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Protecting you energy


With all of the uncertainty in the world today, we have all become mindful of protecting our personal space. However have you thought about protecting your home, property, physical body, and spiritual energy?

Now how does one go about doing that? You may ask. It is easier then you would think.

Some of you have heard about crystals and their healing and protective properties. You have heard about sagging your home and property or even using bells to clear the energies in your home, and body.

Feng Shui is a big supporter of cleansing the home of energies on a regular basis. Think about this, have you ever had people into your home and when they leave your home the energy within feels heavy or sticky? Do weird things seem to be happening within your home and property for no apparent reason?

I have always been able to feel the energy around me, recognizing when it is negative or positive. Empathetic: showing an ability to understand and share the feeling of another.

It took a long time for me to discover that the feelings of anger, sadness, doubt, and having extreme mood swings could be caused by those around me. I felt a little crazy at times. I felt like I had no control over my life, and that shit just happened to me all the time.

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When I started on my spiritual journey in my mid 30's, I was able to learn about so many wonderful aspects of our existence here on earth, the universe, the angels, religion versus spirituality, and how to tap into and use my spiritual gifts my Soul brought with it to this incarnation.

When I first started learning about Wicca, magic, the faeries, Angels, the Deva's, I was an open funnel and allowed all kinds of energies to come into my body and my home. I was not aware that being so energetically open allowed all energies negative and positive to flow into my Sacred Anatomy.

It also allowed my EGO to go wild, like a teenager who is pushing the boundaries of freedom and getting into all kinds of trouble. There were no real teachers of Spirituality where I was, and I was learning through books. I was not drawn to the Covens in my area that were all into rituals, and creating their lives around the moon, stars, sun, and nature cycles.

I was a solitary practitioner and even then ritual did not sit well with me. It reminded me of my religious upbringing and I was looking for freedom of ritual not creating more. So I dabbled in Wicca, never fully committing to that lifestyle.

I took courses that I was drawn too, recognizing that some of my natural gifts resonated with what was being taught. Spiritual restructuring, Essential oils, Reiki, Animal Reiki, I even purchased my first deck of Tarot cards.

You could say that my spiritual growth became my hobby. I would spend months on one aspect or another and then life got in the way, and I would forget about pursuing new avenues of learning.

The real reason for the ups and downs in my journey was because I was not taught about the importance of protecting my body, mind, and energy, during my meditation sessions, and working with others during the courses I was taking.

I did not know how to ask if this book or course was right for me. I did not know how to check my energy before I left my home, nor during the day. I did not recognize that the emotions and energy I was feeling was actually not mine, but someone else's that was in my sacred anatomy energetic field. I also did not recognize that my EGO was steering me in the wrong direction, because it wanted to stay in control.

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The stronger I got at tapping into my spiritual gifts and connecting to universal energy, the more my ego would self sabotage my progress.

I was attracting the wrong men, friends, and jobs. I was making so many mistakes with my daughters and in my personal relationships, that I felt like I was on a roller coaster of self-destruction.

Eventually, I learned that I needed to bring GOD back into my life, I needed to start praying again, and trusting in love. Once I started on this path it was easier for me to recognize when it was my ego creating the negativity.

I found the information on protecting myself with crystals, with morning and evening prayer. I was also led to ethical teachers and courses that were right for my personal spiritual growth and as an energy healer.

It was amazing to me that when I specifically asked God for assistance, doors would open up for me. My spiritual growth would take a giant leap, and I would find that if I stopped trying to create my life and just let it flow naturally day to day, my energy, health, and relationships were so much healthier and happier.

I just want to point out that this learning and healing process took 25 years, of up and downs. Some days I was on a spiritual high, other days I felt like I was drowning. Some times I got so pissed off, I would just stop tapping into my gifts, throw my hands up into the air and say Fuck IT.

How many times did I have to hit rock bottom before I picked myself up again? How many times to I try to tap into my spiritual gifts, push my ego back into a place of cooperation, instead of taking the lead in my life? Too many, four divorces, estranged daughters, estranged family members, no friends, having no self-esteem, creating thirty thousand dollars of debt, falling on my ass, and having to pick myself up off the ground, was a cycle that was Karmic-ally induced.

In truth this is all about cleaning up our Karma from past lives, learning the lessons that we refused to learn in our past life, and in our existing life, by refusing to take responsibility for our actions, consequences, right down to getting into that car accident.

Does that sound harsh to you? It did to me for a very long time. One day something shifted in my perception. I snapped and decided I was not going to live this life anymore, I was going to stand in my Soul, be who I wanted to be, and I was not going to take this fucking crazy life anymore.

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At that moment, new ideas started to flow, new opportunities started opening up, new books, and courses came to me, and most of all my personal energy was lifted to new heights.

I reconnected to those parts of my path of the strongest spiritual growth. The one in which I had created a healing business and a written course called "Pathway's to the Soul". I was drawn to reread the books and re-start my daily meditation practice.

I took an Akashic Soul Practitioner certified course, as well as a Feng Shui course, changing the energy inside and out of myself, my home and property.

The healing process started taking place in my relationships, I was energetically uplifted, I felt joy and happiness throughout my day, and it was easier for me to stop negative energy from affecting me. All of those processes that had been hobbies for a way too long now became a part of my daily life ritual.


I learned to put myself first, to make sure my day started with a meditation, asking for guidance and protection, during this process.

I became my biggest cheerleader. I celebrated my wins, I grieved my losses, and most importantly I stopped having expectations of those around me. I became one hundred percent responsible for what energy and circumstances I brought into my day.

When I am having a tough day, I listen to Abraham Hicks, meditation music on YouTube to raise my vibration, sleep all day if that what it takes. I have learned not to guilt myself into cleaning the house, doing yard work, or being online promoting and building my business. If my brain is hurting I binge watch Netflix because I need to get out of my head and tap back into my heart energy.

I have learned to respect my body, talk to it, tell it I love your Body. I ask my body to let me know what it wants to eat and drink. I also ask if I can have alcohol and if it says no I respect that NO.

I have learned how to listen to my home and property and when I get the prompt I need to clear the energy or give it a gift that is what I do.

I cut two apples in half so you can see the star shape in the middle. I put one half at each direction of my property - North, South, East, West, and thank the nature spirits for looking after me and the property. I leave the apple to naturally decompose or be eaten by insects.

Energy clearing

I take white sage, sage my body and then starting at my front door I start walking around each room in a clockwise motion, thanking my home for taking care of me, protecting me, bringing abundance into my life. When I get to the back door, I open it and let all the negative energies out. If you do not have a back door then open the window in the last room you cleanse. You can also do this with cleansing music, a bell, or other musical instruments.

I will also sage my garage, and shed if prompted to. You can sage your car and other modes of transportation. My car, purse, or pocket always has a Tiger Eye crystal in them as this protects you from accidents. Cleanse your crystals with sunlight, by placing them on a bed of sea salt or Himalayan salt, and place them outside or on your window ledges during the full moon.

During the winter I ask the Deva of the Sun and Deva of the Moon to come into my home and cleanse and energize my crystals. You can also cleanse the crystals with sage.


l call upon Archangel Michael to protect me daily with his divine gold and sliver, healing and protective energies: "I call upon the attitude and strength of Archangel Michael. I ask that you surround me with your gold and silver healing and protective energies. I ask that your protective energy become reflective and reflect all things that are no longer to my highest and greatest good away from me and replace them with unconditional love. I ask that you take your sword and remove all negative energies and all things that are no longer serving my highest and greatest good and replace them with unconditional love, and these things I ask and pray for in the spirit of Jesus. Thank you"

Feel free to create a prayer that resonates with you. Have fun, do research on crystals, and different forms of energetic healing and cleansing. When you feel blocked and stuck then it is a good indication you need to reach out to a Healer, that you resonate with, and ask for their assistance.

It is said, that to truly heal, our healing needs to be witnessed, that is why we have always had healers, shamans, and spiritual mentors available to us.

Powerful and amazing things have happened to me during my meditations, during my healing sessions with my clients, and healing sessions with my personal healer, while teaching courses, and participating in courses, reading books, listening to music, or even watching a show on T.V.

Your Soul, the Angels, and your spiritual guides will take any opportunity to answer your prayers or give you the guidance you are looking for, you just need to be open to receiving it, but most importantly you need to ask for their help, their healing, and their guidance.

You need to believe that you deserve to receive the gifts of your Soul, to live a life of joy, happiness, and abundance. You need to believe that you can be forgiven, no matter what you have done in this lifetime or in your past lives. Most importantly you need to forgive yourself first and love yourself unconditionally because God and the Universe do.

If you want to learn how to become the best version of yourself, doors will open, healers and teachers will show up, you will be drawn to courses and books. You just need to ask through meditation and prayer for Spiritual guidance.

Sending all of you Light and Love, Robynn-Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousnesses helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and soul.


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