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Pray With ME!

As God is my witness and Archangel Michael is by my side I have been asked to create this message. It may be my last one as the Canadian Government is trying to shut down social media.

"An Emergency Alert went out today in Alberta. One of fear mongering and yet not using the word "Mandatory." It is illegal to use the alert for this type of message, they can not force you to do anything. You are a sovereign "Human Being" and as such you have the right to choose what is right for you."

Starting in the 1960's TV started programming us to purchase things, we did not need, through commercials. Subluminal messaging.

The last two generations have been programmed to believe, think, purchase, and behave by what they watch on TV.

It has become quite sophisticated and now the Media is owned by six companies. Our Governments have been paying the media millions of dollars a year to control what is being said and aired. This is also happening on the radio more and more.

A radio jockey said that 75% of Canadians believed in the "V" passport. I did not do the survey, did you? So how is it possible for them to state it as fact. Surveys are such that they ask 100 people and then claim the results represents all of Canada and even the world.

Let me remind you that you have options. You have free will. You have the right to say "NO"!

The Angels are asking me to remind you to get down on your knees and pray from your HEART. Come from a place of love and hope, not fear. You can come together from a place of loving grace and ask for guidance. Pray as a family for guidance, for hope, for sanity to return to the world.

When we allow others to make our decisions for us we are in essence allowing ourselves to be placed into the indentured lives of slaves.

When you look around you are you healthy, is your family healthy, are your relatives healthy?

The consequences for allowing Governments and big Pharma to make the decisions for you is actively walking into the lions den knowing that you have no hope of survival.

"Pray, Pray, Pray, listen with your heart, not your mind. Allow the presence of the loving Angels who are surrounding this planet right now, asking you to bring them into your hearts, asking you to allow them to give you peace of mind and fill your heart with love and clarity."

We have religious freedoms in this country for now but if you choose to allow the government to herd you like cattle to the slaughter through fear and misinformation, then who will save your children?

Ask yourself why would your government want to take your personal freedoms, of speech, information, and choice away from you? Why would they prevent both sides of the story from being heard? Why are they trying to take away your right to choose?

This is a war against Humanity and the Terrorists are your own government and big pharma. This is WORLD WAR THREE and you can stop it by Standing in Your Human Being Sovereignty.

Get down on your knees as a family and pray to "I AM" your "GOD" and the Angels to help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Sincerely, Robynn Sheridan, Blessings from the Angels and "I AM"


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