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SOLD! congratulations China now owns you.

Crazy as this may seem former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his cronies changed the Bank of Canadas policy of spending only what it had in reserve. Meaning Canada could now go into debt. He also wanted us to become a part of China. He was the Liberal Party leader from 1968 to 1984.

The Rothschild family have shares in the bank of Canada. Now this should concern you because they had no issue with Canada when it brought in the "Bank of China" on September 8, 1992.

Justin Trudeau is borrowing money from the Bank of China, to fund provinces and municipalities while using Canada, as collateral. This means that if China calls in the loans they can take the money we have out of our personal and professional bank accounts, seize all of our land and assets and we - Canada becomes the property of China.

How is this possible? Because they changed the Bank of Canada to one of the lenders of money to the Canadian Government. The Canadian Government could now borrow money from who every they want too and run at a deficit. This was all masterminded by Pierre Trudeau and China and now his son has brought it into reality.

All you have to do is follow the money. So lets talk about the fake pandemic and a drug being administered that changes your DNA, compromises your immune system, and will kill you if not instantly but slowly over the next four years.

Why do the G7 leader and other world leaders, pharmaceutical companies, and the Free Masons want you dead????

Lets talk "new world order". They want a population they can control. This drug interferes with your ability to think for yourself, you are injected with Nano technology that tracks you from a data base. You have just agreed to place yourself into slavery. Did you read the paperwork you signed when you allowed yourself to be jabbed? They can track you, they can tell you when you can leave your home, city, province, country, they can shut down your bank accounts, and tell you where you have to work. Sounds like Egypt of old doesn't it.

Noah built an arc so that the Lord could flood the world and cleanse it of Lucifer's DNA modifications on human beings. What is in the drug your politicians are forcing you to get injected into your body. DNA modifiers with animal DNA and Nano technology.

Lets take a look at Israel, who has injected most of its population with this drug. They have a specific passport and they control the life of their citizens completely.

Why did Moses lead the Israelites out of Egypt and wander in the desert for forty years? To free them from slavery! To cleanse them of Idol worshipping!

Who were they worshiping? Lucifer the fallen Angel and his many idols that were all about blood sacrifice, orgies, pedophilia, slavery etc.

Who do the Rothchild's worship? Lucifer the fallen Angel.

Who believed that mankind should not have freewill but be controlled completely? Lucifer the fallen Angel. Who else worships the fallen Angel? Free Masons, and Hollywood. What are Hollywood stars called? IDOLS!!!! Getting the picture yet?

Who experimented on human beings, children, women during my life time. The Nazis, the Royal family, the Rothchild's, the Free Masons, Bill Gates and his vaccination programs that killed thousands. The Trudeau family has been complacent in this as well! Pierre Trudeau was in control of the Residential Schools in Canada and brought the Queen of England to these schools where she took children that were never seen again.

Who is a member of the Free Masons, Royal families, the POPE of the Catholic church and many of his priests and nuns, Politicians, Police, Military leaders, world leaders, Hollywood, mafia, a next door neighbor? Who ran the residential schools? The Priests and Nuns. How many convents all over the world have been discovered to have mass graves of babies and children? Too many to count.

See a pattern? Idol worshipping has always had human sacrifice as part of the ceremony. War - Lucifer's war on human beings - mass executions in every country in the world during our entire existence. This experimental drug - mass execution - of human beings, slavery, sterilization etc. etc. etc.

Mark of the Beast:

Bank of China - listen to the end:

Bill c-10 100% control of Canadians Social Media (end of this podcast but listen to the whole thing)

The videos of Former Free Masons speaking out have been removed from YouTube.

Doctors speaking out:

Just saying if you want the truth it is out there you just have to be willing to look for it. Watch this documentary The Century of Self

Canadian Doctors talking to Parliament in Canada

Robynn Sheridan - Standing up for Humanity and the right to chose.


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