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What have I learned about fear?

With all that the world has been going through, with this virus scare, I came to realize that it was the perfect opportunity to go within and find out if my belief system was working for me.

I started out very frustrated with the fear-mongering that was being fed by the media. Asking the questions: is this about selling more newspapers and magazines, was this about T.V. ratings? Was their reporting ethical, factual, or was it all just conjecture?

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I looked at the past flu seasons and how we have had numerous flu cases where many people died and times when there were very few deaths. It seemed to me that those who died had other health issues. Why is it taking so long to get accurate information bringing logic to my mind?

Each one of us has been brought to the pinnacle of our spiritual and faith practices. Did we believe what we preached to others? Had our daily meditations and prayers become a habit and were no longer heartfelt? Did we become grateful for what we had in our homes, the connections we had with family and friends, did gratitude come to the forefront of our emotions?

Is this event a gift from God? Do we now reflect on each emotion and event that lead up to each of us being asked to stay at home? What was the state of our own spiritual nature? Who did we reach out to?

Did we get lost in fear? Did we go to the grocery store and take items that we truly did not need? Did we even consider the needs of others as we felt panic over shadowing clarity and logic?

I know that I was in disbelief as the government slowly closed schools and businesses, asked people to stay home, why was this any different from every other health scare we have had over the past 20 years?

Will this become the new normal? What have we learned, about ourselves and our ability to take care of ourselves and our family in times of crisis? Did we think or did we just react?

I truly needed to see the world through different eyes, because I was in utter disbelief and shock in the way the majority of people seemed to react, how the media chose to feed fear instead of logic, how even spiritual, enlightened individuals were drawn into the energy of fear. This is what mass hysteria created: empty grocery shelves, $14 for an 8 pack of toilet paper(price gouging), false information about this virus, blockades, quarantines in cities and towns. Was this necessary?

When the Governments, Medical professions, Scientists, and Media moguls, look back at this event are they going to question their methods? Will they take responsibility for the fear and panic they created? Will each one of us look back and feel guilt, shame, or will we see this as the opportunity for personal growth, personal responsibility, and come to the realization the fear feeds fear.

We each have the opportunity to come to terms with our personal emotions, how we chose to react, how we dug deep into our spiritual beliefs, and found the inner strength to believe that things would work out, that we were safe, that we were healthy. Did we choose to be a source of positive loving energy, did we only purchase what we needed, did we check on our elderly neighbors? Were our online posts feeding fear or feeding hope?

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I personally believe "what we think- we create". I had enough food and toilet paper that I did not need to run to the store and panic purchase. I continued to follow my daily routine, I was saddened when the schools shut down and sent prayers and healing to all that would be affected by the closure of businesses.

I spent my money at the business in my town that stayed open. I felt I posted positive and enlightening messages giving individuals an opportunity to find a way out of fear and ignorance. In every meditation, I sent out love and healing to all that were willing to receive it.

I called in the Angels and Mother Gaia, for healing and enlightenment and for the vibration of fear to be replaced with the vibration of unconditional love.

I was truly grateful when other Spiritual leaders also started changing the message from uncertainty and fear to messages of love, patience, and sharing their tools and methods for staying grounded and present in the moment. I love all of the free courses that are being offered online, for those who are home and not able to work.

The opportunity to find your personal connection to your Soul, your talents and skills, your ability to rise up in a crisis and take the reins and guide those who depend on you, digging deep into your personal faith and coming out the other-side awakened, enlightened, and joyous in the knowledge that no matter what happens around you, you will always be okay.

Why - Because you stepped into your personal power and believed that no matter what was happening around you, humanity would rise up to this challenge and in doing so will create a better world.

Find empowerment, faith, hope, the inner strength to move forward in your personal path. Know that this event taught us so much about ourselves and those around us. We now have the tools and knowledge to be prepared for the next time an unexpected event comes into our lives. We choose how we react, so choose faith, love, compassion, clarity, because no matter what the media throws at us when we go within and listen to our heart and spiritual guidance, fear becomes fearless.

I found clarity, I released judgment, I found empowerment, I feel deep gratitude for each and every one of you and the power of collective consciousness.

Sending all of you, Light & Love Robynn- Spirit Whisperer, helping people connect to their heart, mind, body, and Soul.


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