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Sadness Flows from my Heart!

I have so many up and down emotions as I read the articles and see the videos that are being sent around the world, while the governments bury the truth under misinformation and false flags. There are so many of them - how do we dig out the facts from under the rubbish heap?

I love that Fox News is starting to question what they are being told to report. I am grateful that more videos are staying up on Social Media. I have not had mine blocked or censored lately. I know that so many of us are sending out energy of love, compassion, and raising the vibration of the Earth so more people will see the truth, understand the fear mongering, and step out of fear into self-empowerment.

I am working with other healers and processes so that I can be balanced and open to understanding and see what is not being said. It saddens me how many people are not asking questions instead they are just believing what ever the T.V. shows them. Australis, Ireland, Israel and other countries are under attach by their own government. They are losing their properties, children, freedoms of right to speak and even leave their homes.

When we have to share video through messenger just so those who are being silenced by their government can be heard, it is a sad state of affairs for the whole world. We all thought that the world wide web would allow us more freedoms but instead it is being used against us to create fear and force us to do what we would never consider doing as little as a year ago.

I am in total disbelief of even those who are supposed to be Spiritually Aware, and spiritual leaders in our world feeding the lies and not finding out the facts for themselves. Why would you not connect to your heart, your spirit guides your higher self and ask the simple question: Do I want this to be my reality?

We are amazing human beings, we can create the world we want just by thinking into reality. Look at how quickly the inventions drawn by Leonardo Di Vinci came to life when someone decided to create them. If you want to live in a world where you are afraid of breathing, talking, hugging, living your life without the freedom of speech, to not be able to work at a career or job you love, to be a business owner and no longer have the freedom to open your doors to the public, then that is what you will create for yourself.

If however you want to be free from the "Tierney of Government Rule" and not go back to the days of the Pharos, Kings, and Slavery then you need to open your eyes, read between the lines, hear what is not being said. Let your voice be heard by the governments around the world and demand that the "Freedom of Choice, Speech and Information", once again be returned to all of us.

When you stand up with your head held high and know that you are a "Sovereign Human Being" with the freedom guaranteed to you by God, you release all fear of the unknown. You create the world you live in. If you want to create a prison allowing others to tell you how to live, when to leave your home, where you can work, what you can do every moment of your life, that is actually what you will create for yourself.

That is not the world I want to live in. When the governments of the world get together to take complete control over the masses, and this includes the religious leaders backing them, we are heading right back into the dark ages of humanity.

Remember when you were killed for not bending a knee to those who felt they were better than you. Nazi Germany, the Christian Crusades, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, the Pharos of Egypt. This "New World Order" is run by the "Freemason's" and let me tell you if you allow this group to come to power they will make these other past leaders look like pussycats.

The information is out there you just need to be willing to dig through the garbage heap and find it. Allowing yourself to be led like cattle to slaughter by fear is not the answer. These so called tests are proving to be false positives, the injection is proving to be fatal with the deaths from blood-clots and immune disorders. So are you willing to gamble your life on a shot that could kill you with a blood-clot or worse live a slow death over the next few years? It also does not protect you against any viruses it however does infect you with a manmade virus that your body can not create antibodies to fight off.

Any shot you have injects you with a live virus and you become a carrier for that virus with the ability to infect all those you interact with. Think about that!!! We get the shot and we then continue to keep it populated in the world. Without the shot the virus would soon die off. There was a time when the Earth was free of all of these so called viruses and then the Pharmaceutical companies decided that to stay in business they needed to turn human beings into carries of these viruses. Now that is how you build an empire that has enough money to place key people into the Governments of the world. "New World Order" one shot at a time.

You do not have to take my word for any of this. The videos, documents, facts, and proof are out there you just need to be willing to dig deeper and find them.

Thank you for reading my Blog.

Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer Mentoring, Reiki, Akashic, Theta Practitioner, Oracle Reader, Mediumship


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