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Mercury Retrograde

Crystal ball upside down
Crystal ball

We hear about Mercury Retrograde all the time. We wonder what it means and why it seems so important to those in the Spiritual world. Why should I be interested in Mercury retrograde, you may ask?

Mercury in retrograde means, the planet Mercury appears to stop and move backward within its orbit. With this seemingly energetic vibration change, it brings with it all kinds of miscommunication between people, and anything electrical in nature. Which of course means everything because we are all energy.

The physical form can be compared to one massive intelligent computer server.

We know about Mercury retrograde because someone thousands of years ago observed how when the planet Mercury was in a specific place within its orbital travels; people, plants, and animals, the behavior would change, sometimes dramatically.

Our body is energy, everything in the universe is energy. Energy may change form, but it never ceases to exist.

The complex solar system around the earth is necessary because it stabilizes the earth's orbital movements. The complex energetic/vibration life force that exists within, affects how we see, feel, hear, taste, touch, including our intuition and so much more.

Dark blue skies

Even with all that knowledge and wisdom past and present, we still find ourselves in the same dilemmas.

Do you remember the philosophical statement someone once shared: That the loss of a single butterfly would affect something on the other side of the world?

"On the wings of a butterfly", to me represents: If I do something positive, more positive things will continue to occur.

Energy affects us; and learning how to recognize and pay attention to the alignment of the planets, stars, sun, and moon on any given day, can give us valuable knowledge by asking the question: How will I let that energy directly affect me? I put the power back into my hands.

We need to think about how our interactions, not only with ourselves but with others, affect our day. Now expand that to how does that affect the planet as a whole?

Why do I keep crying? Why do I feel so edgy? Why do I feel so happy? Why am I in a brain fog? Why am I clumsy today? Why do I attract drama into my life?

Our physical body, the planets, anything that you can see in physical form is vibrating at a different frequency. We observe a boat on the water and as that boat moves in any direction it creates waves.

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Large boat tailed by two smaller boats

The energy frequency of the boat is different than that of the water and this creates friction between them. The wave is the visual representation of the energetic vibration differences between the boat and the water.

You create energy with your thoughts and feelings, this energy frequency is then radiated outwards and everything around you responds to your energy vibration and vise versa.

The ancients with their thirst for answers, achieved knowledge, this ability to learn new things, and the knowledge of how to use it to better our self also brings wisdom. Wisdom is the understanding that we are solely responsible for how we show up for our self every day and how we present our self to others.

Huge responsibility, right?

man making a funny face
I feel funny

I highly recommend as part of your daily interactions with yourself and others, that you pay attention to how what you do and say affects what happens around you.

When I am happy and in a good mood I take that energy everywhere with me.

I can stay focused on that vibration frequency of happiness. What happens to my energetic field when I come in contact with a person who is projecting their energy out like it is on steroids?

Well, I use to let it affect me. I would find myself reacting to their negativity or other emotions because I did not have the knowledge that I had a choice. I could choose to stay focused on my happiness, or change my focus and allow their energy field to affect my energy field.

When we educate our self by reading books about frequency, prosperity, mindfulness, spirituality, and we follow experts in different fields, through on-line media, daily oracle, and astrological information, Abraham-Hicks about staying in our own personal vortex, the negative or positive media posts, we are setting up our frequency vibration. We have the knowledge and the tools available to us to fine-tune our frequency before we step out of our door and show up in the world.

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Woman jumping for joy at sunset

We need to be conscious of what we chose to feed our mental vibration, how we want our physical vibration to affect those around us, how we want to be affected by those who come into our emotional and physical vibration frequency.

Easier said than done. Right?

So here is my advice: go to bed with a happy thought, think about all the things you are grateful for. You may just surprise yourself when you wake up and find yourself in a positive mindset. Be grateful upon getting out of bed for all that you have in your life and the fact that today is a new day. Yesterday no longer exists and tomorrow does not either. We get a do-over every morning.

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Today is the only day that matters. What you do, say, think, react to, and put out into the world is up to you. Start your day with happy music, uplifting reading material, laughter, and love in your heart.

woman dancing with energy

Yes, we are always within someones or somethings vibration energy signature. So why not think about how we can bring positive energy into their day too! When we vibrate in the higher energies of love, joy, happiness, and gratitude we have the opportunity to help raise the vibration of others.

Is it important, to be aware of the planetary energies around us?

Absolutely! Being aware of what is going on around us is important. How do you create change if you are not giving back to the world? Change happens when we educate ourselves and ask: How will what I do today bring change to the world one energetic baby step at a time?

Every thought creates change, how you react creates change, how you speak creates change. How you show up in the world creates change.

Mercury retrograde is just one small cog in the wheel of daily vibration changes we have no direct influence on - that can also affect how we find our self interacting with others.

Knowledge is powerful, with wisdom we chose how we use that knowledge. Accessing all of the tools available to us helps us create the day we wish to experience. So I embrace the energy, knowledge, and wisdom of what Mercury retrograde brings into my life.

Woman reading a book and drinking coffee
Mercury retrograde

If I choose to stay home during mercury retrograde, read a book, eat a box of chocolates, and have wine with supper that is all good. If I choose to step out my door, go to work, shop, play, or just go for a walk and enjoy nature then I go forth radiating positive loving energy, and that is what I will continue to energetically bring into my day because the wisdom of Abraham - Hicks and other philosophers past and present state: What we send out we attract back to us, what we think we create.

Be bold and create an amazing day. Sending all of you Light & Love, Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul


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