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The Power of Mindfulness

I am beginning to comment on other peoples posts on my social media sights. The ones I agree with or feel like I can add some extra insight. There was a post where the butcher had a sign out front that said "save the plants eat meat." I thought this was hilarious and fair play as it is a repetitive theme of save animals eat plants.

I had an author of a plant book take offense to the sign and to my comment of "fair play on the signage".

Here the thing everyone needs to remember that everything on planet earth consumes something else. It is the natural cycle of life. Yes, when we consume too much of any one thing we create imbalance.

My take on the original post was that the author of the post had made a very good observation around the signage and how he reacted to it and then how he had to check out his reaction and adjust his attitude.

The one thing I have noticed is that people no longer read to understand nor to comprehend what has been written. They are reading it so that they can add an argument for or against the post.

How many times have you written someone a text or email and their response has nothing to do with what you said or asked? All to often for my liking.

For the animal and plant lovers I want to explain that everything on earth responds to energy. It has been proven that plants feel, see, respond to anger, pain, dehydration, etc. and they respond to music, just like humans and animals. It has been shown that just before you crack an egg it responds to your intent to break it open and eat it.

I am not trying to turn you off of food with this information but the point I am trying to make is that our ancestors knew this.

A Shaman or Medicine Man/Woman would send prayers out to the spirits asking for permission to hunt or harvest them. During the harvest of plants a prayer or song was repeated. One of gratitude and thanks for the nourishment it would supply to those who consumed it.

When an animal was killed a prayer of gratitude would be said over the animal as it passed away. Again, one of deep gratitude for the food and clothing etc. that it would supply to those who would benefit.

Prayer has either become a habit or one we have forgotten completely. We have become consumers without conscious thought of where it comes from and who or what has suffered so that we can own it or eat it.

When we mine coal, crystals, wood, dirt, when we plant seeds into the earth, when we harvest our crops, or kill the animals we consume there needs to be a prayer sent out before we even begin.

Think about the huge farm equipment that rips the sugar beets and potatoes, out of the ground, cuts down the wheat, barley, corn etc. that we consume. What about the herbs, and flowers, we cut to create spices and essential oils. Is any of this done with love, respect, and gratitude in our heart or mind?

The indigenous people have always known about sending out prayers before, during, and after harvesting anything they consume or use in their daily lives. Every culture in the beginning of time knew how important this was to keeping balance and harmony in the world they lived in.

It is time too change or attitude and the way we look and respond in the world around us. Send out your prayers of gratitude during your daily meditation. Give a blessing before you eat your food. Send love out to the whole planet each and every day for the bounty it supplies you and too the people it took to create what you consume, cherish, want, or desire.

Here is my prayer: Creator of all that is, it is commanded that all of the food and water that I am about to eat be blessed back to when it was a seed, from the moment it was conceived into the present and forward. May it be blessed with the ability to be absorbed into my body, to give me the highest and best nutrition. May the source from which it comes, be it animal, plant, or elemental, be blessed and thanked for giving me the energy of live. May the Spirit of my brothers and sisters, the planet, animals, and elementals, be sent to the divine light. It is commanded that everything that I eat be supercharged. That I absorb it and become strong, healthy, and energetic from it. Thank you. It is done, it is done, it is done. (Vianna Stibal - Theta Healing book)

You do not have to use this one. It is long and I have it on a card that I read every time I eat a meal. I have not been able to memorize it so when I am not home and eating somewhere else I bless the food with something simpler.

I truly believe that if every human being on the earth started blessing their homes, farms, fields, food, animals, environment, the water before they consume, planted, harvested, while including the fuel we use for our homes and cars, then the world would become balanced.

Can you imagine how much happier everyone and everything on the earth would be if we looked at our bank statement said: Thank you for the money. When you received a bill: thank you for the energy, thank you for the water, thank you for the garbage pick up etc.

When you fuel the car: thank you for the gas, propane, electricity?

When you are done purchasing groceries you said to the cashier: thank you and smiled. I promise it will change the way you see and respond to the world around you.

When you do something for ninety days it becomes a part of your subconscious programming. So why not program something positive into your subconscious.

Below is a video on plants response to stimuli.

Sending you all a three minute hug and thank you for reading with the intent to understand and comprehend the message in this blog.

Robynn Sheridan - Spirit Whisperer and so much more...


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