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Is creating free content keeping you financially bankrupt?

In 2019 I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I retired in January 2020.

I promised my self that I would start promoting my spiritual mentoring and intuitive energy healing skills hoping to draw to me all those who would resonate with what I offered, when I turned sixty.

Trying to create an on-line presence was not easy. What to charge became an issue, how to navigate online social media. What media to use and how to promote myself became a real challenge. I did not have the computer skills necessary or the knowledge of how to create content so I turned to others for advice.

I felt like helpless on so many levels.

I was told I needed to do things for free to attract clients, but in all honesty that did not work. I seemed to mostly attract individuals who were only interested in free services.

On occasion the paying clients I did attract would send me referrals. But this has been a hit and miss process too, because I did not know proper procedures for following up with clients and I did not have a plan for follow up sessions.

I have implemented "Feng Shui" remedies in my home and property to heal its negative energy preventing abundance. I have taken courses and performed healing on myself while releasing limiting beliefs, which we all have due to childhood, traumas, adult failures, and past lives. I have also hired individuals to help me remove beliefs and patterns when my Higher Self was unable to acknowledge them.

My biggest hurdle was asking to be paid and cutting off people who were used to getting my services for free. I let people go from my life, deleted social media followers, and became more selective of those who I let into my inner circle.

I tried hiring people to help me with my website, branding, media content but found that they would not listen to me or that I could not understand the process of what they were teaching. It was like taking a two-year-old and trying to teach them how to do math problems. It seemed like everything was geared towards savvy computer users and not beginners. It was also geared towards strong intellectual types and not empathic individuals.

The most frustrating thing for me was being ghosted when I paid a woman for a course only to discover I had already paid for and taken this course through online training. She refused to refund my money and blocked me on all social media, email, and her phone number. Just so you know I did not stalk her. I politely asked for my money back through email. When I did not hear back from her, I tried to phone her to no avail. Then I discovered that she had blocked me on all social media.

Honestly how does one refuse to return someone’s money, and still promote themselves as being ethical, honest and a successful business professional? I have seen her mentioned on other peoples social media pages so I know she is still out there drumming up business.

All these things have taught me what not to do as an entrepreneur. I do not know who started this idea of giving "free" stuff first to build your business, but it has gotten out of hand. People are doing whole courses for free and going into debt following this advice.

Free coffee chat/consultation 15 min to 30 min is the maximum I will give. I have free content on YouTube but I will not spend hundreds of hours creating a free course just because some rich and already famous person started this whole story line.

Let’s look at the facts here and truly look at the Bio’s of the rich and famous. They worked their ass off, they did menial jobs if they did not come from money, they did their homework and due diligence but they did not do things for free because they were told this is how they would get ahead in life.

There is a fine line between doing things from the heart and being bullied into doing it or allowing someone else to control your life. We all know about Hollywood and how those so-called sexual favors is just rape. These sexual favors are found in all walks of life and it is called human trafficking and disempowering human beings of all ages.

"Telling others, they need to give free content to become successful is a lie. Does the grocery store give free product out daily to bring in customers? They may have sales to encourage traffic as most businesses due but believe me they give you nothing for free."

When I purchased my new car, I was told I was getting free oil changes for the life of the car only to discover that $700 was tacked onto the price of the car to cover this promotion. When you look beneath the surface you will discover the truth behind these story’s others tell you.

Savvy Business Individuals get paid for speaking engagements, they get book deals, they get paid to promote products, they do nothing for free, unless it is their choice and then it is limited to what time they have available and most definitely a dollar value is added to it and they ask them self – can I afford to do this?

I spent almost two years doing free readings in Facebook to attract two paid oracle readings. Did that cover my time? Not in the least. One hour five days a week for a month and let’s give it the dollar value of $100 X 20 = $2000 X 12 = $24,000.

I would give up to 14 people a free card during this hour. If I had even charged them $5 a card I would at least of been making $70 per day.

I was giving away $2000 every month for almost two years. Please explain to me why you should believe that this is the correct way to build your business. No wonder so many entrepreneurs give up in their first year. They can not survive if they are losing $24,000 a year in sales due to giving away one hour a week day of their time and skills for free. This does not include all the time you work on creating free content either. This could be as high as a loss of $60,000 in creating free content, hiring people to help you create the courses, education, webinar, time, resources etc. etc. etc.

Did I benefit from taking free courses? I am going to say not really. I was not committed to them. I did not make them a priority. I got some little nuggets of insight and information but in the end, it was the paid courses that I committed to that I received the most benefit, because I took the time to do the homework, to make changes in my life, to follow through on healing old programming and patterns.

I am truly grateful for these amazing Entrepreneurs who felt that they wanted to share their gifts for free but at the same time their free course was also an advertisement for their full courses and one-on-one sessions. When I saw the actual price of their courses or services, I realized that to cover all the costs of them doing these mini courses for free - they had to attract an individual who already had a six-figure income.

Who are you attracting with your free courses? Certainly, people who have no money, no income, and free time on their hands. Not people who have a six-figure income because these individuals are working their business and most likely do not have time to do free online courses.

Now let’s talk about the spiritual aspect of doing things for free. "NO" Spiritual Leader ever did anything for free, they were paid by trade, barter, money, housing, menial labor, and some so-called gurus with sex. When the true story is revealed you will realize that there always needs to be a balance of ethical give and take. When things are unbalanced then one person gains and another suffers.

Entrepreneurs are subject to burn out due to the false information: that they need to give, and give, and give. They waste precious hours on free content instead of quality time with family, friends, and time in nature. They forget to self nurture and they become despondent, depressed, and feel like they are failures because some rich self-help person told them they need to give “free stuff” to get paid for their skills, talents, services, etc. etc. etc.

The truth is: that we need to create balance with what we give with what we take. Yes, we can give things away that are still in good shape to charity, we can volunteer at our kids’ schools, at our churches, and in our communities if it does not take quality time away from your family and career.

We do not have to give our skills, talents, knowledge, and wisdom away for free. We can write our blogs and come from our hearts, share our experiences and stories. But these need to be things we love to do. They can not feel like an obligation.

I go on Clubhouse because I want to connect with people, find likeminded individuals and be a part of the conversation in rooms that resonate with me. Yes, I want to learn how to attract my ideal client through social media, but it should not cost me $60,000 a year in lost income.

So, lets break it down: I have these skills and talents. I have spent X amount of money on courses, education, experience.

I have, knowledge and wisdom due to past experiences, jobs, relationships, failures, and successes, that I can use to create a business and create a healthy income for myself.

I have been able to change my own life and now I want to help others change theirs. I know that this is my calling but I am not sure how to promote myself and build a following. I am still working and must do this in my free time which if I look at it realistically is just a couple of hours a week.

Every person has their own story, their own circumstances, and their own belief system about themselves. I personally have fallen into the trap of believing that I need to give free stuff to get but that never happened. I hired people who promoted themselves by saying they could attract clients to me or create a brand that would attract clients. That did not happen.

I am still watching others on social media chasing after that big ticket client – that has not happened. Their big-ticket client is not necessarily on their social media platforms. If you talk to successful entrepreneurs, you will realize that most of their clients, came from referrals.

Not one of the free courses taught me how to do follow up, how to create follow up emails, what to ask and how to word things in a manner that would encourage them to respond to the follow up email. It was promised in the advertising but it never happened. In some instances, it was supposed to be a part of a paid course, but again it turned out not to be.

I am going to say that I prefer Clubhouse because the professionals in some rooms give quality free advice, (honestly some of them do not need the money) they are on this platform looking for like minded individuals to hang out with. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely life.

Others are promoting their business and looking for clients which is totally honest and above board. These rooms usually have several professionals who share tidbits and encourage their audience to look deeper into themselves for insight. I have received 5-minute energy healings that have encouraged me to then pay that person for a full session.

I have been in group meditation rooms that are amazing because it heals the collective and these individuals are called by their Spiritual Team to offer these room during full moons, equinox’s etc. Some ask for donations.

I promote them by talking about them on my live videos and in my social media formats. I am always truly grateful for those who share their knowledge, wisdom, and talents.

And again, most of these individuals are in the position that they do not need money and it is part of their tithing back to the world out of gratitude and a genuine interest in helping other new entrepreneurs to succeed. Others want you to join their private groups for X amount of money per month.

Successful people know how to promote and advertise spending very little money and time on social media. They value their time and limit their advice to what we could also learn from reading a book, listening to a podcast, or watching a you tube video. They did not become financially successful by giving away $60,000 worth of their time for free.

I do learn new things and change my life by paying for courses and one-on-one sessions with other professionals - who are genuinely caring and honest in their social media promotions and in consultation sessions.

Yes, we need to share our stories, and promote our business but it should not be at the cost of our physical and emotional health and well being.

"If you do not respect your time, skills, talents, knowledge, and wisdom neither will anyone else."

Please stop spending time on “free” and start spending time on being the true authentic being you are and learn to share and show those things in one post per social media a day, through a personal you tube video per week, biweekly or monthly - again depending on your time and financial circumstances.

The most profitable money you can spend is on yourself. Take the courses, book the sessions to heal your own limiting beliefs, discover what your Soul gifts are and how to use them to bring abundance into your life.

When you are willing to invest in your own self then the Universe in turn is willing to invest in you. We tell the universe how to treat us by how we treat our self. Healing our emotional and physical dis-ease is how we create abundance in our life and attract the life we truly desire.

Sending you all love and know that I truly respect all of you.

Robynn Sheridan – Spiritual Mentor – Intuitive Energy Healer using my inherent Soul gifts. I am here to help you discover your Soul gifts and release your limiting beliefs and self sabotaging patterns.