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Soul Awakening


What an amazing week for me. You know when you ask the universe for help and the result is that you were actually answered!

There truly are some amazing spiritual leaders, coaches, mentors, artists, musicians, and so many others online during this self-distancing process, we are all experiencing around the world, offering free advice, music, art and writing lessons as well as how to build and grow your business online.

I truly believe, these events are part of the Soul Awakening, we are going through on the earth at this time. I am seeing in almost every Facebook group and personal posts people trying to understand the who, what, and why of the reality we are all experiencing.

As so many of us struggle with depression, anxiety, fear, pain, and quite simply boredom, we are being gifted with free content, free courses, free lessons, free webinars with amazing leaders in each of our industries, and careers.

Listen to my free healing meditation HERE

Let's not forget about neighbors looking out for each other, as well as the ground floor workers in the medical, food, transportation, restaurant, home improvement, warehouse workers and so many more, who are still out there making sure our world keeps spinning on its axis.

Music-wise, The Rural Routes, Keith Urban, Rising Appalachia, Corb Lund, and so many others are sharing their music with their fans on Facebook and Instagram.

Maeve Ferguson, Delphine Cerdan, Stu McLaren and so many more sharing their business secrets on how to build your business online. Through Facebook and YouTube.

My email inbox is full of spiritual mentors, business mentors and so many more sharing past webinars for free. If you want to know how to tap into your Soul Vortex and create the life you want, listen to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube.

I have come to realize that no matter how nice it is to be a strong, independent, intelligent woman, it is just as nice to ask for help, with the things I do not have the skills and talents to do.

Creating a website, please!- pulling my hair out is what I want to do for eight hours, putting my podcast out there in space, again not my forte, but I know I can hire someone to do these things for me.


With this Soul Awakening event, our emotionally shattering reality. We all have the opportunity to discover our hidden talents and learn how to share them with the world.

Can you draw, paint, write, meditate, exercise, breathe? Well guess what, this is the perfect opportunity to dig deep, pull out all those rusty skills and talents you left behind as you paid the bills and supported your excessive material lifestyle.

This is the perfect time to learn how to meditate, connect with your higher self, your Soul, your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, the Muse that has been waiting around bored out of his or her mind for you to finally feel that pull towards something more, something beautiful, something empowering.

We all have something that someone else is looking for. Are you a backyard mechanic, love working with your hands creating works of art, do you do your own yard work and house maintenance business, can you build a bookcase?


Take up a pen and paper and start writing all the things you are good at or love to do. Do you love to cook? Start posting a video on Facebook on how you create supper from scratch. Hey! I do not like to cook but maybe if I shared the experience with someone else, even if it was through a FB live video, I could learn to like to cook -maybe.

Are you a closet comedian? Record your comedic act and post it on FB or even better do a live post. I do live Oracle readings in the morning and encourage my FB friends to request a card. This gives me a reason to get up every morning at four a.m. Monday through Friday.

Watch my daily Tarot reading on Facebook

I am a Spiritual mentor, Oracle reader, Reiki energy healer, Akashic Soul Practitioner creating my business on line one client at a time. I have skills and talents I am still discovering about myself, while also allowing myself to be open to the knowledge that sometimes I need to hire other people to help me achieve my dreams and goals.

If you want to learn how to talk to your Soul, the Angels, and your Spirit Guides, then you need to learn how to listen and how to connect to your intuition. If you want to stop making bad career choices, relationship choices, stop those self-defeating addictions to sugar, shopping, and so much more, then you need Soul Awakening information and tools.

Daily tools and mentoring sessions to keep you moving forward. The information you receive from an Akashic Soul Reading will identify why you have self-defeating behaviors, and the tools you receive from me can help you overcome them, and change your direction towards your Soul path. If you feel stuck and need some quick advice, that too can be achieved through an Oracle reading.

Book an Akashic soul reading with me and reclaim your present

I was talking to a woman who suffers from anxiety and depression. She explained that her sessions with her therapist would help for a week or so and then she would get hit with a wave of negative thoughts and emotions. Once again tumbling her into an anxiety-filled cycle of depression.

She needs to know why she suffers from anxiety and depression, and she needs the tools to change them into positive energies. When we incarnate here on earth we bring with us the emotional karma that we did not resolve in our past lives.

We will constantly attract negative situations to us until we learn how to change our perception of the situation, come to the appropriate "aha" moment, and then begin changing that negative pattern into a positive one.

I was reading a post the other day on one of my groups: the woman was asking why she had such a strong resentment towards men. She was jealous of the freedom men had on the planet and how angry it made her that women where still subjugated in so many areas, and victims of so many injustices.

If she had chosen to have an Akashic Soul reading, we would have discovered many lifetimes where she was victimized by men, and we might also discover she had been a man in a past life that had chosen to treat women as his personal plaything.

There are numerous Soul based scenarios from past lives that can be discovered to be directly affecting you in this lifetime causing a lack in every or some area of your life.

I love the results I see from clients that choose to discover the information in their Akashic records and follow through with using the tools given to them to clear their negative patterns. Their business starts to flourish, they make better relationships choices, career, and financial decisions, their creativity blossoms, and they start painting, drawing, writing again.

There are many talented individuals out there that would love to teach you how to take your life and turn it upside down in a good way. What changes do you want to bring into your life today? What Soul Awakening "aha" moment do you want to achieve?


If you ask your personal Deity, the universe through meditation, prayer, or through tears of frustration, they will lead you to the path you need to take. However, you need to be open to recognizing the opportunity for what it is.

Don't be like the man who was on a rooftop in the middle of a flood asking God for help only to turn away, the boat, and the helicopter with the words "God will save me" only to drown because he was blind to the help offered, because he was looking for God to personally reach out a hand from heaven, lift him off that roof, and place him onto safe ground.

Ask yourself right now, what do I want to change in my life, who do I want to become, what kind of person do I want seeing looking back at me in the mirror?

Sending all of you Light and Love, Robynn- Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul.

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