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Where did December go?

My life has been on the fast track since the beginning of December getting all my ducks in a row to create my life as a full-time Entrepreneur.

Since August 2010 I have been behind the wheel of a bus picking up and delivering individuals from door to door. Jobs, programs, medical appointments, and shopping, for people who can not take a City bus or drive.

It has been a rewarding career. I have met amazing people and have had so much fun creating a positive environment for those that may not have a life that they fully desire or find themselves in a situation beyond their control.

It was a part of my life where I saw personal growth, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom not only about my life but what other people have to do each and every day just to survive. I found empathy and compassion in people that could have chosen anger or bitterness. I watched them find the inner strength to come back from a severe accident, stroke, heart surgery, or even accept the reality of dialysis.

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The strength and perseverance of these individuals filled my life with heartwarming moments and belief in the kindness of others. The ability to see past the physical limits, verbal limits, mental limits of these amazing people and see the intelligence in their eyes. Their love for life and the joy of being able to participate in activities and programs that would keep them healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally, as well as give them an income to truly feel independent.

I loved the time I spent with the seniors, listening to their life stories, about their family and friends. The amazing careers they had or the loss of a spouse. I was able to grieve with them, give hugs and advice when needed, and just be present at the moment to honor what they were going through.

I truly loved the times when Spirit would speak through me and give these individuals much need advice or guidance, or a compliment that would put a smile on their face for the rest of their day.

I also found my inner strength, I found my courage and self-esteem again, I found the spirituality that I had lost for a while. When I took this job I was like a boat without a rudder. I was floating down a river with no purpose or plan. I felt like I had failed, that I was stupid for once again falling for the wrong man. I was so off course that I created a bucket full of debt which I had no hope of paying off.

Slowly and with each passing year I found myself once again, I began to believe in who I was and what skills and talents I had come to Earth with. I came to the realization that everything I had been through was part of my learning process here on Earth. I had chosen these lessons so I could become who I am today.

I love the confidence I feel within myself, I love the joy I feel when I do a tarot reading and see the aha moment in the eyes of a client. I love the clarity of the healing Reiki session and the guidance I am given when moving energy within the Sacred Anatomy of another. I am so humbled by the presence of the Angels that come to me on a daily basis and fill me with love and confidence and participate in the healing sessions.

The depth and clarity of the Akashic Soul Readings I do for people is physically, mentally and emotionally empowering.
Archangel Metatron works with me during these sessions to create an accurate and detailed report/description of what the Soul came here to do in this lifetime, the talents and skills they brought with them and the past life Karma they brought to work-through here on Earth, to create a balanced and positive future and an empowering lifetime.

With this knowledge, the individual receives the clarity and the tools to clear patterns and past life curses that carry over and over again until they finally look at the truth of the situation, take responsibility for their actions, and the consequences that continue to follow them throughout their lifetimes.

Being in four failed marriages meant that I had yet to learn what my patterns were and how to clear them. When I took the Akashic Soul course I was able to see the pattern for what it was and why I had created them and then with the tools provided I was able to clear them and move forward into a future I truly wanted for myself.

It was so freeing to have the information, to understand why I had these self-destructive patterns, and what a relief to know I now had the tools to clear them and create a Soul Path that I truly wanted for myself.

With the correct information, the proper healing tools, and the guidance from Spirit we can truly create the life we have dreamed about. I love helping people using all the tools in my Spiritual toolbox to create the life they want for themselves.

Sending you Light and Love Robynn - Spirit Whisperer helping people connect to their heart, mind, body & Soul.


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