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Public School VS Home Schooling

To be honest after what I have experienced since March 2020 I would definitely pull my children out of Public and Private schools based on the Government Mandated Educational changes that have been going on for quite some time now.

It seems like these past two years is all about removing the blinders from our eyes and have us start asking the right questions. My granddaughters came home the other day complaining of a headache and their eyes hurting. When I asked them why they said because almost every class they had had that day was watching a video.

When I questioned further the eldest stated. "Teachers don't teach anymore they just put on videos."

Now think about this for a moment. What purpose is there for videos everyday in a classroom?

For me, learning was about seeing, hearing, and doing. The teacher wrote the alphabet on the blackboard. She told us what each letter sounded like, she had us copy the letters and sound them out, and then we learned how to use the letter in a word, in a sentence, and then how to print them out with a pencil on paper.

Now I realize this ages me somewhat but we teach our kids to walk by holding their hands until they can balance on their own. Watching videos for a whole class room does not seem like teaching to me.

Let me take this one step further. We all know about messages in advertising images, and that words can be imbedded into an advertisement that your conscious mind does not notice but your subconscious mind does. The ice cube that has a skull in it. The cartoons that have genitalia depicted as a tower or a doorway. Have you really watched the shows your children are watching?

Most of them have the children making adult decisions and their parents are clue less. There are cartoon characters that are kid super hero's and violence is normal in their everyday life. It programs the children to believe that they do not need parents, or any adult in your life to be able to make decisions, find solutions, or even earn a living.

Now a part of me thinks the kids know this is just fiction. But do they? If this is what they have watched since they first sat in front of a TV or iPad at the age of one, what has been programmed into their Subconsciousness?

Now add that to Kindergarten, where they are four and five years old. They are still learning through repetition.

They are like a computer that just absorbs everything and they have no ability to discern what is truth and what is fiction. Why do you think children start school at the age of three in other countries. They know that they can program those children to believe what every they see, hear, and repeat for ninety days. It only takes ninety days to program a belief and practice into your subconscious mind.

Have you checked out the school curriculum lately? Do you know what they are programming your children to believe? Why do you think so many people fed into the fear mongering in 2020 and are still unwilling to see, hear, or practice any other form of prevention that is not suggested in the main stream media?

You have been programmed by media your entire life. You watch the same shows, the same commercials, the same news media, you allow yourself to make decisions based on how good the advertisements are. Do you really like coke? Did Pepsi not taste better but you chose coke because the red and white can was more appealing and the commercials were more persuasive?

I want you to really think about this. Are the choices you make everyday based on your personal likes and dislikes or are they based on what you have been told you like? I know it is a mind F**K. But really have you even thought about how something tastes, feels like when you wear it?

My one granddaughter will only try on two brands of shoes. What if there was a shoe that fit her feet better and were more comfortable. She will never know because she has bought into the programming that there are only two brands that she should wear and spend money on.

You have been programmed to allow the Government to tell you what you can and can not do to your body. Your government is taking away your right not only as an individual but also as a parent. Your children no longer need your permission to have something injected into their body. A teacher can give your child a candy as a reward for doing what you expressly told them not to do. Is this not what pedophiles do to lure your children into their vehicle?

We are so programmed to want without thinking. Your school educational systems are now using the same tactics as the advertising companies. They are programming your children to give up their right to be an individual, to respect their parents, to understand that anyone under the age of eighteen does not have the maturity to make life and death decisions. Your mind is not fully developed until you are in your twenties. This means that your ability to discern is still being learned by your conscious mind.

We only use 5% consciousness thinking and processing throughout our day. Our body is run from the subconscious mind, breathing, blood circulation, walking, and performing repetitive duties without thinking about them. This is all programmed in the subconscious mind.

I am asking you to take a closer look at what they are teaching your children at school. What is hidden in the videos the teachers are using instead of actually interacting with your children in the class room. What are your children being taught by their favorite shows on T.V., Tic Toc, and other media programs.

Ask yourself, what have you been programmed to believe? It is time to wake up, take responsibility back for your life and your children's lives. It is time to change the direction this world is moving in. Complete government control over your money, your medical choices, your job choices, you ability to speak your truth, your ability to continue to enjoy the freedoms your ancestors fought so hard to secure for their future generations.

Please take the time to go to these websites and educate yourself on other options that are available for yourself and your children regardless of your age.

The only person who can stand up for your rights and freedoms is you.

The only person who can protect your children is you.

The only person who can say NO MORE is you.

When we decide to change the manipulation of fear into taking action by educating ourselves around what is really going on in the world we become stronger as a collective. There are countries that are fighting to get their freedoms back and here in Canada and in the United States fear driven individuals are rolling up their sleeves and the sleeves of their children - allowing indentured slavery to "Government and Corporations."

You do not have to agree but please take the opportunity to do the research and decide to make your decision not based on Media fear mongering but from a conscious decision based on your own research.


Robynn Sheridan - Spiritual Mentoring and so much more...


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