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July 1st. Can we celebrate in Canada?

Orange is the color we should be wearing today. It represents how our Politicians have betrayed all Canadians on every levels. Conspiracy, deaths, children murdered, kidnapped, sold into slavery. It happens here in Canada and has been protected by our Political Leaders, Police, and Military for a very long time.

The Queen of England came here in the 50's and former PM Trudeau the father of Justin was the one who was in control of those residential schools and who brought the Queen over so she could help herself to as many indigenous children as she could put on her plane. What happened to Indigenous children in those schools, and how the Indigenous Kanada Ancestors are still being treated today is horrendous beyond belief.

Our public schools have slowly been indoctrinating's our Canadian Children into believing that the government controls their lives. The do not know what the word freedom means nor what democracy means. When the world shut down in 2020, my grandchildren told me that we HAD to do what the government told us to do because they were in charge of our lives. They would not listen to me when I tried to explain about how we pay politicians to protect our rights and freedoms so that no one can control our day to day lives and our choice when it came to our bodies and medical choices.

They are so indoctrinated that they still believe that what the government has done and is doing is still in the best interest of all the people in Canada.

We are discovering that our school system is also sexualizing our children. They are convincing them that sexuality as young as the age of three is normal between children, as well as children and adults. The literature they are reading and GOD only knows what is in the videos they are watching is taking away our children's innocence. They are trying to take away the sexual identify of our children and confusing them to the point that at a very young age they are rejecting their bodies and trying to have surgery.

The Government has created and implemented laws that prevent parents from interfering with the choice these children are making to have these surgeries regardless of their age.

Is this just in Canada? NO! Wake up and watch parents fighting back at their schools, talking about the sexual grooming books their children are reading at school. Do you want your child to be taught masturbation and showing off their gentile to other children and their siblings? This is in these books that parents are talking about in video recordings at school Board Meetings.

They now want to make pedophilia a sexual orientation and make it perfectly legal. Did you know that PM Justin has numerous friends who have been arrested and charged for sexual acts against children? Did you know that PM Justin paid off a family of an underage girl he sexually assaulted?

Where is his wife in all of this? She is not in the public eye and has not been for a very long time. Why is she not speaking out against all of these atrocities going on in our country. Is she complicit or gagged?

Did you notice that PM Justin is all about protecting abortion rights in Canada but not one word about stopping pedophilia from becoming a sexual orientation in Canada. Not one word about the sexual grooming going on in our Public School System. Not one word about educating our children into believing the government runs their lives. Not one word about the rights and religious freedoms of Canada.

Not one word about the numerous deaths among the jabbed and all of the heart problems our youth are having. Not one word about the deaths of new born children

and all the health issue that are showing up in them. Not one word about the so called new instant death syndrome of children and adults around the world.

Not one world about the illegal arrest of Canadians, shutting down bank accounts, destruction of personal property, not one word about the churches across Canada being burned down and the arrest of Religious Minsters. How many Canadians are still in jail on trumped up charges?

Not one word about the destruction of chickens, eggs, beef, grain, milk in Canada as per government orders? Not one word about the prices being raised so high we have to choose between food or rent. Who created the food shortage? Who is pretending we have no oil? Who is stopping the shipping of gas and food? Your Government!!

Do I as a Canadian have anything to celebrate about my Country today?

No, just grief and disbelief that this is the Canada I live in today because our Politicians are greedy and corrupt. Our police force is corrupt, our military is corrupt, we no longer live in a democracy we live in a dictatorship.

Our lives are no longer our own even the banks do what the government tells them to do. What will you do when you try to take money out of your account and you have to tell the bank what you are going to use the money for. It is happening right now in other countries. Wake up Canadians you have been asleep long enough.

If you are not going to fight back then who will? Write the letters, send the emails and fill the Political representatives email boxes, in your Province, with your concerns about what is happening in Canada. Protect your children and stop the sexualization of our children and the destruction of religious beliefs in Canada.

If not you then WHOM?

Robynn Sheridan - The Self Love Emissary


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