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The Rainbow Bridge

Every morning I arise with my 4 a.m. alarm, I am already semi-awake as Spirit loves to spend time with me before I get up. It is all in preparation for my daily meditation. I use crystals and rocks during my meditation so that I can be connected to the earth and all the Deva's that wish to communicate with me.

I call in the Angels, especially Archangel Michael, whom I ask to surround myself, my home, the Devas' in my home and on the property, and of course my cats, with his Gold & Silver healing and protective energies. I ask him to remove all energies that are no longer serving us, to our highest and greatest good, and to replace them with unconditional love.

I ask him to make his protective energy reflective so that it reflects all things that are not to our highest and greatest good away from us and replace them with unconditional love.

I invite all the Ancestors, Angels, Devas', Gods and Goddesses that would like to come forward and impart their love and wisdom, during the meditation, to myself so that I can share their messages with you the reader, as well as in my morning Facebook Oracle reading lives.

My meditations vary, but what I love the most is when I am having an issue that I need resolving, whether it is physical, intellectual, spiritual, or emotional, I can get right to the heart of the matter.

Listen to my healing meditation here

I see images, hear voices, feel energies flowing throughout my body and home. Sometimes I release by crying, or energetically by following the guidance given.

During my latest session with my healer Kate, I still needed to address my neck issues, which have been going on for years, family concerns, and career concerns. I required some clarity because we can all get a little lost in our thoughts.

All of my personal card readings were telling me to relax, heal, and wait for the new path the universe had designed for me to emerge. I felt like all of the downloads I am receiving (ringing, noises, or feeling pressure in the ears) were prepared for that huge energetic download that would then integrate all of this 'New Earth' vibrations into my physical body linking it to my sacred anatomy, my Soul.

I was like a child waiting for Christmas morning to arrive so I could open my gifts.

During my session with Kate, we brought in the energies of Mercury, Venus, and the Sun. Kate gave me information on how I needed to visualize my connection with the earth and these planetary energies. Mercury was at my brain stem, Venus was at my root chakra, and the Sun was sending healing energy to my heart. I visualized a cycle of energy flowing up from the root chakra collecting the energy from Venus, through the heart absorbing the sun's healing rays, to the brain stem collecting the energy of Mercury, and then back down to the root chakra, an ever-flowing cleansing-healing balancing energy releasing the old and bringing in the new.

Venus is the key to EGO - leading to universal consciousness, bringing with it love, beauty, and balance.

The Sun brings in Fire - cleansing the body and clears you of impurities.

Mercury represents the Mind - how we communicate. It brings clarity to the situations we find ourselves overthinking about.

All of this was amazing, but what was really cool, was the conversations we had around all of the information we had both been getting during this session and how to integrate them into the physical body.

I had drawn an image in my journal last year of a pyramid with the words God written at the top peak, I had EGO written at one of the bottom corners and Soul at the other corner. I knew this was about the flow of energy between these three aspects of self but was not prompted to do anything else with this image other than drawing it.

As Kate and I were working on the bottom of my head where the energy was stuck, causing issues with my neck, she asked me to create a bridge between the energies flowing into and out of my brain stem. Now Kate and I can do a lot of talking in our session because my body and soul are talking to her so that she can ask me the right questions to get me to see the images necessary to get the healing rolling.

I remembered the pyramid picture I had drawn last year, in my journal and began to realize that this flowing energy was rainbow-ish, in reality, it is full of amazing colors. In my mind's eye, I changed this pyramid format into a rainbow bridge, at the bottom left of the rainbow curve was the EGO, standing in the center of the rainbow was the Soul, and at the bottom right curve was GOD.

My message from spirit told to me by Kate was. "When my ego is caught up in insecurities, anxiety, self negative talk, I need to acknowledge my ego, thank her for her information, her concerns, and hold out my soul's hands and ask her to give them to me, I take these energetically from her, acknowledge them and then I turn towards God and release all of these things into God's hands."

This felt so empowering for me. I realized that I kept forgetting that there is just not my ego and my soul that is working towards a better future, but God is there every step of the way offering us help, all we need to remember to do is ask for help and continued guidance.

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You all have an opportunity to use this visualization during your meditations. Feel free to choose any Deity o Angel to stand at the right side of the rainbow. This rainbow is actually an energetic full circle filled with amazing colors. Visualize healing, loving energy flowing back towards your ego flowing to your soul, and towards God (Deity, Angel) creating an amazing circle of unconditional love, healing, and calming energy throughout your day.

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Sending all of you Light and Love, Robynn Spirit Whisperer of higher consciousness helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and soul.


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