgage, loan payments, and groceries.

The stack of bills is still here waiting to be paid. I will be paying late charges on them but I am okay with that. I know the money is coming.

The part of me that has never experienced this reality before, is making peace with the fact that in six months from now, humility, gratitude, faith, acceptance, the inner knowing that everything is going to work out to my highest and greatest good are the things that I will no longer take for granted.

The what 'if's' are ways of realizing that there is a solution to every problem. Looking outside the box is key.

We all get into our comfort zones which can create laziness in other areas of our life. We start to take things for granted and we put off what we should be doing until we are forced to make changes.

I am grateful for this wake up call. I realized that I had become unconscious to the things I needed to do to create the business model that my Soul requires. I was given the information in a meditation that I need to change my title to: The Self Love Emissary. My whole life has been about clearing programs, patterns, beliefs, and past karma, so that I could learn how to love myself unconditionally.

This is what I am to focus on as a Healer, Teacher, and Personal Mentor. I needed to get back out into the work force so that I could see first hand what was going on in other peoples lives. I needed to meet my local community and get to know them so that they can discover who I am while creating a relationship with them.

I already have people waving to me on my walks, and when I am sitting in my back yard. I have lived here since 2011 and I have only met a handful of people. If I am going to follow my soul path then sitting in my home waiting for the phone to ring or for a call to be booked on my website was and is not the right path for me. It also made me realize that I needed to put "The Pathway's to the Soul" course on line so that others could learn how to follow the guidance of their Soul and spiritual guides.

I am blessed with an amazing client and friend who is a computer whiz and loves to design and create websites and all the extras. She has been a god send and I am grateful every day that we crossed paths and connected on so many levels. I am getting over my uncomfortableness in creating the videos for the course material. It is important to just be me, raw and unfiltered.

I have another year to get back on my feet financially. In the meantime there is a possibility that I can keep my house, but if I need to sell then I have decided I will purchase a motor home and live in it year round. I have always wanted to travel and I can take the cats with me.

I have detached from the material things around me for the most part. Certain books, crystals, and my cats being the most important things to me. I am open to meeting new people and extending my hand in friendship to new acquaintances along the way. I have no expectations around my future. I am willing to allow the universe to show me and lead me in the direction my Soul needs to travel. I am sixty three years old and I have another thirty plus years to share my knowledge, wisdom, and help others, discover the who, what, where, and why of the Souls path during this Earthly experience.

With the internet, an Apple laptop the world becomes my oyster. The only thing that holds us back is our own fears, unrealistic expectations, and listening to others telling us how we should live our life.

Practice what you preach, be honest with yourself, and trust in the guidance you receive. Seems simple, but in reality it is quite complex.

Want to learn more about the process of clearing your karma and the Pathway's course? Reach out through my website and book a free discovery call.

What is your new adventure going to look like?

Sincerely, Robynn Sheridan - The Self Love Emissary


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