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What do I want to BECOME?

This was the statement in my head when I woke up this morning. It got me thinking about all aspects of my life circling right back to where I was in that moment. In bed thinking about. What do I want to become?

I feel like this is the most 'complicated reality' in human history. It is a time when we are being told what to think, what to eat, what to wear, what to watch, who and what to trust.

I was at my parents home on Friday and we were talking about the government trying to enforce what we can and can not do with our bodies. How the government is now controlling the narrative around science, spirituality, religion, and most importantly medicine.

This reminded me of the Christian crusades and how you either conformed to the new Roman Religion, or you died. Conquers have done this since the beginning of time. They take out the elders, the men and wise woman, and then what is left in that community has to comply or die.

The governments around the world are the conquers of: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice, freedom of information, and now freedom of Sovereignty.

You will comply with poisonings your body with their toxic cocktail or you will be separated and put into concentration camps just like Germany did to the Jewish population.

My parents are asking the question: "What is the truth? Why are we not stopping this if so many individuals are being injured and dying? Why are we all in the dark? If you do not have access to other forms of media, the ones the government does not control, how can you know what the truth is?

I was surprised in a way because I was raised to trust that the bible spoke the truth and yet here are my parents who have read Revelations in the bible still asking questions. I knew the truth from the very beginning of 2020, that this was staged, it was a part of the New World Order, to take over the world and turn us all into slaves for Lucifers' reign as the false savior of earth. The Mark of the Beast!

What I did not anticipate was how much freedom of thought, and freedom of speech, was already removed from the world.

Our children have been programmed since the beginning of Television and Advertising to be manipulated into what the Elite want them to believe. My family bought into the fear mongering and lined up to receive an injection they were told would protect them and the world. I asked them to wait, I explained to them that this was a manufactured science experiment and that they should just say NO. But FEAR was what the media feed in all avenues of social media. Now we have Muppets telling our innocent children to take a toxic cocktail to save the world.

I ask myself: why did I know, why was I so sure, why did I not buy into the fear mongering? Simple, I meditate, I talk to my Soul, God, and my spirit guides, I have never been a fan of TV or social media, I preferred to read, or watch DVD's. I actually did not get into social media until 2019 when I knew I wanted to retire and build my healing and spiritual mentoring business.

Those of us who have stayed 'awake' during this whole thing have been called many things, however, everyday we are being proven correct as more and more people go to social media to talk about themselves or their loved ones that have died, or been injured from this toxic cocktail being forced upon us by our governments. The money trail has proven that some of those in government are being paid enormous sums of money from this campaign of depopulation of the world, and turning what is left of humanity into booster junkies.

So - What do I want to BECOME? Becomes the most powerful question humanity can ask themselves. More and more people are waking up. They are discovering that the fear that sent them running towards a serum that was supposed to protect them has actually poisoned them, they have poisoned their children, and they are choosing to continuing to live in fear. Instead of admitting to themselves that they were manipulated by fear, they become fanatical about making the rest of humanity suffer by continuing to support the toxic jab, supporting the dehumanizing passport system, and supporting the destruction of Sovereignty for all.

What do I want to BECOME? I AM that I AM, I am a sovereign being, I choose what is best for my body, mind, and spirit. I will continue to stand in the truth of my Soul, my purpose here on earth: to witness the destruction of the free world as the New World Order depopulates the earth, or the rise of Humanity as it fights back and creates a New Reality, most importantly I am here for those who ask for help. I am here to LOVE.

You can change your mind, you can choose to stop complying, you can choose to step out of fear, you can choose to change the circumstances in your life, you can choose to stand up for what you know is your personal truth. It does not matter what you have done in the past. Today is a new day and you can choose to do it differently. Pray, meditate, ask for guidance, ask for your Soul to reveal the truth of the path you have chosen for this lifetime.

You are always LOVED by I AM, God, the Universe, you are never judged for that is a human emotion, you can always choose differently and walk a new path.

Sending you all a three minute hug.

Sincerely, Robynn Sheridan


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