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Master Manipulators

How do you convince a person to give up their freedom of what to think, feel, and how to live and become totally dependent on you? "Take away their support system" "Misinformation" and the most successful form of manipulation is creating fear.

The world has know these individuals, groups, governments, and corporations, since the beginning of time. It began in tribes when we stopped being a democracy and we elected a leader, to choose what was best for us as a collective. We give this individual the opportunity to manipulate us to their way of thinking. We stopped thinking for ourselves, and we put our free will into the hands of another.

History continues to repeat itself such as in Egypt where the Gods ruled with iron fists and turned the majority of it population into slaves. We saw this again when Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler and so many other dominating egomaniacs try to take over the world through war, fear, slavery, torture, while also terrorizing their own people into submission.

We see this in personal relationships, jobs, corporations, and religions. Manipulation through fear and loss of personal freedoms is the most powerful tool to use against others. "Convince them that they have no power by using fear, misinformation, isolation, unrealistic expectations, and dominance by controlling the story from beginning to end.

Lets look at the human body and its ability to heal itself. Our body has a natural defense system called the immune system. When we eat healthy, get enough sleep, interact with others, learn in a fun environment and are allowed to express our opinions in an open and honest way, our immune system stays healthy. Our ability to think for ourselves and problem solve are functioning properly.

When we are separated from our support system and the people we love, when we are receiving messages of fear and are being terrorized by what might happen to us if and when we do not comply our freedom of choice is taken from us and if we are constantly fed a rhetoric of what is to come - this creates an unbelievable amount of stress on our physical and mental body. We have no one to talk too we have no support system and we begin to fall into victim mode or worse yet we allow that person, government, corporation, religious leader, spouse etc. to completely dominate our free will.

Our otherwise healthy strong immune system starts to break down. We start feeling tired, depressed, anxious, helpless, overwhelmed. Our bodies immune system when under constant attach by these external factors no longer has the ability to heal itself and we start to become ill in body and mind. It takes longer for us to heal from cuts and bruises. Our body no longer absorbs our food properly and we start craving more and more sugar and junk food just to be able to function during our day.

Our ability to think, problem solve, and come up with solutions is deeply affected and we soon give up trying. Now add a lack of oxygen to that by making someone wear a mask over their nose and mouth for eight hours and sometimes even longer seven days a week the brain and body is seriously depleted of oxygen and can no longer function at peak performance causing illness, respiratory issues, depression, anxiety etc. etc. etc. in the body, mind, and spirit.

When you get to this point you become helpless to help yourself, you are now in survival mode and you will do what ever you are told to do, just to survive from one day to the next.

China has created this environment and has maintained it for hundreds of years. The people of china have no free will, their whole existence is consumed by the necessity of trying to survive from one day to the next. They are kept so poor that just trying to have enough food to eat each day is a struggle for many.

When you look at Chinas 1.398 billion population, and compare it to their active military's population of 2,035,000 million, you wonder why the citizens of china have not come together and overrun their government to create a life that allows freedom of choice. The mentality of a slaver existence is so engrained in their Ancestral DNA they no longer believe they can achieve a life of freedom.

Here is how Governments, Narcissist's, Egomaniacs, and Bullies do it. They start off small with little changes, feeding fear through controlled information, they control the story by feeding misinformation to the people, or person. They increase the amount of misinformation slowly, they take a few facts and create a whole lot of fiction to go with it.

It is similar to the town criers of old who would spread information, then the printing press was created and you could say anything you wanted and unless someone challenged you, you would not have to prove it. Then you would pay people to claim that what you said was true so that you could continue to manipulate those around you.

So how do you, as an individual figure out the difference between fact and fiction, or do you even bother? I mean after all if ten people are saying its is true and ten people are saying it is untrue who do you choose to believe?

I say follow the story, go back to the beginning, look at the what is not being said, look at what is being hidden from you, look under the rocks and behind the doors of those who are selling the story.

What is their reputation, what is their education, where are they getting their information from?

Who is standing in the shadows behind the information being fed to you and what is there agenda?

Here is what I saw, mass media hysteria, false information, forced seclusion, forced masking, borders closed, shut down of you tube channels, Instagram accounts, FB accounts, threats of losing your job, and actually firing of anyone who did not follow the mass media rhetoric. I saw individuals who had the education, knowledge, wisdom, and experience with viruses, and vaccines trying to tell the world the truth behind the mass media hysteria treated like criminals, lose their jobs, homes, offices, and have their families threatened if they did not shut the fuck up!

I have seen the freedom of speech taken away from every country and individual citizens who are trying to share information are being silenced and threatened throughout the world. So I am asking you why would you not be asking yourself: are you a SLAVE to Mass Media? Are you free to ask for and receive all of the information that is out there? What has been censored and silenced, and why? Can make an informed choice?

I have read hundreds of articles, and watched numerous videos, Facebook posts, and had numerous conversations with individuals who are all warning us that once you give away your freedom of choice you are effectively now a slave to fear and manipulation.

So here is my personal worst case theory scenario. If you choose to take a test that has been proven to be 97% inaccurate and has toxic ingredients stuck up your nose and placed near your brain, are committing suicide? If you choose to be injected with a vaccine that has been described by many scientists, doctors, vaccine specialist as a death sentence for your natural immune system, are committing suicide? If you choose to continue to allow mandated isolations and closed boarders you are a slave to your government and you no longer have any personal freedoms what-so-ever.

Now lets look at how this is going to affect those of you who choose to have the vaccine. If myself and all those other professionals who are screaming at the top of their lungs trying to warn you about taking this vaccine, are correct, and this vaccine compromises your immune system, you are eventually going to become so sick you can no longer work or take care of yourself. You become a ward of the government, who will offer to take care of you but you have to give up all your personals property. You no longer even own the shirt on your back.

Insurance companies will cancel all your polices, you will no longer have access to life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, and the bank will not give you any type of loan and forget about ever getting a mortgage because you are at risk of becoming so ill that you can not make payments on your home. The government now comes in pays off all your debts and your mortgage if you have one, gives you a small amount of money to live on but takes most of it back because they now own your home. You are either now paying the government rent for the privilege of living in your own home, or you have been evicted and put into a housing project.

What about those of you who die or become severely injured by this vaccine injection, who is going to take care of your family, your pets, your children, your business?

Now lets talk about vaccines in general. When you get a vaccination you are being injected with a live virus. You are now a carrier of that virus. Anyone with a low immune system can catch that virus from you. You are now a "living breathing virus." Your body is being attacked by that virus constantly until it either builds up an immunity to it, creates antibodies, or you become very sick and eventually die. If this new vaccine slowly kills your immune system every time your body creates antibodies that this new vaccine sees as a threat, to heal you of a cold, allergy, broken bone, or cut how long do you think you are going to live? What is the quality of your life going to become?

Every time we have a measles outbreak it is always traced back to someone who has recently been vaccinated for the measles and was around someone who had a compromised immune system and that person contracts the measles virus and then they also become a virus carrier and then start infecting others who they interact with.

So every vaccine you are injected with becomes an opportunity for that specific virus to spread out into the world one person at a time.

Let me tell you a little know fact. Seventy five percent of the population has a strong enough immune system to recover from any virus, cold, or the flu. A percentage of that 75% has a built in immunity, antibodies, to all of the viruses out in the world today including this new one.

So why is our government and the media feeding us the bullshit that no one has an immunity to this virus. It is untrue just by the simple fact that the majority of people who have been diagnosed with it, are recovering just like they would from the flu, bronchitis, colds etc. The only people dying are the ones with compromised immune systems already. They would also have died if they had become infected with the flu or some other respiratory illness.

So why a year after the mass hysteria are we now having so many so called cases. It is because your immune system has been beaten down by stress, fear, self isolation, loss of jobs, relationships, and constantly told you are going to catch it if you do not wear masks that cut down by up to 30 percent the necessary oxygen your body needs to stay healthy.

You can choose to believe the Puppet Masters, or you can choose to dig deep and discover the truth for yourself. I did!

Thank you for reading my blog.
Sincerely, Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer Mentoring, Akashic & Theta Practitioner, Reiki Master, Mediumship, and Sovereign Individual of the World.


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