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Life Mapping?

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Life mapping

How do you map out your life in a time of civil unrest and social distancing?

We understand on a social and moral level that we need to be sensitive to what is going on around us. However, at the same time, we still need to work and create a steady income flow so we can survive on the most basic necessary level.

How can I still live my day to day routine and lend my support to the changes that need to be made in our world on a daily basis?

We are created out of energy. Our body is just a computer and it can exist without a soul being present. Put our body on life support and it will live until you remove the medical life support system. It will then slowly shut down energetically first shutting down the least important systems first with the heart the last system to shut itself off.

The heart is the most important organ in the human body. It is the first to develop in the womb, it has its own brain and it is instrumental in creating the rest of our physical body.

If the heart is this smart and has the energetic capacity to create a whole body from a single cell, then why can we not use the heart to change the energy around us?

I wish the world to change, so I use the energy of my heart to envision the world I want to live in. How you ask? Through meditation, and speaking the new vision into reality.

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In my meditative state, I envision the earth inside my heart. I send loving energy into my heart and also bathe it in compassion, gratitude, equality, joy, happiness, and healing energy.

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I choose to not flood my mind, ears, and eyes with violence, negative news feeds. I am very selective about who I invite into my on-line media formats. I find positive and healing mediation and positive affirmations on YouTube. Listening to the music and the mantras lift my personal vibration to a state of peacefulness, hopefulness, and allows me to feel love.

I research healing formats and participate in new ideas, create positive posts for my online media. When I use positive language in what I wish to say that raises the vibration around every situation I address.

"Society today is filled with gratitude, and love towards each other. I found the perfect job, at the perfect income, that supports the lifestyle I wish to experience. I attract loving people into my life. Our time together is filled with joy, laughter, and gratitude, for the knowledge, wisdom, and love as we share time together. Our government and social structures support all of us equally creating a world filled with healthy, happy individuals who share their gifts, talents, knowledge, and wisdom with joy and passion in their hearts."

To create a life we wish we lived right now is a process in believing that you can have what you desire. It is about changing the energy that we vibrate at right now in this moment.

"I wish for the world to be at peace right now at this moment, so I close my eyes and visualize everyone smiling and feeling peace in their hearts, and it starts with me as I sit and smile feeling peace in my heart."

"I feel safe in my home, I feel safe driving my car, I feel safe walking the street, no matter what time of day or night it is. I feel wealthy because every dollar I spend comes back to me multiple times. I am open to loving relationships because I am a loving person who attracts equally loving people into my life."

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God, gave us a heart that has a brain so that our physical body could connect to our Soul and our Soul path. He gave us an amazing gift; the ability to create a life, that we can think into creation.

We have heard so many success stories of individuals who have come from nothing and created a full, happy, financially abundant life, and then they turn around and spread their love, message, and financial support back into society in positive healthy ways.

Listen to Delphine Cerdan sharing her story of success and financial security through joining the spiritual and the business side of her being

You too have the ability to map out a life that brings you happiness, joy, financial abundance by thinking your life into reality. Let me help you move through your emotional blocks and your negative patterns. I have the tools to help you learn how to create the life you are looking for.

Book an Akashic Soul reading to dig deep into past life karma and the lessons you need to address in this lifetime. Let me help you move into a spiritual path through my FB subscription "Awaken to your Soul path". Oracle readings can give you immediate guidance as to the path you are thinking about following, or relationship questions.

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There are numerous modalities and services offered through our online communities so do the research and then move forward towards the one that resonates with you the most.

Sending all of you Light and Love, Robynn- Spirit Whisperer of Higher Consciousness, helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul


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