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My Body and Soul Lessons

I have not posted for a long time. My body and soul have been on a journey of spiritual upgrade. My body needs to upgrade to the new spiritual vibration.

I know that many of you have been going through this process too. I have a wonderful group of women who support each other and it seems like as one of us goes through a physical shift, it snowballs and the rest of us go through something similar.

I was talking to a new friend and she told me she was doing a juicing cleanse and I cleverly quipped that if my body wanted to go on a cleanse it would put me on one. OMG has it every.

In 2020 I realized I probably had a stomach hernia and just as I was going to go get it checked out the world shut down. For the past few years it has bothered me occasionally but not to the point that I thought I needed to get it checked out.

In June I took a part time job where there is a lot of lifting and stock moving. The hernia decided to pop right out and cause me sever pain and irritation. Around this same time my body decided to put itself on a cleanse. So for six weeks now I have mostly slept and drank water. I borrowed a book from a friend and started to follow the juice cleansing diet. I could not eat solid food except for fruit. Fruit smoothies have been essential.

When I was not at work I was resting. I had very little physical energy. My fibromyalgia flared up and my body would go through severe pain. I finally made a doctors appointment. I was grateful there were no restrictions. You only had to mask up for lab tests. There was no questions around injection status. I felt safe.

Yes, I had a stomach hernia and yes it can be dangerous. They sent out the paperwork for me to see a surgeon and to get my nerve blocking shots for the fibromyalgia. During the next three weeks I continued to go down hill. When I tried to introduce solid food, my body would crash.

On a Tuesday, I had no energy, I could not stand, I could not walk, I spent it sleeping in between drinking tons of water and the bathroom. I was concerned now. On Wednesday I felt a little better but that night I had severe pain from my stomach to my back and it felt like a fire was burning all around my stomach.

On Thursday morning I talked to my body and asked if it wanted to go to emergency and it responded yes. I called my hospital of choice and explained my situation and they told me to come in. I phoned my daughter and asked her to take me.

At the emergency room there was the jabbed question but I answered honestly "NO" they did not deny me care. All though the staff was wary of me. I had no fever, my blood pressure was fine. One nurse was brave enough to do my blood work as well as take me for x-rays.

When the blood work came back I had liver and white blood cell issues. They must have tested for the dreaded "C". I have a natural immunity so I was not worried. They even did a lung x-ray just incase, with the stomach x-rays. After that the staff was very comfortable around me.

I was transported to another hospital for a CAT scan with dye as they found issues with my gall bladder and pancreases in the x-rays. The CAT scan was not able to explain why the damage has been created. So now I have to have a scope done in those area's.

I will ask the specialist when he calls if maybe my stomach hernia could have created the damage when he calls. I do not think they even took images of the hernia.

I know this is a long lead into what I wanted to talk about. When we learn to listen to our intuition, talk to our Soul, talk to our body, and not go into fear or victim mode we can accomplish a lot. I accepted that my body was doing what it needed to do, and when it gave me the warning signs that it was now time to seek medical assistance I did so.

My daughter did not think they would treat me and she was surprised by how well they treated me from the time I walked in to emergency to when I was released after the CAT SCAN.

Every person I interacted with was kind, thoughtful, and I felt safe and cared for. Did I have my letter in my purse stating that I would not allow any injections? Yes. But I was grateful I did not have to use it. I had prayed to God, I had called in my MAP Spiritual Healing Teams, I had called upon the Arch Angels and the Unknown Angels to be with me through all of this.

I am tired, I am still mostly on juice, water, and fruit smoothies. Sometimes I will have a small bowl of homemade soup, or a green salad. But a cup is all my body allows.

I drink double filtered water pray over my food and water. I miss my coffee but have fresh mint tea with lots of honey or hot lemon and honey water.

Trusting my inner guidance, talking to my spiritual family, talking to friends who have or are going through similar things has kept me in a positive head space. I know that I am never alone. That friends and family are just a phone call away and that My Spiritual family will find the right surgeon and medical staff, who will help me through what comes next, keeping my body pure, and safe, while taking good care of me.

Fear draws more negativity in your life. When you stay in a loving, kind, heart space you ease those around you. If you are calm, treat everyone with kind words and say thank you they respond in kind.

Your mind set needs to be set for what you want to receive and how you want to respond to those around you. Mine was trust. I trusted that my body knew what it needed, that everything would be discovered, and that a solution is forth coming.

That the right surgeon and medical staff will be chosen for me and that I can go into surgery with complete faith in the outcome.

How do I know my body is immune to "C"? Many of my family and friends and now coworkers have had the jab. I have never gotten sick. No one has made an issue of my personal choice. When you know in your heart that you have made the right decision for you, that you listened to your body, and Spiritual guides. When you do not watch the media, do not buy into fear, and visualize your life going on in a healthy, happy, and productive manner, you can roll with the occasional punches.

I am sure you all have an opinion one way or another about what I have told you. But for me this situation is confirming that I have faith in God, my spiritual family, the Angels, my soul, and most importantly my body. Intuition is the most important gift we are given. We need to stretch those skill and use them every day.

I created a self guided course called "The Pathways to the Soul" that I use and continue to use on my journey. It teaches you how to trust your body, soul family, spirit guides, soul, and most importantly you intuition. It is a fun interactive course using charts, a pendulum, meditations, filled with amazing resources. Journaling during this course will show you how much you are learning, and your personal progress.

It is on my website. You will also receive a one on one 30 min consultation, and we will have live zoom calls, where I can answer your questions. Learn to listen to your Soul, soul family, body, and your Heart as that is your True Consciousness.

Sending you Love and a five minute hug.

Robynn, The Self Love Emissary

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