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The Power of your Imagination


"I AM a Co-Creator of all I experience." I received this message in my meditation, on May 17, 2020. Now, this may sound simple but the implications are deep and profound.

We have this amazing gift called our imagination. Everything we create starts with this unique skill, human beings have been given by God, Universal Energy, the Source of All Things, it allows us to create every second of our life.

That is a huge responsibility when you take the time to analyze it. My sister and I had a conversation on Mother's Day about Abraham Hicks and the responsibility of minding our own business, not getting involved in other people's drama, and learning how to tap into your Vortex.

This is what I have learned about staying in my own space of reality. I attract what I think about, what I feel, and how I choose to react at any given time, brings more of that same type of energy into my day.

My sister was concerned because she thought that this meant that if she saw someone being bullied or abused she was just supposed to turn away and mind her own business. NOPE!

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Self development

What this all means, is that if you are staying in a place of joy, happiness, and creating your life through your imagination, meditation, and choosing what you participate in energetically, then you will attract those positive experiences into your day.

You will not witness negative things around you because you are not in a space of negativity, to begin with. You will not witness, see or hear anything that you yourself are not feeling.

I explained that in all the years I drove the bus, I never got into an accident with another vehicle. I never had anyone have a serious injury, heart attack, etc. on my bus because I did not expect those things to happen to me.

However, on the days that I was not in a good headspace than those riding on my bus, would be argumentative, unappreciative, and the special needs kids would act up.

I came to understand and recognize that how I was feeling, was being projected out into my space and was affecting all of those riding on my bus.

It was only in the last few years of driving my bus that I was able to create a positive atmosphere around me that would last my whole seven and a half-hour shift.

self help

It takes practice, starts your day off with a meditation. Listen to positive speakers, affirmations, and create your day using the power of your imagination, before you even leave the house, or step foot into your home office.

Find a prayer that feels right to you and then ask for the protection and guidance of your Angels, spirit guides, ancestors, Gods, and Goddesses, there are so many to choose from. My favorite is Archangel Michael, however, I do also ask "I AM" God to surround me in his/her white protective energies whenever I get into my car.

Listen to my healing meditation HERE

The amazing gift of imagination made my childhood safer, I loved reading and spent my days in my bedroom with a good book. I was a very sensitive child and felt everyone's energy around me all the time. I was the kid that always stood up for the underdog and had no problem telling adults when they were wrong in how they treated us.

I have talked about my parents and childhood in my previous blogs so I will not go into that here. Just know by the time I was twelve years old, I realized that the adults around me were broken, and I could not trust them.

I always knew when something bad was going to happen, there would be days when I could not get out of the house on time and then pass an accident that could have included me if I had been able to leave the house when I had wanted too.


Listening to your own inner guidance becomes stronger when you tap into your creativity, your imagination brings you answers to questions and helps you solve those things in your life that make you feel uneasy or that you have no control over.

I was always the person that could never come up with a quick response to someone else's negativity when it was directed at me. I would go home and spend days replaying the things I should have said and done in my head and still not be prepared for the next time it happened.

By playing this game in my head I was continuing to attract these situations into my life and I still had no power, because that is what I was seeing in my imagination. It was a cycle of dumb and dumber when you think about it logically.

I tell myself often during the day that I love my life, I am happy, I have everything I need. I ask for guidance during my meditation and even ask for inspiration. Having a weekly podcast and blog takes dedication and inspirational thoughts that create ideas.

Having people ask me questions about spirituality, meditation, protection, etc. also keeps the inspirational and creative juices flowing. I listen to other inspirational leaders as well. I read books and take online courses about things that interest me.

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Self dicovery

I started writing my book until I learned that by writing and talking about my negative childhood and past experiences, I was keeping this negative energy flowing in my life and preventing the good stuff from arriving from my personal vortex. So I asked myself "how was this helping me create the future I wanted or did I want this present moment in time to be one of joy and creativity instead of flowing with the memories of negativity?"

So I took a new path, one of sharing my personal journey of enlightenment through "The Pathways to the Soul" course, a course I had created by asking for guidance from my spirit guides, many years ago. By putting this course on-line through a private membership subscription, I now get to share a step by step process of personal enlightenment with others, and I get to update the course material as well. I also get to create new information to go into the course to reflect where I am now in my spiritual journey.

Think about your life as a book you are writing. Who are you now, who do you want to become, how do you see your future unfolding, when you are on your death bed what do you want those around you to say about you?

You have the big picture now. Create a vision board to reflect that reality. Every morning start with a meditation and visualize how you want 'today' to evolve, just today. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

Sending you light, to awaken your soul gifts, and sending you to love to open your heart up to new possibility, Robynn - Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness helping people connect to their Heart, Mind, Body & Soul.

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