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October equinox healing

Fall will be here on Monday, September 23rd. 

I did not have a great summer here in Southern Alberta.

My garden and fruit trees did not have a chance as we had really cold weather just after the trees tried to bud. 

Lots of flowers on the plants and trees but either no or very little fruit and vegetables in my garden and yard.

So I have learned that this is a response to my body's energy. 

The energy that humans send out into the world affects nature 100% of the time. My body was exhausted and had no energy so my yard and garden had no energy to produce.

My body's electrical field was distributed big time in January and it took a very long time for me to understand this and try to fix it.

My house fire in January was caused by a transformer exploding on a power pole near my backyard.

My female cat Coco and myself were affected by this crazy amount of energy that came into the house, melted all of the wirings and started a fire in my attic.

I had been able to dissipate this energy that my physical body absorbed somewhat through meditation and spending time outside grounding my body to the earth's energy using rocks and crystals, but it took a long time because I was not aware of how badly I had been hit by this electrical blowback.

However, Coco, my female cat did not have this luxury. She did not know what had happened to her or how to heal her traumatized body.

When we moved back into the house I did not realize how traumatized we both were emotionally and physically. We both ended up getting sick, I started having panic attacks and she went downhill very quickly to the point that she was getting too skinny. 

She was so sick that she fell off the counter and fractured her skull when I had medicine in one hand and the dropper in the other. She ran around the house totally freaking out and banged her head many more times before I could catch her.

I tried everything I could think of to help her: Reiki, CBD oil, other healers energy and input, Angels, prayers, my Spiritual MAP team.

Due to the brain damage from the fractured skull, she could no longer open her mouth to eat. She was shoving food between her teeth and trying to suckle like a baby kitten. I gave her food that was liquid and tried to feed her most of the time.

Now I hear you ask the question: "why did I not take her to the vet?"

They would have charged me tons of money to do the tests and then tell me what I already knew, fractured skull and brain damage. PUT HER DOWN.

In my heart I knew she could heal, I knew that with all of my knowledge and the Spiritual world helping me we could fix her.  

So here is my point if we do not know the right questions to ask, if we are not consciously aware of what has happened to not only our pet but ourselves, we do not know how to ask for the right type of healing. 

However, Spirit will guide you to the information you need and that came to me in the form of a video I watched. 

Desda Zuckerman talked about her research on the energy systems around the body and her book Your Sacred Anatomy.

In her video, she explained that Healers are here to hold the space for your healing as well as to witness your healing, as there can be no true healing without a witness.

Now, this totally rang true for me because I can only do so much on myself and then I need to see Kate my healer to help me complete the process, and yes I pay her fee, we do not trade services.

I believe all Healers deserve to be paid for the Sacred Space they hold for their clients.

In this video Desda also explained about our body and energy fields (chakras) being affected and damaged by energy surges.

Including 2G, 4G, and the new 5G that the government is forcing upon us.

This also included the huge energy hit that Coco and I received when my house was filled with electrical energy transferred into my house through the wiring.

My home and property were electrified for 2 days and everyone that touched metal was getting electrocuted. The electrical wire was no longer attached to the pole nor my home at this time.

The human body is one big electrical current and ours had been disturbed. Through conversations with others, brain damage kept coming up about Coco, and all of a sudden I realized she would need a Vet in the Spirit world to come and do physic surgery on her. I contacted my favorite Spirit Guide who had been related to me through my last marriage. 

He had been an amazing healer during his time on earth. He could touch a person and stop the bleeding immediately, as well as performing other amazing healings, in essence, he could do what Desda Zuckerman talks about in her book.

He understood the energy centers of the human body and could heal them with his hands.

Well, he got right on it and a few days later he contacted me and told me he had found a Vet in the Spirit world that was willing to help Coco, and did they have my permission to check out Coco and begin her healing process.

I said yes and Coco said yes.  A few days later and Coco has had her physic surgery, she is okay, eating her food, walking straight, not falling down, and wanting to cuddle. 

So in reading the book I realized that Coco still had this incredible electrical energy in her body and what I thought were seizures was actually the electrical volts running wild in her electrical system.

So today I held her in my arms and allowed this energy to flow from her into my body and out my feet into the ground.

OMG, the first shock caused me to jump up in my seat, it hit my chest so hard it hurt.

No wonder she could fly up into the air and over 3 feet when this energy collided in her body.  No wonder she was exhausted and could not sleep. I spent hours with her on my chest and lap helping this energy slowly leave her body. I am exhausted and she is still a bit jumpy but it is better than it was.

You may not understand what a Holistic Healer does or how they do it but let me explain that when we hold the Sacred Space so that the Angels and Healers from the other side come through to work on you it is done from a place of Unconditional Love and respect not only for you the client but for the Spirit World that just wants to be involved in your healing and spiritual path.

We spend crazy amounts of money on courses, books, research, tools, and we spend an amazing amount of time talking to the Healers and Guides in the Spiritual World. We come from a place of integrity and unconditional love & if we choose EGO and start to believe that we are GOD and we did the healing through our own physical being, skills, and intellect, then Karma will bite us in the ass and make our lives a living hell.

I have witnessed Healers that started out with good intentions end up losing everything because they let their EGO do the talking and stopped listening to Spirit.

As a Healer, I need to have the knowledge and the wisdom to work with the other side.

I am always asking Spirit for guidance and I am always being lead to the right, course, the right teacher, the right book, the right question to ask, and the appropriate healing process for the client that walks through my door.

It took some time for Spirit to set up all the steps I needed to heal myself and Coco but I never gave up, I never stopped asking for help, and I always believed she would be healed and that she wanted to be healed. It is amazing what our bodies can tolerate when the Soul says I can be healed.

Sending you Light & Love

Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer of Higher Consciousness


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