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Taking August to Work on ME!

I realize it has been a while since I did a new blog or even a Podcast. It really came down to do I really have anything new to say?

The political climate has been intimidating for many around the world. We again see our families, friends, co-workers being separated into groups. This is typical of when Governments try to enforce dictatorship where democracy is the norm.

Myself and many others have been very vocal about your rights under the Nuremberg Code, and Human Rights laws all over the world. When the individual gives up their right to make a choice they are giving into fear.

I feel like the caterpillar who is stretching my new wings and connecting to the new physical form of a Butterfly.

Stepping into a new awareness of what my purpose is here on earth can be overwhelming and intimidating.

Having to look at my fears of stepping into something brand new. I know that if I actually reach out and connect with this "deep desire" means that I will actually have to step into the "dream" fully and quite honestly I do not know how. My past experiences have always been one of achieving my goal and then promptly self sabotaging myself when I become successful at it.

It is a pattern started in my childhood. My mother and I had a lot of bad past life karma between us. She did everything she could to make sure I stayed small, I gave up trying to live any type of dream, I accepted her covert narcissist abuse as normal, so of course I continued to attract boyfriends, husbands, bosses, and friends who had narcissistic patterns.

I would start to turn my life around and then something bad would happen. I learned I was dyslexic after being a "D" student and not going to high school, when I was at college taking upgrading to get my GED. A teacher recognized the patterns in the homework I turned in to her. She taught me how to pay attention to my tendencies to pick the wrong letter, numbers, etc. I actually achieved a 3.5 grade average out of 4 in college and then bam as I was getting ready to step into a new career, I fell and fractured my skull so badly I had to re-learn how to think. A simple sentence would sound like this: I need a pencil (fork) to eat. I would type a 3 (E) I would go left instead of right and trying to do any type of math was impossible. Trying to problem solve was next to impossible.

This pattern of finding myself achieving success in my life would then be destroyed by some crazy incident, loss of a job, fight with family, ending of relationships, car accidents, falls, etc. I got to the point where I no longer trusted when good things happened in my life because I came to believe that if I started to trust and totally continue on this pat it would somehow be taken away from me. And of course it would because I just let the Universe know I did not believe I was worthy of this success in my life.

If I look at my life right now, I see a beautiful home, I see myself blossoming as an independent business owner, I see myself making new friends and attracting successful helpful people into my life. I love my walks and taking pictures of nature and sharing my thoughts and inspirational thoughts and gems on Instagram and Facebook.

When I look in the mirror now, I see a woman who fiercely defends her right to choose, to post, and share the other side of the story. I am willing to lose material things, followers and friends, while protecting my body, mind, spirit, stepping fully into my Soul path. I know that if I stand in my personal power I will create a life I can be truly proud of. I will be setting an example for my grandchildren of never giving up on my dreams.

I have amazing people who tell me that they found the courage to stop being afraid and just trust that if they put their desire out into the universe that eventually those things showed up for them. Doors were opened, people showed up out of the blue. Opportunities fell into their lap and what they did was say "NO" to their fear and insecurities and stepped into the unknown trusting that the Universe had their back.

Self Empowerment takes practice. It takes faith in your ability to recognize your negative self talk, ancestor DNA beliefs, childhood traumas and decide to change these patterns. It takes courage to book those calls with healers, teachers, mentors and ask for help. Be willing to do the homework to create your dreams and to start small. Baby steps. What would the baby steps look like for me to start building on the dream I have had since I was in my thirties?

I honestly thought in 2019 I knew what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I started on this path and discovered many things about myself. I took many courses, I found people to help me create an on line presence. Some things worked some things failed but that is okay because we learn through failure. We discover what we truly want to say, be, think, feel, trust in the process, and when something no longer works that means you need to find another path.

It could be that you are discovering what you thought you wanted is not truly your hearts desire. It might not be your Soul path. You may have been so programmed growing up that you do not even know who you are, what you like, and what you want to do with the rest of your life.

I am standing on the edge of the cliff looking down and thinking "If I jump will my wings open - carrying me into my new life?."

What is holding you back? What patterns do you need to release? What limiting belief do you have about yourself?

2019 was letting my old limiting beliefs go, creating positive results. 2020 was creating my chrysalis. 2021 breaking out of my chrysalis, opening up my wings while trusting that I will learn how to fly.

"I trust that the right people will show up, I trust that I will learn how to ask for what I want, I trust that all the baby steps are leading me to the creation of my dream life."

The Akashic records got me started, the Theta process helped me eliminate limiting beliefs, the oracle cards give me encouragement every day while showing me what I am avoiding, my spiritual guides answer my questions and send me love and guidance by whispering message into my heart, trusting in my gifts and being vulnerable while sharing honestly with others.

We all need to recognize when we can step up and help others, and recognize when we need others to help us move through our own triggers. We never know when we will be triggered because memories are buried deep in our cellular memory and our Akashic Soul Record.

"Recognizing when you can work through it on your own and acknowledging when you need help is the most powerful gift you can give yourself."

I invite you to book a free 30 minute consultation call with me and lets discover what you are ready to let go of and what process will work best for you right now in this moment.

I love all of you so much. I am truly grateful for all of you who have continued to follow me, read my posts, and private message me with amazing content. I am grateful for my clients who have taken the leap into the unknown and trusted in the universe to show them how to create their wings.


Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer, Mentor, Intuitive Healer/Reader


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