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The power of doing inner Feng-Shui

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Wow! where did October go?

We had no FALL I was so disappointed as fall is my favorite time of year.

I signed up in January of 2019 for a Feng Shui Mastery course with Patricia Lohan. My house turned out to be bad for money and good for people. This did not surprise me as I had a line of

credit that started out at $9,000 and ended up as high as $30,000 during the past eight years.

With the changes to my house and property, I was able to get a new Mortgage which rolled my line of credit into it, and for the first time in 3 years, I have money from paycheck to paycheck. I no longer have a line of credit.

Part of this Feng Shui process is to also attract positive relationships into your life or fix the drama in your ongoing relationships. 

Now let's be honest here I have four failed marriages, two daughters who can at times try the patience of a Saint, three cats, and work at a job that is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. I drive a bus for seven and a half hours a day in crazy traffic and pick up individuals at their homes and take them to their destinations and then back again.

My body and mind are in fright and flight all day long.

This job includes the loading of wheelchairs and I have had numerous injuries, pinched nerves, and fibromyalgia to contend with.

The fibromyalgia was brought on by all the nerve damage and chronic shingles for 3 years brought on by the stress of this job. But Hell the wage was too good to turn down.

As you have read in past posts I have been working on my blocks and patterns from the past and present life and when I get the prompt from Spirit I then go to Kate my healer who helps me when I am stuck in a pattern or want to create a huge change in my life. She witnesses my healing and helps me see the bigger picture. She also gives me advice on how to recognize the EGO and the negative talk it creates when it feels left out.

So you may ask "why can I not do this for myself? "

To truly heal a pattern or remove a block we need someone to witness this shift into a higher Spiritual level. This locks in the change and then our physical body goes through a transformation as well to accept this new Spiritual and Intellectual change.
Just like a doctor can not operate on them-self, or a dentist fill his own fillings, we each need to go to the right person at the right time to be able to move forward on our path in life.

You may choose me to help you with one part of your personal path and then when you find yourself at a certain Spiritual Vibration you will be drawn to another healer that can help you on the next part of your personal journey.

You could also be drawn to more than one process at a time with different individuals which helps you create harmony and balance in your process.

Think of it as going from college to university, and then to a career of your choosing.

With my past experiences, I had huge emotional blocks towards allowing a new intimate relationship into my life. What I did not realize is that these blocks affected all the relationships I have and was trying to establish on a personal and professional level.

Patricia had a five-day challenge recently that was to help us get over these emotional blocks.

On day five I had my Aha moment. I was made aware of all the amazing women I have in my life be it locally or online through courses and groups. I consider these women part of my tribe and as I looked deeper into all of their personal lives I realized each and every one of them had a spouse, or intimate companion, or business partner who was their support system not only on an emotional level, but also financially, spiritually, and intellectually. 

Each one of these women was able to create their amazing life and financial abundance when they brought in the right support system while opening their heart to the Universal Energy of Unconditional Love.

I am not saying that they are all in an intimate relationship at this very moment but each one of them has a business partner that has their highest and greatest good in their heart, mind, and Soul.

Why did I think I had to do this alone? Why was I so afraid of allowing the opportunity of partnership into my life and business? So I cleared these blocks and patterns finally on an emotional level.

Kate and I had already set up the healing to take place once I had worked through all of this in our last session together.

Now here is my second Aha moment: I had a Facebook friend ask if I was a Medium. My answer to her was yes but not in the way she meant.

I was seeing the woman with the crystal ball and talking directly to the specific Spirits for her.

So in my conversation last night with my Grandfather Alexander DeWolfe, in law from my last marriage who has been on the other side for over forty years, who is also one of my Spirit Guides, as well as Grandma Freda who is also an in-law through my second marriage (my daughter's fathers side), who has also been on the other side for over thirty years, who is also one of my Spirit Guides they politely pointed out: "What do you think you are doing when you talk to us? What do you think you are doing when during a Reiki session a past life comes up and a Spirit shows up and asked you to give your client a message?"

They laughed and asked "why do you think we gave you the title: Spirit Whisperer of Higher Consciousness? This title embodies all of the gifts and skills your Soul has and you have access to in this lifetime".

I talked to my Grandma Bondy at her grave and during the luncheon in her honor. My Grandma Grace who passed away when I was six months old, came to me in my twenties holding my hand and comforting me, telling me how much she loved me.

She also saved me from drowning when I was two years old pulling me out of ditch full of fast running water because nobody could reach me.

Oh my God! smack me up the side of the head. I have seen spirits all of my life, I have communicated with Spirits on the others side for as long as I can remember. I have been an emotional support mentor just as long.

When I was in grade six a girl I did not know came up to me and explained to me that even though she was a girl she did not like boys, she liked girls. I told her that was okay that she did not have to like boys. This was a message for her from the spirit world, spoken through my voice, helping her to accept her true identity in this lifetime.

I have total strangers telling me their life story on a bus ride, I can have a simple question asked that ends up being an enlightening conversation.

This job I have had since 2010 has been the equivalence, of a healer, emotional support coach, informational directory, as well as giving them safe transportation to their destinations not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

It is amazing that once we step outside of the box we have created for ourselves through our own emotions, thoughts, and ego, we then embrace all of our self. We open a direct channel to Spirit and the veil over our eyes and heart are lifted and we truly begin to live the life we are meant to live.

Sending you Light and Love Robynn - Spirit Whisperer helping people connect to their heart, mind, body & Soul.


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