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My own sacred anatomy.

What happens to our physical body when our Soul, physical and our mental body needs to take on a new reality or a new understanding of our personal truth?

Mostly we get a headache or become physically ill. As the mind and body and Soul try to integrate the new information they need time to find a way to create this new flow of information right down to your DNA.

I purchased a Book call "Your Sacred Anatomy" by Desda Zuckerman. I became  aware of her on a webinar and then watched some of her You Tube videos. I was fascinated by what she was talking about. Her forty years of research into the human anatomy and the amazing images in her book.

I truly needed to understand her perspective of how the human experience was actually felt here on Earth and how it would help me as a Healer and of course a Human Being having a Life Experience here on Earth, become more aware of the physical and the spiritual and all that is in-between.

I have still have not finished her book but it so jammed packed with information that I felt I needed to see My Healer Kate and with her help we could integrate this new knowledge, download new information, and awaken old past life healing skills, wisdom and knowledge.

This will allow me to become the Person as well as the  Healer I always envisioned myself becoming.

This we did. It was the most amazing session, as are all of our sessions together. Kate and I learn so much when we work together.

She has this amazing ability to take emotions and images and finds words to describe what needs to be said, plus she has the knowledge about the individual human anatomy systems that I do not have. 

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We have taken different courses and approaches to our healing modalities.  I work in the energy fields full of images, emotions, and visions of past lives and how they affect the person in this lifetime.

I work with my Spiritual Guides and the Angels during my sessions who guide me to what the Client requires at this time at this moment.

Kate explained that I had jumped in energetically into this new knowledge on a Soul level but I did not know how to integrate it within my physical body.

This is what Kate does and did for me. She went through every system in the body and integrated the physical into the esoteric energies of this new awareness and state of being that I was choosing to become one with.

I felt okay when I woke up the next morning but by 11 am I was not physically well.

I needed to rest and sleep and let the physical body adjust to this new format that we now have established.

When we choose to make changes in our life, physically, emotionally, spiritually, we are in essence creating chaos in our lives, this chaos needs to shift and churn and find a new way to adapt to its new reality.

The death of a loved one also causes chaos in our lives. Grief needs to be acknowledged, you need to allow for all of the emotions: disbelief, anger, sadness, profound loss of identity, and the question of what now, to move completely through its own process no matter how long that takes. Each person is different.

When our heart is broken by another and it feels like it has shattered into a million pieces this too is chaos. It takes time for the heart to grieve, to let go of what once was, as it picks up and examine every little piece, trying to understand what went wrong and could we or I have done something differently.

The main thing that Kate stressed is that I need to always work from my Heart, I need to feel, hear, understand, comprehend, and move forward from My Heart.

I need to allow myself to feel Love, be loved, and give love freely. This message always surprises me when I get it because I think I am doing that but then when I truly think about it I see where I have patterns of dismissing my heart and going to the mind for answers.

When our love has been rejected, not returned, or we have placed our love and faith in the wrong people then we blame the heart and think it is not capable of guiding us truly. We try to analyze every little aspect of our lives and our experiences breaking them down into pieces like a jigsaw puzzle.

The truth is simpler than that. If we had gone to the Heart first and listened to the guidance and then through the Heart chakra connected to our Soul, the knowledge and information and intuitive guidance would have lessened so much chaos in our lives.

Sounds simple I know but knowledge, plus understanding and then the implementation of all of this takes time, work, and dedication to oneself.

To do this alone is impossible that is why GOD created healers to help guide you on your path, and to witness the healing's when they take place, to encourage you and give you faith in yourself and your abilities to become the person you have always seen yourself as, to awaken all of that knowledge from past lives, and to help you recognize and clear patterns that you have not taken responsibility for yet.

What an amazing life we can each create for ourselves when we take up the challenge, find the right Healer's and courses, and gently move into the future of creativity, love, kindness, awareness of self. When I become WE and then becomes THIS IS ME!

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Sending all of you Light and Love and may your journey be filled with amazing Healers, lovers, friends, family, and Success in all you do. Love Robynn


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