I was overwhelmed with anxiety and fear!

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This is so not like me! I have had moments of fear and anxiety but normally I am pretty good at being able to either bury it (which is not good) or look at it and try to find the origin of the emotion.

Last night around seven pm I was overcome with fear and anxiety. There were probably lots of things that had happened during the day while I was on FB to trigger these emotions but why they choose to hit me all at once and in such a strong incapacitating manner had me confused.

I should have known something was coming though because I was prompted to post a prayer to call in our Archangels for healing, protection, and help, on my personal Facebook page. I was wondering who was going to need this amazing prayer and call in the Angels during the weekend. I just did not know it was going to be me.

During my early morning (Friday) mediation all of the Goddesses and my female ancestors were called in for deep "Feminine Healing". So my home and property were filled with these amazing goddesses and Souls from past, present, and future lives. Not to mention other female souls who wished to participate in this healing. My Soul is with Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, the goddesses Kuan Yin, and Kali and so many more goddesses healing the feminine wounds. This is a three-day process. Three is a sacred number and represents the three aspects of the feminine: Maiden - Mother - Crone.

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I was also invited into an amazing women's healing three-day event on Facebook that started at 9 a.m. Friday morning. I listened to numerous speakers and participated in their meditations and other fun things like intuitive drawing all morning.

I was not aware that this feminine healing was happening on a global scale until I started participating in the Facebook event and got the 'aha' moment around the healing that was called in during my morning meditation.

All of the speakers were talking about healing the feminine womb and masculine injuries that we have all experienced for thousands of years here on earth.

Around one p.m. Friday afternoon I noticed that I had colors and geometrical shapes in front of my eyes. When I closed my eyelids they came into perfect focus for me. These geometrical shapes were changing colors and shapes, pulsating, and expanding. It was so beautiful. I realized that this is what our sacred anatomy looks like and I was being shown how my energetic field was changing and the more aware I became the energy continued to expand until it was surrounding my physical body.

I was so disappointed when it finished and I could no longer see these beautiful shapes and colors. However, I could feel the pulsating energy for a while longer. It was such an amazing gift I had been given by my Soul to witness this healing and changing of my DNA and Soul structure.

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So to be dropped into a place of pure anxiety and fear at seven p.m. was a total shock to me. I was triggered by specific conversations with a few individuals through messenger. The conversations touched me deep within my self-confidence and past experiences that had in the past created feelings of helplessness, not feeling good enough, having to give up on my hopes and dreams, not being able to step into my true power creating the life of my dreams. Not being allowed to be more than I was at this moment. Giving up on my dreams to keep peace in my relationships. Not deserving or worthy of a life of joy, and abundance. Not trusting my own intuition and inner guidance.

I turned off my computer and went into my bedroom sat on my small couch and started journaling about how I was feeling. I was asking questions about why I was experiencing this debilitating anxiety and fear, right now at this moment after the amazing gifts of insight I had received earlier in the day. Not to mention my Soul was participating in the feminine healing with the Goddesses and I could still see them all here in my home and on the property.

My home sits on the sacred ground for thousands of years ago. So what I see in my mind's eye is a beautiful sacred grove with a clearing in the middle filled with these amazing Souls and Goddesses performing the healing ceremonies we need to be able to move forward into the fifth-dimensional field.

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See the light

Why now? I journaled, I thought I was past these insecurities! I thought I had healed them on a cellular level! I realized that I needed to bring in the Angels, I needed to bring in my Soul, I needed to bring in my spirit guides and the Goddesses and the Gods, I needed all the help I could get.

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Within minutes of asking for help and answers to my questions, I was calm, relaxed, and came to the realization that I had picked up the energies of all those women and men who were working through their feminine wounds and clearing them during this deep spiritual cleansing throughout the earth, at this time.

Yes! Some of these emotional wounds were mine, buried so deep that it took a shock to my system to shake them loose and bring them to the surface so I could look at them and release them at a cellular level.

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Guardian angels

I was so grateful, that when I asked, I was given the release I needed from the fears and anxiety that overwhelmed me. I was then instructed to do one of Marisa Peer's deep cleansing guided meditations. This woman is amazing and a gift from the Universe to all of us struggling with these vibrational and dimensional changes on the planet at this time.

I spent the next few hours participating in this guided meditation to cleanse my body of these energies, memories, and negative patterns while continuing to listening to Marisa Peer's Youtube channel. I received insight into all that was going on within my mind and body. I love that Spirit has supplied us with all the tools and teachers we need when we find yourself in need of help on a conscious level.

Marisa has been around for a very long time but I only came across her earlier this week through a Facebook post on a friend's page. Spirit made sure that when I experienced this deep cleansing and rebooting at a cellular, mental, and Soul level that I would have the tools I needed to get me through it.

This was such an amazing gift of deep love from the Angels, I AM, my Soul, spirit guides, Mother Gia, the Gods, and Goddesses. We are all going through these changes and some days you may feel like you are going to die, or going crazy, but know that to be able to move into the new 5D dimensional vibration your body needs to change at a cellular level, you need to release your negative patterns, and limiting beliefs that have prevented you from creating the life you desire.

I am so grateful that I have the skills, tools, knowledge, and wisdom to know what do do, who to call on, and how to listen to the guidance I am given.

If you are feeling lost and confused feel free to contact me for a free thirty-minute coffee chat. I have the tools to help you through this.

Sending you Love and a three-minute hug,

Robynn - Spirit Whisperer, helping people to connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul one step at a time.


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