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Is it Rejection?

Laptop resting on a stand next to a glass of water
Prospecting for new clients

When someone decides that they do not want to work with you any longer do you feel rejected? Maybe you talked to a potential client numerous times. Shared some valuable tips. Gave them advice that you would normally only give to paying clients, hoping to entice them into being your client. And yet they choose a different individual to work with.

Did this person actually reject you? No. It is hard to be an entrepreneur because every day we put ourselves out into the world of online media. Some days we gain new clients, we progress in our own personal learning curve, some days we just say "f" it and shut down the computer and take the day off.

I love meeting new people, I love being a bright light in someone's day. If this happens to create a new client that is a bonus for me. I have an Oracle Live FB reading every morning during the week. Why do I do this you may ask? It started out as a way to draw people into my Facebook presence. I would pick two cards to share their message in a live and then go about my day at my nine to five job. I loved that the messages were meant for me and other people enjoyed reading them as well.

It took a long time for me to realize I had a following. People sharing my post and telling their friends to watch. I eventually became brave enough to offer to pull cards for people during my live.

Follow my daily oracle reading on Facebook

two women with tattoos holding each other and smiling
Building a community

The benefits of this are that it improves my skills as an intuitive medium and reader. It is a way for me to learn my Oracle decks as I have many. It is a way to create interest in my other healing modalities: Akashic Soul reading, Reiki Energy healings, Spiritual Mentoring, on line 'Spiritual Awakening' course through FB subscription, my up and coming online Reiki course, and the most important part of this is meeting all of these amazing people from all over the world.

I love reading their posts and finding out about their business, their families, their successes, their failures, their struggles with daily life, it makes me realize I am not alone in all of this. Other women and men have survived horrible relationships, they have lost contact with your children, they have failed at business and rallied in the end. No one is perfect. We all have our good days and bad. No one has the secret formula to success, to be a millionaire, to be abundant every single day of your life.

We are human. We have ups and downs. We have days where our vibrational energy is one of love, joy, and happiness, and then we have days where we are triggered by the littlest things and our self-confidence comes crumbling down around us.

If anyone tells you that they have the magic formula and all you have to do is pay "X" amount of dollars then please check in with your Soul/Higher Self. That part of you that actually has the answers if you learn how to listen.

We all jump,

Deck of cards on fire
Getting burnt playing the game

I have spent $2000 Canadian on those Magic Formulas', if you just follow their lead if you spent $20 you will get $50 back. I can show you how to create an online course for x amount of money and I promise you will be a millionaire in six months.

"Follow the bouncing ball until you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."

Here is what I know. We are all unique, yes someone may have exactly what we need at this moment to help us move up that next rung in the ladder of personal and business growth. However we are always moving forward, we are always learning new things, and what works for you may not work for me because I learn differently than you do.

Your life from the moment you are born starts creating how you learn and react to situations. If you suffer specific forms of trauma then you will have blocks to specific situations. I have friends who have taken the same courses as myself and they were able to use them to create more success in their life. That same course just left me with a "F-ing" headache and broke once again.

Learn about your true life-purpose with an Akashic reading

Man jumping from one rock to another
Leap of faith

There comes a time when if you have "jumped" and then realized that it was a mistake you need to have the self-confidence to ask for your money back. I recently did that. I signed up for a course only to discover that it was created off the backbone of another course I had taken in January this year.

I had to ask myself some deep questions. Could I justify paying this person the same amount of money for a review of the original course?

Yes, there was the promise of bonuses but really it was a large expense and so far I had not received what I felt I had been promised. I also felt that the information in the modules was repetitive and there was no guidance on how to actually accomplish the assignments.

You see for me there are some things that I need to see, hear, speak, and work through with someone else to understand the process. (Head injuries, strokes, dyslexia are just some contributing factors to learning disabilities a mentor and coach will need to work with.)

I have friends who can go on Canva and create a week worth of posts in an hour. It takes me two hours to create one post and by the time I am done, I AM DONE! So creating a week's worth of posts is not viable for me.

I sat down and thought about the pro and cons. How would the person feel if I asked for a refund? How do I go about asking for a refund? Will that person be insulted and feel rejected and behave badly? Would they ghost me? Can you remain FB friends still?

There has never been a course I have taken that does not have the option of a refund. Some have a specific upfront cost that will not be refunded. I too have an upfront cost to cover materials and the loss of your place in the course that could have gone to someone else. It is always a small amount based on the total cost of the package.

Woman fanning one hundred dollar bills
Money, money, money

Truthfully, this is the first time I have had to ask for a refund. I had to weigh my desires and needs against what the person was offering. I came up with more cons than pros in the course to that point in time. So I sent a very simple explanation as to why I wanted to pull out of the course and offered to take a respectable loss on the price of the course.

Why did I ask for a refund? Because this course was similar, if not a cookie-cutter of one that I had already taken, that I could not justify repeating this course material at the price I had paid. Both of these courses had cost me in excess of eight hundred dollars American that is a huge chunk of change in Canadian dollars."

So I had to ask myself, what do I need to be able to build my business? What type of teacher or mentor do I really need? How do I see my business impacting the world around me? My FB friend Piere recently offered me these above questions so I could get clarity on what I need.

What would be the benefits to me of having a coach or mentor?

First - would be emotional support for those days when I have lost my happy place.

Second - would be positive feedback on what I am doing each day to build my profile online and in my posts.

Third - would be someone who promotes me to their friends, clients, and takes the time to leave an occasional positive comment on my post.

Fourth - would be someone who spends time with me chatting about my day, brainstorming with me over creative ideas, and content. Who checks in every few days even if it is just a quick happy face to let me know they are thinking of me.

Fifth - would be heart to heart conversations when things come crashing down.

Sixth - would be honesty, integrity, and the acknowledgment that sometimes I need to look elsewhere for specific answers.

As I healer I do not have all of the answers but I do know how to research and send my clients in the direction they need. Personally I use many different modalities in my healing profession not only for myself but also for my clients. I have other healers I turn too when I am stuck and know I can not get past the triggers or blocks that have poked their ugly head once again into my mind. I will send my clients to these healers when I recognize that my client is experiencing something that can be better served by my colleague's skills and knowledge.

We all have specialties and by creating a community of "Healers and Teachers" we can share that wealth of knowledge and wisdom with our clients.

Seventh - would be that the coach or mentor takes the time to understand my field of expertise and create a formula that is based on me personally.

This is important because how can you mentor or coach a person if you do not understand what they do? Cookie-cutter formulas and courses may work for some but if you can not adjust to "specific client needs" then you need to acknowledge that and refund a portion of their payment if it has been paid in full and/or allow them to cancel their subscriptions and not feel like you have been 'personally rejected'. If however, you choose to 'Ghost' them then that is just plain unprofessional on all levels.

Eighth - If you do not see the value in what I do for other people how can you promote me? If you are not invested in my personal success how can you lead me? One SIZE does not fit!

Ninth - Find me other professionals in my field or similar fields to share a podcast, youtube, and FB interviews with. I have reached out to numerous FB friends/professionals and have had them as guests on my podcast 'Coffee Chat' series. I believe that there are many ways in which we can help other people and if a client is not the right fit for what I offer then I want to make 'dam well sure' they find the right person who can help them.

Tenth - They help me discover how to work my magic and present myself in a professional, easy-going, and fun manner. I want to entice you to stay on my page and take the time to get to know me.

I want you to question your life. I want you to ask yourself if you are happy. I want you to ask yourself: Do I have a dream? Most importantly I want to help you achieve those dreams. Find that happiness. Create a life that makes you want to get up every morning.

Join my private membership Awaken To The Soul Path

wooden path
On the right path

We are all on a path towards personal enlightenment. We will find teachers and mentors who will help us at that moment and when we have achieved all we can then we will move forward and find the next teacher and mentor.

That is how life works. We are all teachers, mentors, and students. A simple kind word may be all that person needed from us, or we from them to make our day better.

When you are in my life I want you to know that I love you and want you to be successful in all you do. When we come from a place of love - life just seems easier.

I am truly blessed to have you in my life, even if it is just to read this one blog. Have a wonderful day and know that the right teacher, mentor, course, healer is waiting for you to discover them.


Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness, helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul one baby step at a time.


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